London networking event - Urbano Networking Event with Julian Treasure

The Empire Leicester Square
5-6 Leicester Square
London, WC2H 7NA

The Empire Leicester Square

Most Urbano networking events are of interest to companies in one or two 'communities' and our focus on diverse events mean we offer something of interest at all events.

Occasionally, we host an event we host a speaker whose work is of interest across a range of sectors and disciplines - and our event with Julian Treasure of The Sound Agency on Thursday, May 29th should especially interest those in the Media, People and Build communities - in fact, everyone with ears!

Our host venue is The Empire Leicester Square, the flagship home of Empire Cinemas, the UK's largest independently owned cinema chain.

Julian's presentation will focus on three core areas: How Sound Affects US All, Branding & Sound, and Sound In Our Workplace Environments. Urbano will bring together this audience to share experiences and build opportunities.

About our speaker, Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure is Chairman of Sound Agency, a world-leading audio branding operation with clients ranging from Harrods, Honda and BP in the UK to Nokia in Finland, Colgate-Palmolive in the US, Helm Bank in Colombia, Sonae Sierra in Portugal and Bank Muscat in Oman.

Julian has held four talks on, all about sound; the one on conscious listening has been viewed over 1.5 million times. Julian speaks internationally about sound, business and listening on conference platforms, as well as to the media (like TIME Magazine, The Economist, The Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio and TV, many global radio shows and business magazines).

His book Sound Business was the first guide to harnessing the power of intentional, well-designed sound in business, from branding and marketing to the telephone, the web and physical spaces such as shops, restaurants, offices and reception areas.

This event should appeal to anyone who uses or encounters sound in their business life, from architects and interior designers, HR and workplace designers, musicians and film recordists or anyone with ears and something in between them.

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