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Speaker: Isabel McAllister, Director of Business Responsibility, Mace Group
Host: The Building Society, Fitzrovia

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 29TH - URBANO NETWORKING EVENING (Exclusive and Free for Urbano Members)
Host: Strongroom Bar & Kitchen, Shoreditch

Speaker: Mark Farmer - Government Champion of Modern Methods of Construction 
Host: The Building Society, Fitzrovia

Host: Bunga Bunga London

Host: Dishoom Kensington

Host: Church House Westminster

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Wednesday January 22nd - Be Investment Ready seminar
(Evoke Management)

Thursday January 23rd - Using LinkedIn as a Business Development & Marketing Tool (Marshall Walker)

Tuesday January 28th - Business Development Masterclass & Networking
(Sandler Training, London East)

Wednesday January 29th - Visualizing Data: See the Story behind your Statistics
(Nucco Brain)

Thursday January 30th - Inheritance tax and estate planning seminar
(EQ Investors)

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If you or your company are heading to MIPIM in Cannes, please email me as I am creating a special page that will allow member companies and their representatives to connect with one another. We will also be promoting our members own events out there with the upcoming mailers attached to the Urbano Pre MIPIM breakfast networking reception at Church House Westminster and our Urbano Monaco lunch on Friday 13th March.

Mark (mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk)


To get great services at the best price - venue for your own events? website? app? contract advice? employment advice? office? seats and chairs? etc  -  email your requests into Mark and we will find you great suppliers in absolute confidence. 


TENDER & OPPORTUNITIES REQUEST PROCESS: List DATE, NUMBER & Description of tenders required in ONE EMAIL per company and send to Caroline  (caroline@urbanonetwork.co.uk)


1. Construction contract to bat and bird proof properties prior to demolition

2. Repair and insuring lease contract for council performance space inc viewing day for cost consultants etc

3. Tender to construct sports pitches

4. Demolition and site works contract for sports club

5. Renovation/repair works to heritage site contract for council

6. Roof works repair contract for hospital

7. Quantity surveying and contract admin contract for project

8. Concrete services contract for organisation

9. Sheet piling contract

10. Framework of fencing and vegetation contractors for transport body

11. Structural engineering inc underpinning contract for council property

12. Construction contract for housing extension and conversation to flats

13. Environmental impact assessors framework for housing body

14. Plinth construction contract

15. Ecological survey contract for council's nature conservation sites

16. Fire damaged property refurbishment contract for council

17. Roof renewal contract for organisation

18. Tennis court lighting installation contract

19. Tennis court construction contract

20. Watercourse/weir repairs contract

21. Flooring works contract for hospital

22. Gangway for ship repair works contract

23. Mechanical and electrical services contract for school

24. Repair services contract for housing body's properties

25. Contract to design and build electrical control system inc harnesses

26. Forestry cultivation services contract for natural spaces body

27. Construction services to manage external refurbishment works of council towers - separate lots: principal designer & clerk of works; QS/project planning/design/contract admin

28. Highways works suppliers framework (lotted by size of contract)

29. Maintenance and emergency response mechanical services contract

30. Tree maintenance contract for council

31. Roof works contract for science institute

32. Modular buildings contract for hospital

33. Framework of tree maintenance services suppliers

34. Framework of exhibition services providers inc banners, displays, design, build, etc

35. Website design and build tender for college

36. Geolocation game design, development and animation for visitor attraction

37. Insurance services contract for housing group

38. Insurance services contract for housing body (divided into lots) inc employers liability, office, contractors etc

39. Council requires agency to run event bringing together local people to address climate change

40. Large agency required to run conferences, meetings, exhibitions, venue search etc for conference

41. Framework of estate agency providers for council

42. Institute needs research into how international education service providers perceive its brand

43. Internal audit contract required by waste organisation

44. Project/programme management contract for large organisation

45. Council requires consultancy to develop business case for business park expansion

46. Consultancy required for ecological impact assessment contract

47. Traffic management contract for council summer event

48. Fire risk assessments contract for schools

49. Council requires capacity study for development on its empty sites and associated design code creation

50. Cleaning contract for school

51. Framework of flood risk consultants for housing group

52. Council requires review of its community assets

53. Training contract to develop theory-based evaluation techniques for organisation

54. International trade consultancy services required by government department

55. Removals contract to move council residents to new estate

56. Framework of transport consultants for housing body

57. Contract to research medical graduates and their preparedness for decision-making, team working and patient relationships

