Urbano Network tender opportunities

Urbano Network is a powerhouse of connections and opportunities. As part of our proactive approach to helping members find new business leads, we search over 100 keywords relevant to our pan-sector membership (Media, Build, Finance, Host, People etc) and send out a weekly digest of live public and private sector tender opportunities.

To receive details of any of the  tenders below, your business needs be an Urbano Company member which is £39 per month or £395 per year. Please note: Company refers to level of services we provide not legal status. For further details on membership options and benefits, please click here: Urbano Membership








Urbano Members can also use this mailer to find new suppliers anonymously or to find venues, bid partners etc. Requests need to reach the office by 5pm Monday. Requests and responders to ALL the below please email mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk


S1. Organisation seeks magician for events.



A new architectural competition to re-imagine out-of-town shopping destinations has been launched by the AJ and The Crown Estate. The Future Retail Destinations contest is open to all UK-based architects and asks entrants to design an innovative and successful shopping park fit to operate from 2030 onwards. Submission Deadline: 9 April 2018 Click here for details


REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Supply of Citrix licences contract for Archive body1. Supply of Citrix licences contract for Archive body.

2. Supply of marquees for council events.

3. School IT support contract.

4. Supply and installation of lighting contract for council.

5. Specialist independent surveyors contract for NHS body.

6. Conservation and/or architectural practice needed for restoration project contract for council.

7. Design, supply and installation of play equipment contract for recreation ground.

8. Shower and cladding installations contract for council (suitable for SMEs).

9. Town centre development masterplan contract for council.

10. Tunnel repair contract for maritime agency (suitable for SMEs).

11. Project management consultancy contract for council.

12. Office fit-out and refurbishment contract for research organisation.

13. Multi-disciplinary architecture-led design team needed for Central London redevelopment contract.

14. Building Energy Management System contract for housing body.

15. Young people employment survey contract for Council Dept.

16. Supply and installation of festival lighting contract for council.

17. Consultancy services including structural, mechanical, design and cost, required for University refurbishment project.

18. Online training course design, development, and implementation contract for University.

19. Design and project management services required for redevelopment project inc architect, quantity surveyor, engineer and MEP.

20. Transcription service contract for council inc text to audio and transcription to Braille.

21. Supply and installation contract for temperature monitoring devices.

22. Development of car park IT software contract for council.

23. HR and payroll information system contract for museum (cloud based).

24. Project Management and Cost Consultant Services for the design and construction of a new University building.

25. Mobile voice and data solutions contract for housing body.

26. Building maintenance services contract for Housing Body.

27. Specialist door installation contract for airport (short deadline).

28. Public Realm improvement contract for council inc street furniture, signage and lighting.

29. Redevelopment of car park contract for council.

30. Governor elector services and administration contract for NHS body.

31. Creative agency contract for Central London body.

32. Project management services for museum.

33. Quantity Surveyor contract for museum.

34. Asset maintenance & Investment works contract for Housing body.

35. Development of online resources and learning programme contract for university.

36. Design and supply of sprinkler system contract for council.

37. New build/refurbishment development project for school.

38. Maintenance and repair of fire safety systems contract for Housing Group.


1. Tender to provide cost consultancy/QS services to university refurbishment project.

2. Tender to provide comprehensive payroll services to national organisation - £6M.

3. Tender to provide provide mechanical and electrical maintenance services across multi-site museum group.

4. Airport construction works tender inc engineering, electrical, illuminated signs etc (£4.5M).

5. Tender to provide a range of street furniture for city centre improvement project.

6. Engineering training and apprenticeship contracts for transport body, inc (separate lots) civil, engineering & design and rail.

