London networking event - networking evening event at the Zander Bar Westminster

Bank Westminster
45 Buckingham Gate
London, SW1E 6BS

Bank Westminster

Urbano holds an evening networking event each month which are famously relaxed and informal events, with facilitated networking and a unique online Event Group for post-event networking. Everyone is also given an attendee sheet with the details of every company and their representatives. Non-members always welcome.

Attendees are drawn from a range of sectors and sizes of companies, from professionals and creatives, directors and managers, large corporates and SMEs, all looking to network over a glass of wine with a friendly crowd of interested contacts.

Our hosts for our August networking evening is  the Zander Bar in Victoria, part of the popular bar and restaurant Bank Westminster.

Special Canapes Menu
Thai crabcakes
Haddock fish fingers
Mushroom, truffle and rice fritters
Tandoori chicken skewers
Lemon curd meringue pie
Vanilla cupcakes

And a couple of complimentary drinks (wine/beer/soft drink) for each attendee.

Enjoy August FREE with Urbano
Urbano evening events are free for members. Join Urbano now and you can enjoy our August evening event and our two networking lunches FREE and your membership runs to September 1st 2015.

For full details, click here:
Urbano August Membership Offer

The networking starts at 6pm and Urbano's MD Mark Herring will help you find interesting contacts with a roomful of business owners, directors, partners and senior corporates that our monthly evening events attract.

Urbano evenings are famously relaxed and the conversations friendly and natural. The mix is diverse and 'selling' is frowned upon. No rapid-fire two-minute mini-presentations or stiff handshakes as you rush around the room.

Urbano's unique online networking toolkit means you don't necessarily have to have spoken to everyone in the room. You will always stay connected online through the event group (even non-members) and so you can network at your own pace and with those you would like to meet and stay connected with after the event.


“Both Kate and I really enjoyed our first Urbano evening networking event at Buddha Bar. All very relaxed and, dare I say it, fun. Never thought I'd say that about a networking event!

So much so we have decided to become Urbano members. The mix and quality of events, companies, and the relaxed approach suits us. We're really looking forward to being a part of Urbano."
Paul Nolan , Rocksalt Creatives (Urbano Profile)

"Urbano evening events are the best nights of networking I have ever had. I have been to hundreds of events but the mix of people and connections I make are always brilliant for me and my business. Truly the most fun and productive nights EVER. And you can quote me on that.” 
Maverick Litchfield Kelly, Neath Films (Urbano Profile)

To join Urbano and enjoy this event free, please view the current membership offer. Membership starts at 69p per day.