58. Employee screening services tender for large organisations

59. Ambulance radio technology PIN ahead of tender

60. Contract to provide live screening services of events to different locations and online

61. Data migration contract for college

62. Council requires school places forecasting software

63. CCTV project management contract for council

64. Grant management system required to work on Saleforce

65. Email, web and digital engagement channels services provider required for organisation

66. Procurement management software supply contract for council

67. Legal case management software supply contract for council

68. AI/machine learning consultancy contract with government department

69. Video wall screens required by venue

70. Blockchain consulting and tool provision contract for financial organisation

71. Workflow management software contract

72. Records management system PIN for housing body (MS/Office 365/Sharepoint/Cloud alignment)

73. NHS Trust requires energy metering contractor inc hardware installation, data collection, and related tasks

73. NHS Trust requires energy metering contractor inc hardware installation, data collection, and related tasks

74. Framework of cyber security services providers

75. Research grant managment software required by university

76. Records storage facility required by councils

77. Removals and storage responsive service tender for housing body

78. Framework of ducting, gigabit capable managed services & IT infrastructure services providers

79. Framework of digital inclusion services providers

80. Framework of pensions administration software suppliers for councils

81. Building management system supply and maintenance contract for college


1. Architectural design competition for multi-use space

2. Construction contract for cafe and outdoor spaces inc landscaping

3. Housing asspociation seeks development partner for project

4. Construction, refurbishment contract for hospital department

5. Supplier day for contractors looking to bid on energy facility inc design, engineers

6. Footpath construction contract

7. LED lighting supply and installation contract

8. Contractor opportunity to build storage unit and remodel sports ground

9. Mechanical and electrical services contract for college

10. Framework of internal refurbishment service providers for university

11. Consultant required by parish council to assist its neighbourhood development plan

12.Supply and installation of beach huts for council

13. Car park construction contract

14. Framework of repairs and maintenance providers for housing body inc suppliers day

15. Consultant required by council to research potential use of high street property

16. Design and works services for heating contract for college

17. School re-wiring contract

18. Framework of various energy efficiency technology and works suppliers inc insulation, heat pumps, solar, lighting, and similar

19. Electrical works, lighting and rewiring contract for housing body

20. Contract to provide environmental services (noise, dust etc) on construction project

21. School expansion construction contract

22. Consultancy required to provide daylight and sunlight measurements on construction projects

23. Electrical repairs and rewires contractor required by council

24. Framework of right of light consultants

25. Secure fencing contract for highways construction project

26. Framework of building repair and construction support servics providers for housing body

27. Construction works suppliers framework for NHS

28. External repairs and redecorations contract for three-storey building

29. Framework of fencing contractors

30. Ventilation/heating systems replacement contract

31. Council requires following for estate regeneration project (separate lots): principal designer/clerk of works, contract administration/QS, project planning, design services

32. Framework of insurance services providers

32A. PIN ahead of tender for organisation's catering and hospitality services for its new HQ inc meeting rooms/event catering and other services

33. Environmental research contract on gas emisions from peat

34. Survey of performance of UK tourist attractions

35. Nature body wants to commission study into the busienss case for due dilgence looking at impact on environment and supply chain resilience on investments and commerce

36. Research contract to examine recruitment and bias against older workers

37. Consultancy crequired by council to evaluate a healthy place shaping approach to communities and identity

38. Home cooling research early engagement for industrial body

39. Cleaning contract for council

40. Framework of solar panel design and installation services providers

41. Research contract to study rural economies and communities and business

42. Environmental research and review into water rewsources, climate change and the environment

43. Loneliness research project contract for government department

44. Window cleaning contract for NHS body

45. Financial model assurance contract

46. Cleaning services contract for council

47. Government department requires assessment of independent evaluation of the Governance Development programme

48. Construction site security services contracts

49. Construction site cleaning contracts

50. Framework of IP services providers

51. Research contract into thriving communities

52. Council requires consultancy to develop action plan to address zero carbon agenda alongside target setting

53. Council requires consultancy to develop business case and feasibility of workspaces aimed at creative industries

54. Housing accomodation required (flats) across London, Herts, for staff recruitment programme

55. Cleaning services contract for museum

56. Programme and project management consultants required for infrastaructure project

57. PR services contract with financial institution

58. Web development contract for university (short deadline)

59. Signage - design and manufacture - contract for council greenway project

60. Research contract into online advertising effects and addressing negatives through regulation, the market etc

61. Media training contract to work with legal professionals

62. Video production contract for organisation

63. Supply of digital recording equipment & software for police authority

64. Framework of creative agencies and services inc strategy, campaigns, digital, creative production services, creative project management, design, etc