7. PR services tender for university.

8. Firewall provision contract for council inc maintenance and support.

9. Telecoms (Mitel) maintenance and Software Assurance contract for council.

10. Demolition contract for council.

11. School cleaning tender - suitable for SMEs.

12. Fire extinguisher maintenance contract for Fire Authority.

13. Landscape Architect contract for Council.

14. New car park planning application tender for council.

15. Design & Build student accommodation contract for University.

16. Reception interior design contract for University.

17. School kitchen refurbishment contract for Council.

18. External evaluation partner needed for helping the disadvantaged project

19. Framework of planning and development consultants for govt contracts

20. Specialist cleaning of hospital campus contract for NHS trust.

21. Social Media monitoring and analytics contact for tourism sector

22. Feasibility study opportunity for new museum cafe

23. University requires new finance system

24. Geospatial visiualisation/animation specialist to interpret geo data

25. Tender to design, supply, install sprinkler system for council

26. Framework of fit-out services providers for multip contracts across organisation with multiple properties

27. Framework of estate maintenance, and M&E contractors across museum's multiple sites

28. Stonework specialist required for hisroical building

29. Remedial Structural works contract for Council inc steelwork, partitioning and glazing.

30. Electoral process consultation tender for Electoral Body inc enforcement casework.

31. Infrastructure (roadworks) tender for University site

32. Framework Event Management contract for Transport Body.

33. Conversion, Extension and Refurbishment contract for Council for two commercial buildings.

34. Facade decoration contract for a number of commercial properties.

35. Tender to convert classrooms into school laboratories


1. Port expansion project - design and contractors sought

2. Framework for provision, maintenance, and repair of roller doors for Government Department

3. Tender to supply surveying technology to University

4. Investment oversight software contract for pension investment body

5. Residential building development contract - 10 houses - for council

6. Radio Archive requires speech recognition facility/software

7. Lightning protection compliance works for rail company

8. Design and construction of new modular office for university

9. Liability claims administration services contract for transport body (£1M)

10. Housing insurance services contract for housing group

11. Housing market and needs survey for council to inform policy and Local Plan

12. Council looking for recruiters to find senior executive positions

13. Framework of printing services providers for council

14. Insurance provision contract for buildings and contents for council

15. Viability study of mixed use and residential development for town centre design

16. Upgrade to parking management software for council

17. Electrical & Mechanical maintenance, & small project work service contracts (3 lots) for historic building (£40M)

18. School cleaning tender

19. Framework of fit-out and external refurbishment contractors for university

20. Digital room booking system inc maintenance for council

21. Cleaning contract across multiple schools (£1.5M)

22. Oracle software support contract for UK body

23. Lighting Replacement (LED) contract for library

24. Fiduciary Management Monitoring for organisation's investment regime

25. Provision of Digital Asset Management system tender for museum

26. People counting technological solution required at visitor attraction

27. Payroll service tender for organisation

28. Former fire station refurbishment works tender

29. Window cleaning contract for council

30. Supply and Installation of communal doors tender for council

31. Buildings Management Specialist required at university

32. Local Enterprise Partnership requires ERDF/EU expert to assist compliance

33. Information and Data Flow mapping tool contract for organisation

34. Roadways works contract for university campus (£10M)

35. LAN and Wifi install and maintenance contract for council

36. Steel Roof recoating contract for Council

37. Design, supply & installation/replacement of lighting at library

38. Proof-reader required for government technical project

39. AV software for exhibits contract for museum

40. Invitation to developers to attend market testing day to discuss various options for large estate regeneration

41. Contract to deliver and install modular ramps, platforms and associated works

42. Data architecture development & implementation contract for organisation

43. Interior fittings and roofing services contract for housing group

44. Framework of Construction Consultants ahead of university development programme (separate lots): planning, project mgmt, cost mgmt, civil engineering, building surveying, building services/engineering, structural engineering, transport engineering, architectural, sustainability consultants, landscape architect


S1. Construction solutions company is look for GDPR expertise and support, starting with a health-check to understand what they need to put in place. Potential for ongoing support/ consultancy role.


