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Urbano is an independent business networking community that grew out of Shoreditch, London, from the early 2000’s and helps our membership – especially those that create and run them - to connect, engage, share, learn, and develop new business opportunities.

Urbano consists of different Communities: Build, Create, Finance, Host, Tech, UWACTE (Urbano Women In Architecture, Construction, Technology & Engineering), Work & Zero Carbon.  The mix and audience at any Urbano event is always different and unique. No event is ever the same. All our events are primarily designed to be catalysts to connections.

Urbano also has as a long and proud record of championing issues at our speaker events, such as zero carbon and sustainability, diversity and inclusion, workplace wellbeing and new technology – and often way before others – as we introduce ideas from one sector into another.

BIM, Blockchain, Crypto, IOT, M2M, VR, AI, Digital, Data, Eco, Scopes, Electrification, WFH. Just some of the topics we have featured at an Urbano speaker event.

But Urbano as a membership goes beyond just organising events. We work proactively on behalf of our members, including finding and distributing a weekly list of tenders suitable for their services, passing on information that may help their companies like grants and funding support, promoting their own events, and, where we see value, introducing members to one another.

To find out more about the background and approach of Urbano, please download our Member Information Deck which you can find here: Urbano Membership

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