Social Animal Course | Learn how to maximise your social media efforts.

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The Civic Centre

About Sleeping Giant Media

Sleeping Giant Media - A multi award-winning specialist search and social marketing agency focusing on SEO, PPC and social media marketing.

Sure, we all like to think of ourselves as a bit of a social butterfly every now and then, but in the world of modern business getting social is becoming a necessity.  

Don’t do social media because ‘everyone else is’, do it because the numbers don’t lie. Businesses that are more effectively active across social media generally generate a better brand value as well as that of conversion.

There is a big difference between running social media profiles for yourself and for your business, and we are not just talking about watching your P’s and Q’s. Social media can help you reach out and engage with a wide range of customers and influencers, it can help you showcase your products and even helps people to find your website when ‘Googling‘ it.

There are so many platforms and tools out there to help you but where do you start? Which platform is best for your audience? How can you create content that is interesting? There are so many unanswered questions about social media – but no more.

During our Social animal training in Kent, you will learn from professional digital marketers. We do this stuff every day for paying clients, and they love what we do for them and we know you will too.

We can explain how to maximize your efforts online, demonstrate social media tools to make the process more efficient as well as how you can monitor return on investment and use split testing to analyse what works best for your specific target audience.

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