1. Web and mobile application development contract

2. M&E, building surveyors and multi-disciplinary design teams to lead technical design on school improvement programme

3. Design and construction of 'data repository' for university

4. Network infrastructure support contract inc voice/data/wifi at multiple offices

5. Framework of consultancy services providers for media organisation in separate lots: Strategy, IT, Financial, HR, Programme Management

6. Managed Print service and devices tender for Organisation

7. Treasury management consultancy services contract for Council

8. Minor works & building maintenance tender for museum sites

9. Highways major works and lighting contract for Council

10. Highway maintenance and drainage clearing contract for Council

11. Construction & renovation of fire-damaged house for council

12. Employment software solution for hourly paid staff sought by university

13. External audit contract with social housing group

14. CCTV installation & maintenance

15. Contract to store, manage and distribute publications and other promotional items for national body

16. Quantity surveyor required for new training centre development

17. Money transmission and transaction services contract inc overseas currencies for university

18. Modular building and construction contract for council

19. Supply of business continuity management software contract for UK organisation

20 Staircase renovation and mezzanine level reinstatement contract

21. Refurbishment works contract for centre inc new oak frame structure (£300k)

22. Sprinkler system installation contract for Housing Body

23. Framework of lightning protection providers

24. Demolition of swimming pool

25. Extension construction contract of learning centre (£1M)

26. Roof replacement tender for council centre

27. Design team required for school project inc new commercial kitchen

28. Event and delegate management software contract for health body

29. School expansion & redevelopment contract

30. Council requires consultancy to advise on feasibility of bike hubs and travel hubs

31. Digital Asset Management System contract for Museum

32. Printing services tender for UK organisation

33. Framework of repairs, maintenance, & gas servicing providers for Housing Group

34. Specialist lighting supply and installation contract for museum

35. PR and Press services tender for media event

36. Festival organiser/manager contract for council summer festival

37. Property Inventory recording contract for Housing Trust

38. Framework of letting agents for housing group

39. Consumer Research contract for national organisation looking at geolocation services

40. Fiduciary management contract for national organisation

41. Specialist Lighting Designer required for new museum project

42. Design and refurbishment contracts of council buildings according to latest workplace wellbeing smart standards

43. Facade repair contract for historic school (£1m)

44. Merchant card and banking services tender for university

45. Design and construction contract for new residential properties for council (£3M)


REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Council tender for building expansion services

2. Council tender for door entry and containment installation

3. Council contract for improvement works to underpass

4. Public art commission

5. Museum contract for washroom refurbishment

6. Energy body contract for modelling assessment of charging regime

7. Organisation contract for IT project management and support

8. Contract for provision of interactive flat panels in schools

9. Tender for design team to lead on development of park restoration project

10. Tender for installation of flat roof covering on council properties

11. University contract for CCTV maintenance and repair

12. Tender to provide support services on NetApp storage systems

13. Tender to deliver fire stopping works at university

14. Tender to deliver fire safety refurbishment at schools

15. Agency required to undertake review of business tourism strategy and deliver post-evaluation changes

16. New digital media asset management system required by museum

17. Employment law contract to support HR functions at organisation

18. Contract for fire station doors maintenance (£100k+)

19. Fire Authority contract for courier services

20. Tender for construction of new school (£3M+)

21. Student accommodation refurbishment tender

22. Council tender for construction of extension and interior refurbishment of existing learning centre

23. Cycle path construction contract

24. Oracle support services tender

25. Contract to refurbish space and create meeting rooms at NHS trust offices inc M&E, DDA Compliance

26. Contract to deliver bungalow refurbishment inc cladding at NHS Trust

27. Housing Group looking to appoint consultants to deliver construction management, employers representatives & cost consultancy

28. Tennis court refurbishment contract

29. PR agencies invited to tender for campaign to promote new visitor attraction (£70k)

30. Tender for construction of new school (£8M)

31. Contract to validate and update contact details on database for financial body

32. Council tender for sign installation services

33. Contract to construct new dwellings (£5M)

34. Framework of the following marketing sector service providers for housing group (separate lots): campaigns, media, digital marketing, sales/marketing, social media, PR, pre-sales & sales support

35. Tender to provide business consultancy services to SMEs and start-ups, inc IP, innovation workshops, improving supply chain, bringing new products to market

