Urbano Build Speaker event - The challenge of Net Zero Carbon & Retrofit In Conservation Buildings

Urbano Build
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London, W1N

Urbano Build
  • Thursday June 24th 10:30am
  • Urbano Build

Urbano Build is one of Urbano's most vibrant business communities with its own programme of regular networking events in London aimed at architects, developers, property investors, designers, interior designers and other professionals associated with the built environment sector to make connections, share information, create associations and find new business opportunities.

This event will focus on the recent report from Historic England report on the potential for reducing carbon emissions through retrofitting older buildings. 


Using the report as a starting point, we will look at the specific challenges around retrofitting in historic and listed buildings, and traditional homes - especially those in conservation areas - where owners are looking to install heating and power systems in line with government targets to reduce zero carbon emissions.

About our Guest Presenter
Peter CoxPeter Cox is Managing Director at Carrig Conservation International Ltd and a Fellow at The RSA. Peter and his company Carrig International have a proven track record in dealing with all levels of listed buildings, protected structures and monuments. Peter Cox is well known and respected internationally and contributes much to international standards, Government policies and lectures extensively on the international stage. 

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