65. Digital music rotation capability contract for broadcaster

65A. PR/external affairs management contract in transport sector

66. Leadership training facilitator required to run and develop programme for council committee members (short deadline)

67. Framework of recruitment agencies for schools/education sector group

68. Research contract to investigate age bias in recruitment advertising

69. Language services providers framework inc translation, interpreting, transcription

70. Conflict resolution training contract for NHS body

71. Trainer needed to deliver RICS-accredited Assessment of Professional Competence training courses

72. Translation and interpretation services contract for organisation

73. Applicant pre-employment testing PIN for organisation

74. College requires building maintenance system

75. University requires partner to deliver wireless LAN system and other network elements inc wifi

76. Door access technology supply contract for venue

77. Occupational health software solution needed by NHS body

78. Enterprise business software contract - market engagement phase

79. Applicxations testing tools required by council

80. Digital workflow/document scanning and processing, mail and other similar services tender for large organisation inc supplier engagement day

81. Fire, CCTV, alarm servicing and reactive response contract for council

82. Security software/systems supply contract for government department

83. Housing management software supply contract for council

84. Application processing software supply and support services contract for organisation

85. Gaming app development contract for medical body

86. Supplier required to develop new customer experience web platform for housing group

87. Alarm monitoring contract for housing body

88. Property management software contract for council

89. Data lineage tool supply contract for financial organisation


1. Driveway and footpath works contract for council

2. Architecture services and employer agency contract for organisation

3. Office & kitchen refurbishment contract for organisation

4. Groundwater monitoring contract for government department

5. Demolition contract for council

6. Architectural and engineering design contract for new workshop and public realm for watersixde development

7. Fire safety advisor and fire safety engineer required by NHS body

8. New house builds construction contract for council

9. Roof works contract for council

10. Construction and refurbishment of commecial units and kitchen fit-out contract for council

11. Smoke alarm supply/installation contract for housing body

12. Contractor required for regeneration project inc cafe, amenity buildings,, public realm works and landscaping

13. Council requires mapping of its assets inc parks, housing etc

14. Internal refurbishment (flooring & decoration) of flats and maisonettes contract for council

15. Interior refurbsihment contract (to convert building into offices) for council

16. Heritage consultancy required by historic visitor attraction

17. Design & Build construction contract to create new business centre for organisation

18. Heritage construction project - converting old barn into offices

19. Fire risk assessments contract for organisation

20. Asbestos surveying contract for council

21. HVAC repair and maintenance contract for organisation

22. Lead contractor needed to design and install interactive water feature

23. Construction contracts for council's new build housing (two tenders)

24. Roofing works contract for health body inc site visit day

25. Grounds maintenance consultants required to assist council with scoping new grounds maintenance, landscaping and parks contracts

26. Development partner contract for project with large housing group

27. Contractor required for programme of electrical maintenance works on large project's electrical infrastructure

28. Large maintenance works contract with housing body inc M&E, gas etc

29. Contract to deliver mechanical and electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for university

30. Framework of housing and commercial valuation service providers

31. Reservoir works and repairs contract

32. Improvement works to housing stock inc (separate lots) scaffolding, roofing works, painting and decorating, windows and doors, construction, solar panels contract for council

33. Framework of surface transport infrastructure services providers

34. Contract to create a mulltimedia studio for college

35. Framework of various aboricultural services providers for rural parts of council

36. Architectural consultant required for estate re-development

37. Framework of minor electrical works services providers for college

38. Mechanical and electrical services contractor required by housing body

39. Principal designer consultantsrequired by council for housing estate programme

40. Fire risk consultancy contract for housing body

41. Framework of modular buildings providers for council inc supplier day

42. Framework of civil engineering design and transport planning services providers

42A. Multi-disciplinary team needed for museum project

43B. Lead designer for museum/gallery project

43. Corporate banking contract for university

44. Insurance services contract for housing association

45. Insurance services contract for housing body

46. Reinsurance broking and technical services related to domestic flood risk inc modelling, data, financial analysis

47. Insurance services contract for council

No tenders this week.