36. Tender to provide digital recording technology to police

37. Contract to deliver filming logistical management across three councils

38. Public art projects producer required by council



1. Community centre roof and wall cladding installation contract for council

2. Sports centre refurbishment contract for council

3. Listed building refurbishment and redecoration contract for council

4. Election-related printing materials contract for council

5. Enterprise fund loan management inc loan administration, equity and trades tender for council

6. Archaeology contract

7. Tender to provide insurance services to Housing Body

8. Treasury management advisory services contract for council

9. Contract to evaluate visitor experiences at various historic sites

10. Analysis of feedback to its local plan required by council

11. Consultancy required to develop town centre masterplan

12. Letting agents services required by council

13. Masterplan tender for town council

14. Library refurbishment contract inc signage, ICT

15. Framework of planning application consultants for council

16. Contract to re-landscape/remodel garden (£50k) for university

17. Provision of public address system contract for institution inc site survey dates

18. Hosting, support, and development of web based data resource contract for organisation

19. Car park construction contract at bowls club

20. Organisation seeks to add managed Commodity fund to its pension scheme

21. Asbestos framework for museum

22. Technical and development support service contract for education body

23. Network support services inc wi-fi and VOIP across council properties

24. Cloud computing services contract for smart energy project

25. Housing asset management strategy consultancy services contract for council, inc fire safety programme, stock condition surveys etc

26. Salary benchmarking analysis for government body

27. Tender to provide insurance services for council (separate lots) inc property, motor, personal accident, engineeering

28. Council tender for highways professional services consultancy inc transport design, policy, environmental etc

29. University tender for provision of merchant services

30. Contract for development and implementation of data strategy for organisation

31. Tender to provide LED lighting across properties (£500k)

32. Tender for consultant to deliver business survey

33. Contract to deliver impartial complaints review and resolution service for organisation

34. Tender to provide parks wardens and grounds maintenance staff and requirements across council properties

35. Building cleaning services for schools group

36. Communal heating metering and billing services for housing group

37. Construction of school extension contract

38. Council contract for garage repairs (£500k)

39. NHS trust tender for light fitting replacement

40. Tender for a communications framework - advertising, creative development and production, partnership marketing, media auditing, PR, research & integrated campaigns



1. Framework for construction and related sector service providers for housing group

2. Tender to design, construct, and maintain cycle hangars

3. Tender for administration of location film services for London councils

4. Tender for provision of typesetting and reprographic services for financial organisation

5. Contract for provision of financial consultancy services for university development

6. Tender for refurbishment of fire training rig for airport

7. Tender for upgrade to IT systems for Health body (£15k)

8. Tender for design and installation of war memorial inc landscaping

9. Architect sought to create new museum and cultural centre

10. Tender to deliver database project for council

11. Tender for development of Business Intelligence Software for council

12. Contract for creation of retail space for transport organisation

13. Contract for provision of communal lighting for council

14. Contract for landscaping of park as part of regeneration project (£3M)

15. Contract for replacement of doors and windows for housing organisation

16. Framework of energy (gas/electric/renewables) and energy efficiency consultants

17. Contract to deliver energy surveys, retrofit works, renewable installations of ASHP and solar photovoltaics for housing group

