Urbano Zero Carbon and Environmental Networking Round Table

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Urbano community online

Urbano hosts a calendar of different events designed primarily to bring together those representing companies from our different business Communities: Build, Create-Media, Finance, People, Host, Tech, UWACTE (Urbano Women In Architecture, Construction, Technology and Engineering) and Zero Carbon.

For this event, we want to bring together all those companies and individuals in the Zero Carbon Community members to participate in a 'round table' discussion format, faciliated by Mark Herring, Urbano's Connector-In-Chief. Our focus is to connect companies who can find potential areas where they can collaborate, improve each other as businesses and business people, and find new opportunities.

As a community of connected businesses, we know that collaboration between companies is critical to achieving the targets our government has committed to under the Paris Agreement. However, we also know that we must all reach out beyond our own sectors to understand what steps we can take to meet our own promises.

** This event is free for representatives of Urbano Member Companies who also get exclusive access to the full profiles of attendees for post-event networking and follow-ups. 

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