Urbano evening networking event

The Lucky Pig
5 Clipstone Street
London, W1W 6BB

The Lucky Pig

Join around 60 businesses from across all sectors next Wednesday March 21st for cocktails and glamorous networking at The Lucky Pig cocktail bar in the heart of Fitzrovia, London, W1.

You will enjoy two complimentary special cocktails and nibbles as we pass the time beneath the streets in this oasis of decadent glamour. You will half expect Jean Genet to appear, spouting forth French bon-mots as he knocks back the absinthe!

This event starts at 5.30 and we have exclusive use until 8.00 when we will continue to enjoy the bar in a reserved area. This event is free for members and only £25 for non-members taking advantage of the early-bird price!

Urbano holds a monthly evening networking event which are famously relaxed and informal events, with facilitated networking and a unique online Event Group for post-event networking. Everyone is also given an attendee sheet with the details of every company and their representatives.

Urbano's Chief Networking Officer, Mark Herring, welcomes all with a drink and helps you find interesting contacts within the roomful of business owners, directors, partners, senior managers and entrepreneurs.

The conversations are unpushy and the emphasis is on making connections with everyone, and like all Urbano events the evening is seen as a catalyst to future business opportunities, collaborations, associations and potential new contracts! For photos of previous events, click here: Urbano Network photos.

All Urbano's open evening networking events are free for members. Or you can book and pay as a non-member. Non-member companies are allowed to attend up to three Urbano events, but only two of the same type (ie Urbano evenings or Urbano Build breakfast events). See the link below for membership terms and details on how to join Urbano in time to attend this event free.

"Urbano evening events are the best nights of networking I have ever had. I have been to hundreds of events but the mix of people and connections I make are always brilliant for me and my business. Truly the most fun and productive nights EVER. And you can quote me on that.” 
Maverick Litchfield Kelly, Neath Films (www.neathfilms.com)

Join Urbano now and your company will enjoy 13 months for the price of 12 (£295). A monthly payment option is also available. More details here: https://www.urbanonetwork.co.uk/membership

Each Urbano event has a unique online Event Group where the profiles of everyone who attends are showcased, allowing you to make renew connections well after the event has finished and ensure you need never worry again about losing a business card! These profiles are accessed through your own Dashboard, found by logging in using the top link once you have booked. For large evening events, these are pre-published so you can see who is attending before you arrive in the room! No-one is a stranger with Urbano!