18. Medical body requires advertising consultancy services inc online & social media and recruitment advertising

19. Contract for design of screen-based interactive exhibits for new gallery in museum

20. Tender for office refurbishment works

21. Auditing tender for council-owned entities (four lots)

22. Tender for management of council-owned athletics track

23. Project to deliver digitisation of hospital records for NHS trust

24. Contract to hire and erect marquees and tents for police events and operations

25. Council seeks development / investment partner for housing project

26. Tender for Burial Ground Works for council

27. Contract for new EPOS & stock management system for retail outlets

28. Tender to supply (two separate lots) management and financial consultant services to council wellbeing project

29. Contract for refurbishment and upgrades of bathrooms and toilets across council's domestic properties

30. Tender for insurance services (4 lots inc property, motor, liability, accident) for council

31. Tender for concession of bus shelters and advertising for council

32. Contract for on-going repairs of door entry control systems for council

33. Tender for maintenance of water services for NHS trust

34. Tender for renovation of cemetery pathway for council (£200k)

35. Contract for hard FM, including fire and water services for university (£4M)

36. 3-year cleaning contract for five schools across education group

37. Tender to design a competition to re-enagage with an organisation's database of disengaged customers

38. Contract for provision of insurance services to large housing group

39. NHS trust contract for installation of air conditioning, chillers, and ventilation

40. Tender for installation of AV equipment and associated services for exhibit

41. Council contract for design and printing of map and posters

42. Council tender for public convenience cleansing and minor maintenance

43. NHS trust tender for replacement of lighting fixtures

44. Tender to deliver storage utilisation survey for financial body

45. Organisation requires employment law support

46. Academy contract for IT support

47. Council requires Passivhaus standards consultancy services

48. Tender to deliver refurbishment services and office development on Grade 1 listed building

49. Council tender for provision of washroom equipment

50. Tender to provide analysis of historic and current infrastructure investments

51. Framework of film and video production service providers

52. Framework of printing service providers for council

53. Tender to provide accountancy, auditing, tax, and related services to group (£0.5M)

54. Transport planning and management contractor tender for borough council

55. Move manager required for relocation of accommodation

56. Council tender for highways maintenance and construction services

57. Contract for fit-out of new co-worker space inc meeting areas etc

58. NHS Trust requires partner to deliver revenue through advertising

59. NHS Trust contract for installation of LED lighting

60. Council contract for consultancy services for broadband fibre rollout project

61. Tender for concept, design, and fit-out of new exhibit at museum

62. Marketing and graphic design services tender

63. Tender to facilitate and share knowledge of digital area through a series of learning events for UK body

64. Council contract for installation of roof covering and wall cladding


REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Government Body PIN (Prior Information Notice) for banking and cash management services.

2. Tender for installation of LED lighting at train station.

3. Council contract for provision of work and safety personal protective equipment (PPE) and enquiry service.

4. Council contract for property redevelopment (suitable for SMEs).

5. NHS trust contract for supply and installation of CCTV.

6. Housing association PIN for maintenance and investment works (interior & exterior) - windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, communal lighting, fire safety, etc.

7. London Body contract for customer telephone and email response services.

8. Council tender for provision of insurance services.

9. University PIN framework for long term maintenance and capital works inc Supplier Open Day.

10. University contract for provision of corporate banking services inc. merchant card services.

11. Government Department contract for provision of fire, mechanical, electrical and premises additional works.

12. Organisation contract for scaffolding services for major works and refurbishment.

13. Organisation contract for leasehold insurance provision.

14. Tender to supply auditing and accountancy services.

15. Council tender for publication design.

16. Council tender for community development consultancy services.

17. Council tender for construction project.

18. Council tender for replacement of cinema seating.

19. Councils tender for the construction of a new children's play area.

20. University tender for Building Management System (BMS) Maintenance & Support.

21. Council tender for highways maintenance and construction services.

22. Council contract for provision of Highways construction consultancy services (transport modelling, traffic mngt, environmental, CDM, planning etc.)

23. Highways body framework for large scale construction projects.

24. Museum tender for Data Protection Officer (DPO) services.

25. Procurement body contract for provision of warden calls, door access, and wifi.

26. Council contract for demolition and construction of new modular classroom.

27. Council tender for film liaison services.

28. Justice Body contract for filming and video production services.

29. Archive Body tender for the management services of an e-learning platform.

30. Regional Procurement Body contract for property renovation.

31. Council contract for provision of printing services.

32. Park Authority tender for establishment of action plan study for construction project.

33. Council contract for installation of sprinkler system.

34. Government Body contract for development of online data collection tool.

35. Council tender for residential construction project.

36. Council tender for public buildings and office cleaning services.

37. Parliament contract for supply of materials for security passes.

38. Council contract for external repair works on listed building.

39. Organisation contract for financial consultancy services.

40. Organisation contract for provision of insurance management services.

41. Council contract framework for scaffolding service providers.

42. Council tender for installation and fit-out of museum exhibit.

43. Museum contract for consultancy services for exhibition project inc. concept design, fit-out, graphics, interactive installation etc.