48. Framework of legal services providers

49. Survey provider needed for students survey on their courses

50. Metering, billing, repair contract for housing body

51. Cleaning services contract for school

52. Cash management services contract inc cash collections, banking services etc

53. Framework of legal services providers inc (separate lots) corporate, commercial, public sector law specialists

54. Framework of estate agency services providers for council

55. Environmental research on emissions from soils contract for government department

56. Organisation needs storage facility for its documents and architectural drawings]

57. Out of hours call handling contract for council

58. Cleaning contract for school

59. Research and analysis contract into communities in private rented sector and communications for council

60. Water infrastructure and resources research contract

61. Consultancy required to undertake rail transport technical research project

62. Climate resilience research contract for council (paving and walking infrastructure)

63. Framework of food product quality assurance consultants

64. Cleaning services contract for school

65. Health and safety analysis in electricity storage tender

66. Research project into storage options contract for archeological finds

67. Cleaning contract for school

68. Feasibility study into electric vehicle charging points for council

69. Rail project research contract related to connectivity and safety

70. Research contract into integrated model of UK connectivity and policies for government department

71. Research contract intomwater bills for government department

72. Environmental noise specialists invited to supplier day ahead of tender

73. Framework of travel and venue finding services providers (UK and abroad)

74. Council requires economic development and strategy consultant

75. Research contract into drains and SuDs

76. Feasibility studyrequired for commercial construction contract by council

77. Ecological monitoring and research of heathlands for council

78. Event management consultancy who can organise series of running events sought by rural body

79. Agency required to design and implement exhibition and story of site for heritage visitor attraction

80. New website required for visitor attraction

81. Internal communications and engagement agency required by government department

82. Framework of sales, marketing & PR agency services providers for housing body

83. PR contract for visitor attractions

84. Film archive requires analysis of its user base and how the archive is being used in terms of economic, social and cultural value

85. Marketing/sales agency required for council housing development

86. Organisation requires research into custimer perception of its brand

87. Experiential design agency required for museum exhibit

88. Council requires agency to mange the film services it offers across the borough

89. Framework of branding and marketing agencies for recycling/waste management organisation

90. Venue requires strategic agency to look at its brand proposition and communications

91. Web portal development contract with housing body

92. Artist required for public art project

93. New website required by university

94. Filming location agency required by council

95. Executive recruitment contract for organisation

96. Management training development and delivery programme required by university

97. Framework of recruitment and related services providers for NHS

98. Agency with straing track record in delivering consultation programmes with stakeholders required by health body, including final report authoring

99. Expert witness training contract for organisation

100. Management development training contract for organisation

101. Organisation required to evaluate diversity & leadership programme

102. Digital training material and system supply contract for energy body

103. Organisation seeks agency to review and offer guidance on transgender inclusion in sport

104. Contract to support employment opportunities for those with mental/physical issues and learning disabilities

105. Organisation required to deliver mediation services contract for housing body

106. Recruitment of temporary staff contract for embassy in London

107. Framework of following services providers for rail sector: training analysis & design and training materials development

108. Framework of learning development services providers (various lots)

109. Schools academy requires HR consultancy services provider & payroll/absence management tool

110. Office IT equipment and A/V supply (conferencing etc) (separate lots) contracts for company - inc supplier event

111. Framework of A/V products and services providers inc conferencing, digital signage, project mgmt, audio/acoustic services and similar

112. Door access systems supply contract for organisation

113. Back up recovery service contract for organisation

114. Telephony and SMS identification services contract for organisation

115. Maintenance and repair service for council's door entry and CCTV systems

116. Information and supplier day for those offering Internet of Things (IOT) services and innovations

117. Major website and intranet development required by NHS Trust inc app integration (looking for innovation for the sector)

118. Framework of Retail Energy Code (REC) consultants/services providers inc technical and professional services

119. Cloud computing services contract for university

120. Council's CCTV upgrade and maintenance contract

121. Payroll software supply contract for council's schools

122. Wifi services, data and network equipment supply maintenance and support contract for university

123. Development management software development contract for housing body

124. CCTV installation and maintenance contract for council inc control rooms maintenance, etc

125. Financial management system required by council

126. Data centre strategy/transition/mainframes/migration programme for large organisation - variety of lots

127. Framework of Public Services Network services providers inc domain names, email,

128. ETCS online key management system and associated equipment, tools etc for rail body


1. Framework of sub-contractors for housing group

2. Consultant needed to undertake development site assessments

3. Multi-disciplinary consultancy required to assess creative workspaces provision for council

4. Fire door replacement, roof works, related works contract for council residential properties

5. Painting and decorating contract for council

6. Framework of professional service providers for projects on heritage rail sector inc design, site examinations, constrcution etc

