Quarter Day Webinar - ESG for the real estate sector

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With ESG considerations an increasingly important factor in business and society, what do real estate professionals need to know?

In this Quarter Day webinar we will be joined by guest speaker Jesse Putzel, Director, ESG at Primary Healthcare properties (PHP), and will look at what ESG means in a commercial property context and discuss some practical examples looking at what practitioners need to know to keep up with changes to the law and best practice.

Through a series of Q&As we will consider various issues, including:

  • What is ESG and why is it important in commercial property?
  • Green leases – what are they and how can you get green clauses into lease renewals?
  • How can landlords and tenants work together to improve energy efficiency?
  • Challenges around retrofitting existing stock and the impact of sustainability considerations on dilapidations
  • Energy efficiency, EPCs and MEES
  • Standards, regulations and greenwashing and our predictions for the future
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