44. Tender for multi-disciplinary design team and refurbishment services.

45. University tender for refurbishment works.

46. Consultants framework (architects, CDM, MEP, engineering).

47. Council tender for insurance services inc property, crime, liability, etc. excluding brokerage services.

48. Contract for establishment of museum project business plan.

49. Council tender for fund management and administration services.

50. Council contract for facilities cleaning services for corporate and educational buildings.

51. Tender for Architect/Lead Consultant Services.

52. Archive Body contract for digital developer to create specialised business platform.

53. University contract for Fire Stopping Works.

54. Council tender for consultant to undertake a business survey (suitable for SME).

55. Council tender for school expansion project.

56. Tender for creative agency to design and install museum exhibit.

57. Tender for extension and refurbishment works, including asbestos removal.

58. Broadcasting organisation PIN for system integrator services.


1. Organisation tender for development of web portal

2. Solicitor framework for housing body in separate lots: corporate/governance/finance, housing, property & development

3. Government Department contract for strategic financial consultancy services

4. UK body contract for design and print of leaflet

5. Transport Body tender for provision of asbestos consultancy services

6. Project property management/maintenance contract for UK organisation (£3M+)

7. Housing group framework for developers/construction etc

8. Pension administration services tender for UK organisation

9. NHS trust contract for repair and refurbishment works

10. Consultant required to deliver a future infrastructure plan for development project inc research

11. Contractor tender for school expansion (£1M+)

12. Council tender for provision of fire safety maintenance to properties inc DDA

13. Tender for design and build of skate park

14. Contract for hard/soft FM for properties within schools group

15. Government Department contract for supply of aluminium and other windows, roofs etc (£1M)

16. Contract for fit-out of museum shop (short deadline)

17. Council PIN for facilities management providers

18. Public realm tender for town centre regeneration

19. Council contract for fire safety refurbishment works

20. Council contract for installation and monitoring of heat meters

21. UK arts body looking for development partner to create a consumer insight toolkit for use by its member organisations

22. Tender to analyse data on charity's fundraising and engagement

23. Housing Group tender for door installation

24. Education Body requires an online assessment system

25. Council seeks a JV development partner for housing management and repair

26. Tender to supply AV Hardware for new exhibition

27. Contract to replace fire doors at sheltered accomodation

28. Redevelopment opportunity to develop council owned sites

29. Signage and wayfinding contract

30. Contract for development of mobile enterprise platform

31. Electrical maintenance services contract

32. Contract for refurbishment of public conveniences

33. Council tender for residents survey

34. London Body tender for water sports facility refurbishment and installation

35. Exhibition fit-out contract at museum inc design, AV, graphics etc

36. Housing group wishes to hear from companies to install new computer system

37. Contract to help housing group with customer analytics and market segmentation for strategic planning

38. Council contract for lift repair

39. Government body contract for supply of capital investment management services and (separate lot) programme delivery (flood defences)

40. Council tender for supply of modern HR/payroll systems

41. Council contract for staff uniforms

42. Contract for design of forestry related exhibition

43. Enterprise body requires agency to deliver brand and marketing strategy (£1M+)

44. Organisation seeks company to review its current and future mobile telephony needs

45. Organisation requires agency for marketing and POS materials and activities

46. Council contract for valuation and rating services

47. Housing Body contract for installation of key system to 400+ properties

48. Council framework for provision of window cleaning services - various lots

49. Data digitization and image licensing project

50. Council contract for residential respite centre inc architecture (£1M+)

51. Council tender for flat conversion project

52. Tender to operate new collaborative workspace aimed at companies in digital sector

53. Council contract for listed timber building renovations

54. Government contract for research into data portability and consumer benefits

55. Council tender for provision of insurance services excluding brokerage (separate lots): property, liability, motor, personal accident

56. Tender to provide graphic design services to council

57. Insurance legal panel framework

58. University early engagement for framework of long term maintenance and capital works inc suppliers day

59. Tender to provide courier services to council

60. Tender for design and construction of apartments for council

61. Council contract for provision of various insurance services (separate lots): property, liability, motor, personal accident, engineering

End of Archive (most tenders have a maximum preparation and submittal time of around 4 weeks. If they are reposted, we relist with new specification and dates).


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