7. Framework of Construction Design Management Adviser (CDMA) and Principal Designer (PD) services providers for new build programme

8. Contract to build metal walkway (£200k)

9. Electrical maintenance and renovation contract for NHS body

10. Framework of professional service providers for housing body (separate lots) : architecture, civil engineers, structural engineers, employers agents, MEPH engineers, multidisciplinary, sound/acoustics, suveyors, fire, geotechnical, H&S, urban planning, safety, topographical, valuers, legals, tax consultancy, accounting/auditors, insurance,

11. Construction contract for college inc partition walls, flooring, ceilings etc

12. Refurbishment, upgrade, redecoration contract for council residential blocks

13. Rail company seeks consultancy to undertake strategic review and report on current and future stations

14. Architectural consultant for housing estate redevelopment programme

15. Roofing works contract for council

16. Mechanical and electrical consultancy contract for housing group

17. River monitoring and sampling contract (several lots)

18. Multi-disciplinary consultancy contract for venue development project

19. Architectural design contract for business park development

20. Construction contract for new swimming pool and leisure centre

21. Framework of the following services for housing group: architectural consultants, employer agents

22. Framework of various services for council housing department (numerous lots): repairs and voids works, electrical, gas safety & maintenance, water repairs & maintenance, lift maintenance,

23. Geotechnical consultants framework for housing body

24. Insurance brokerage contract for organisation

25. Framework of financial sector advisors and specialists inc M&A, corporate finance, equity, infrastructure financing, portfolios & assets

26. Leaseholder insurance contract for council

27. Framework of accounting and auditing services for CCG organisations

28. Insurance broking and data contract for organisation

29. Insurance services contract for council

30. Event sites support services contract for council

31. Event services, consultancy, and equipment supply contract for organisation

32. Review required of ombudsman service inc stakeholder relationships, consumer redress etc

33. Property management - commercial & residential - contract for council

34. Various cleaning tenders inc schools, offices, council properties

35. Contract to watch people using their sinks (water use behaviours)

36. Groundwater analysis and research contract for government department

37. Internal audit contract for finance body

38. Heritage focused feasibility study contract inc surveying shopfronts, ownership, viability of conversion etc

39. Tree health survey contract for organisation

40. Application and technical support partner required for initial phase of healthy living programme

41. Recycling services contract for council - pre-tender engagement

42. Consultancy required to undertake quality audits and mystery shopper visits on venues

43. Waste management contract for housing body's estates

44. Legal services providers framework for organisation - (separate lots covering commercial, contract, organisation structures, employment, data protection, IP, litigation, property, tax)

45. Integrated FM services contract for organisation's estate (£60+M)

46. Property management agency contracts for council

47. Framework of housing valuation services providers

48. Framework of LED lighting services providers and products suppliers

49. Internal audit contract for housing organisation

50. Legal advisor required by organisation inc contracts, procurement mgmt, B2B, data protection, security & risk mgmt,

51. Audience research and analysis contract for venue

52. Training provider required to deliver safeguarding workshops for visitor centre

53. Diversity and inclusion review for funding body

54. Framework of removals & associated services providers

55. Supply of promotional merchandise for organisation

56. HR review required by organisation

57. Sales & negotiating training contract

58. Digital leadership education services contract for health body

59. Framework of temporary agency staff suppliers

59A. HR and payroll bureau required for schools group71. Network (WAN) services contract for housing body

60. Data storage and data portal management and support contract

61. Organisation requires an asset management software system to manage its collection of valuables

62. Court audio and video technology tender - pre-market engagement phase

63. Web development contract for college inc apps

64. HR software and payroll services supply contract for organisation

65. Attendance and attainment software supply contract for council

66. Cloud search software development services arequired by organisation

67. Development management system required by housing body

68. Meter equipment maintenance and repair contract for housing body (multi lots inc smart meters)

69. IT support contract for organisation inc strategy, hosting, VPN, onsite and remote support

70. New website required by university inc aligning with new brand

71. Network (WAN) services contract for housing body

72. Student management software PIN for organisation

73. Museum requires new multimedia guide system

74. Asset management software supply contract for housing organisation

75. Maintenance and repair of fire safety, door systems, comms, CCTV contract for housing body

76. Finance software system supply and support contract for council

77. Fire alarm and equipment maintenance and servicing contract for housing body

78. Data services (feeds for live journey times) contract for transport body

Full list of recent tenders list (most tenders have a four-week submittal deadline) available here. Tenders @ Urbano