“Thank you for making me feel so welcomed. I like how you are making it more of a community rather than just a networking meet up. And this showed with the people in the group engaging more in conversations, rather than a quick - here’s my card. Hope to see you again soon.”

Managing Director - Lnet Digital


“Thank you for making me welcome at my first Urbano event. I found members (and fellow newbies) to be an approachable bunch and the vibe was good. It was positive to see that you are as the founder was present and clearly you have a good knowledge and understanding of existing member and had taken the trouble to remember what my company did.”

Director - RB Health & Safety Solutions


“Very enjoyable post-MIPIM networking this morning. Thanks to Mark Herring who was an excellent host in this strange new world of virtual networking!”

Barrister - Employment Law


“We had a lot of successful remote meetings this week but also more informal video chats like ones Urbano hosts. Can’t emphasise enough how important this has been for the business but also in keeping spirits high.”

Director - JAW Sustainability


“Well done Mark! You did a great job, creating and chairing the Urbano (online) community coffee morning. Thank you.”

Business Management Consultant


“Many thanks for this morning, it was a fantastic start to my day and a really interesting conversation that I took a lot away from.”

Client Manager - Morpheus London (Property Designers)


“Many thanks to you and your colleagues for this morning’s event, which was absolutely fascinating. I hope to be able to attend more in future.”

Director -  Built Heritage


“I really look forward to our Monday morning virtual get together. Kicks off the week a treat!”

Director - Drew London (Creative)


“I found it very interesting to hear different viewpoints and a broader discussion around the subject, the situation is constantly evolving and as well as the problems, there are opportunities. Looking at the bigger picture and the accelerated demise of retail spaces could present opportunities for local office hubs amongst many.”

COVID-19 Workplace Webinar Event Attendee – Associate Director in Design & Ergonomics


“I thoroughly enjoyed the session this morning. Like West World but without Yul Brynner and Cowboys. I’ve had a request for advice already - it proves the online model does work!”

COVID-19 Workplace Webinar Panel Speaker - Partner at Thomas Mansfield Solicitors


“This has all been very interesting. I have been working from home for at least a couple of decades but I also travel a lot. I run collaborative conferences so even though the main topic has been offices, it gives me a lot of food for thought in planning future events.”

COVID 19 Workplace Webinar Panel Speaker - Director, Event Management


“Thank you all for a really fascinating webinar, delivered in a very friendly and digestible style.  Already glad I joined!”

COVID 19 Workplace Webinar Attendee – Director, Foundation PR


“I found today’s Urbano event very good - it was nice to meet people from a variety of disciplines and businesses.  All too often professionals in whatever field exist in a silo of ‘people like us’ and forget that we serve business people who are interesting and deal with interesting work!”

COVID 19 Workplace Webinar Attendee - Partner Real Estate, Greenwoods GRM Law


“Your tender notices have been a real lifeline for me!”

Director - Over The Line Consultancy


“Urbano Network developed a workshop for us to enhance our tender submissions to the infrastructure market. The workshop was very successful, inspiring the attendees and establishing valuable procedures and approaches of great benefit to the Company. This reflected the considerable experience Caroline has as well as her expertise in delivering the content in a passionate and professional approach. Thank you Caroline.”

Director - Plowman Craven