Urbano Community Supporters

Urbano was co-founded by Mark Herring and Caroline Brock in 2011 and in 2021 we  celebrate its tenth anniversary.

Urbano as a network consists of different Communities –Build/Finance/Host/Media/People/Tech/UWACTE (Urbano Women In Architecture, Construction, Technology & Engineering)  and Zero Carbon and our event calendar is as diverse as the network. Our primary role continues to get companies to engage, talk to each other, and share information and experience.

We have also hardened our own commitment to make Urbano and our own activities Net Zero Carbon and we want to encourage and challenge all companies to make the changes necessary to reach that.  We also believe achieving net zero carbon will involve more collaboration, more engagement and a different way of measuring profitability. 

Urbano has highlighted and supported environmental awareness in business since 2002 and now have made our own commitment to become zero carbon by buying an electric car (for instance). We also support and provide a monthly financial commitment to the Good Law project and our local food bank.

Urbano is particularly grateful for the help offered to support our community, programme events and the other services we offer from the following companies: