London networking event - team building lunch at Aveqia

2 St Bride Street
St Paul's
London, EC4A 4AD


Urbano Network hosts a varied and ever-changing weekly calendar of  London networking events, including two networking lunches per month. Our networking lunch events are held in restaurants and hotels across central London, where our host venues provide a delicious lunch and Urbano serves up the tastiest and effective networking in London.

This special event will see Urbano Network's attendees cooking their own top-class restaurant standard lunch under the watchful eye of Aveqia's master chef tutors (and Australia Masterchef will be being filmed in the neighbouring kitchen!).

Aveqia is a Swedish concept of team building and training with quality at its heart, from the amazing kitchens and workspaces to the lovely design of the new interior of this long-empty Farringdon landmark created by the Queen Of Sweden's architect, Jenny Andersson.

This workshop taster lunch is designed for any sector - and any standard of cook. It will be fun and the results tasty, just like Urbano's networking!

Non-members are more than welcome to attend and we expect the usual diverse mix of business owners, company directors, senior managers and corporate representatives from across all sectors of London business. All our networking events are lively, friendly and supported by a unique online Urbano Event Group (see below).

All attendees will enjoy creating and eating the special lunch menu with chef Daniel


Pan-seared salmon with ratte potatoes, sautéed vegetables

Vegetarian: Stuffed courgette

Both served with with ratte potatoes, sautéed vegetables and creme fraiche dill sauce

A glass of wine to accompany lunch. Tea and coffee to follow.

Each Urbano event has a unique online Event Group where after every event all attendees can access the profiles of all the other attendees through their own dashboard. Members get access to full contact details of every attendee.

* Non-member prices quoted on the Urbano website are the discounted rate for a company's first two visits. The price quoted on the payment page (usually £28 - £45) is the price relevant for you and the events your company has attended. Non-members companies are allowed to attend up to three networking events.