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David Finch

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David  Finch

Events attending

  • Urbano Top Table + Connections networking evening

    Thursday Jul 18th 2024

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Events attended

  • Urbano networking lunch at Carmel Fitzrovia

    Wednesday Jun 26th 2024

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  • Speaker panel networking breakfast on Procurement Act 2024

    Thursday Jun 13th 2024

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  • Urbano Summer Top Table networking lunch at Oxo Tower

    Wednesday Jun 5th 2024

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  • Urbano Build Post MIPIM Pre REiiF networking evening

    Wednesday Apr 24th 2024

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  • AI in Construction Speaker Networking Breakfast

    Thursday Apr 11th 2024

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About David

David was recently described as being able to "Unknit the Fog". As a strategist his focus is on ensuring you differentiate your brand, your message, your story so that you can grow your business comfortable in the knowledge that your message will resonante. Think of it as enhancing your brands desirability. 

As a Chartered Accountant (yes he also tells stories from numbers) he is also able to ensure the strategies you use to grow your business are viable and routed in data and not just hope. 

Nothing can remove the risk of business, but being remarkable increases your odds of success. 

As a speaker at numerous events, David shares a wealth of experience around running businesses (11 in total over the years) some good, some bad and some downright ugly. The key focus is normally around how to differentiate your brand, but he is equally comfortable in sharing how you make numbers talk properly, especially to teams who don't do numbers. 

Personal Interests

I do a lot of hiking, hence my Linkedin blog called Thinking in Fields. When not hiking you might find me on a bike or just occassionally on a golf course. 

One thing that is clear though is that all these lead to the pub. I don't do drinking in fields. 

David is a representative of Purple Frog:

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