London networking event - strategic networking masterclass with Mark Herring

Furniture Makers' Hall
12 Austin Friars
City of London
London, EC2N 2HE

Furniture Makers' Hall

A fast-paced, insightful presentation packed full of advice, tips and approaches that work, suitable for any person or company looking to get more out of their networking.

This Networking Masterclass is in two parts. Part One looks at how to create a strategic approach to networking as part of a marketing strategy, whereas Part Two looks at do's and don't's of networking at events and online.

Please note. These Networking Masterclasses are held directly before Urbano's monthly business networking evenings, which themselves are social and relaxed, making them a great opportunity to try out some of the ideas in the Masterclass.

Urbano networking evening events are free for Members. For non-members wishing to attend, please enter the word 'masterclass' when booking this event and you can attend the evening at Furniture Makers Hall for the combined price of £60 per person.

"I'm a fairly hard taskmaster, so don't give out too many 'Excellents' lightly on surveys, but I took a lot from the session and enjoyed the relaxed nature of the presentation. It was the first time I had attended such an event feeling focussed and fully committed to networking becoming an increasingly bigger part of my role within the company. It has encouraged me to embrace the role with a bit less cynicism. A very worthwhile event."

All facets of networking will be examined, including: How to approach event networking; How to find the right events for you and to make best use of your time; how to develop contacts into valuable connections; how to use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter as networking tools, and your own website. He will even show the shy how starting a conversation is easy and the hard-bitten how networking can also be fun.

About the presenter

Mark Herring, MD of Urbano NetworkMark Herring, MD of Talent Lab and Urbano Network, who has spent over 10 years at the forefront of event-based and online business networking. 

He has delivered over 1,600 networking events, connected over 30,000 business people and their companies and generated millions of pounds worth of sales for their business.

His approach to networking blends branding, marketing, the rise of online tools, his own experience, psychology and science to build a simple toolkit that any person can use when networking.

For more about Mark, please visit Talent Lab

What some previous networking masterclass attendees have said:

"Excellent as a broad overview of networking."
"Well organised with tools and tips you can actually use."
"It was excellent, very useful."
"I came out of the session with thoughts on how I currently approach networking events and what I can change and do to get more out of them. I also found Mark's knowledge and passion for networking infectious."
"Very useful and enjoyable."
"Really enjoyed the pace and content of the workshop!!"

Testimonials about Mark as a networker
"Mark amazes me with his ability to connect people and seek value (for them) through potential business partnerships and opportunities"

"Mark is a very personable and energetic networker, with lots of positive ideas for business generation."

"Mark is a great guy to work with, very personable and i would not hesitate to recommend both him and his events."

"Mark is knowledgeable and well-organized and an excellent presenter on the subject of business networking.”

“Mark has always been very good at causing productive networking to happen - he has a real ability to know who should be talking to who to sow the seeds of long term business relationships."

"Mark has been very supportive of my business and is very easy going and inclusive and welcoming and a very good host.”

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