Urbano Build Speaker event - Biophilia, Architecture, and the Built Environment

Urbano Build Event
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Urbano Build Event
  • Thursday May 27th 10:30am
  • Urbano Build Event

Urbano Build is one of urbano's most vibrant business communities with its own programme of regular networking events in London aimed at architects, developers, property investors, designers, interior designers and other professionals associated with the built environment sector to make connections, share information, create associations and find new business opportunities.

This event is focused on biophilia, a conception of how the built environment and architectural design may be used for the benefit of all living things, and to answer the pressing need for sustainable and comfortable urban lifestyles.

Presenting this session, which will examine the soon-to-be-opening The Spine building, will be  Robert Hopkins, Regional Director of AHR, the award-winning architecture and building consultancy practice - and Urbano Network members.

Robert is design/project lead on The Spine, the new northern home for the Royal College of Physicians in Liverpool, which aims to be one of the healthiest workplace environments in the world when it opens its doors in May 2021.

Biophilia is at the heart of AHR's approach to the design of The Spine and the building has been designed adhering to WELL Standard principles.

Robert will be dsicussing how biophilia and other innvovations around workplace wellness and design have informed The Spine's design and construction.

About our speaker

Robert has over twenty years’ experience in the design of award winning buildings. He has led on the design and delivery of several large and complex education projects in the UK and internationally. Robert is lead on the design of The Spine, the new £35m northern headquarters for the Royal College of Physicians in Liveropool which incorporates biophilic design features to create an inspirational workspace.

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