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Founded in 2011, Urbano Network is a business networking community whose focus is to help companies to connect with others across a range of sectors, engage on critical business topics such as sustainability and diversity, and find new business opportunities. 

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** Urbano Drinks at the Serpentine Pavilion TOMORROW @ 4.30PM. Open to all. Details on website. Join Whats App Group: Urbano Drinks Serpentine for location etc

* POSTPONED * Wednesday July 21st - Urbano membesr Event @ Lambeth Palace

Wednesday August 4th - Urbano Members Networking Round Table. Free & exclusive for every member to take part.

Thursday August 19th - Urbano Build & Zero Carbon Networking Round Table

Thursday September 9th Urbano Networking Evening at Sagal Group's Showroom Clerkenwell. Free for Members. Part of Clerkwell Open

Wednesday September 16th Urbano Build Speaker Event with Simon Allford, President-Elect, RIBA (Urbano/The Building Society

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UPCOMING MEMBERS' OWN EVENTS (online unless stated)

Wednesday July 21st Development in the Midlands (Trowers & Hamlins)

Wednesday July 21st Delivering Frictionless Ecommerce: What Brands can do to Delight Users (Kitty)

Thursday July 22nd Myth-busting Sustainable & Impact Investing For IFA's (EQ Investors)

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S1. Urbano member requires copywriter for their website

Looking for something to assist your business? New website? HR advice? How to get ISO 9001? Photographer for a brochure? Website for a product launch? Venue for a client event? Investors? New strategy? Confidential and free. Send your requests into the office!

Enquiries and responses to the above, and to list your job vacancies, email Mark.




1. Adaptation works for school contract

2. Alarm system and access control works contract for council

3. Architect required for council residential site

4. Asbestos consultancy contract for housing body

5. Asbestos surveying, sampling, air monitoring, consultancy contract for organisation

6. Asbestos works contract for council

7. Bathroom adaptations contract for council

8. Bathroom adaptations works for council properties

9. Boiler replacement works contract at sports centre

10. Boiler wtility systems works contract

11. Compliance gas and electric consultancy contract for organisation

12. Construction contract for redevelopment of retail park

13. Contract to deliver extension for council house

14. Contract to design and install mezzanine floor

15. Council seeks development/operations management company for co-working space - engagement phase

16. Demolition, design, consultation, construction of skate parks contract

17. Domestic heating works contracts for housing body

18. Drainage construction works contract

19. Electrical fire safety works contract for council

20. Electrical upgrade works contract

21. Electrical upgrade works contract for housing body

22. External and internal decoration contract for council

23. Festive lighting services contract

24. Framework of electrical and mechanical works contractors

25. Framework of minor works, refurbishments & other contractor opportunities for council - briefing day

26. Framework of various construction services suppliers inc ground works, trades, electrical, windows, adaptations, roofing, fencing, gates etc

27. Gas systems servicing and maintenance contract for multiple council sites

28. Glass and glazing works contract for organisation

29. Hard FM management contract

30. Heating and ventilation works contract for council's hi-rise blocks

31. Heating systems works contract for council

32. Heating works contract for housing body

33. Maintenance contract for mobile plant and picking station

34. New school construction contract

35. Play area refurbishment contract for council

36. Public realm maintenance and improvements contract/s

37. Refurbishment works contract

38. Repairs and redecoration contract for council hall

39. Replacement of cladding contract for university

40. Roof works and refurbishment contract for council

41. Shower rooms refurbishment contract for university

42. Specialist adaptations works for council properties

43. Trades and minor works framework of suppliers for council

44. Christmas lights and illumuninations contract

45. Creative advertising agency required to promote UK film sector

46. Event production agency required to deliver iconic event

47. Framework of following media services suppliers: media buying, planning & similar

48. Framework of office furniture suppliers

49. Furniture required by restaurant

50. Photography services contract for fire body

51. Public art services contract for council

52. Actuary services contract for government department

53. Advisor required to find a DBFO (Design-Build-Finance-Operate) partner for university

54. Affordable housing and tenancy strategy consultancy contract for council

55. Cleaning contract for organisation

56. Cleaning contract for school

57. Consultancy required to benchmark council's FM contract

58. Contract to supply geographical & topographical surveys for council development

59. Council requires agent to market and sell its commercial properties

60. Framework of development consultants for housiong group - pre market engagement & supplier day

61. Framework of legal services providers (separate lots): employment, competition, IP, commercial property, and full service

62. Future of work research contract for organisation

63. Government invites experts in VAT to engage in complaince programme/mechanism development

64. Indepent experts required for digital transformation programme inc efficiency, digital and organisational change

65. Insurance services contract for council

66. Manned security services contract

67. Research into financial inclusion of BAME communities

68. Risk review consultants contract

69. Sports body requires consultancy to deliver stakeholder engagement, content and development for sports clubs programme

70. Stakeholder engagement and communications consultancy required for regeneration expert

71. Transportation planning consultancy contract for council

72. Agency required to find interim senior positions for organisational cultural review

73. Disability rights consultancy required to undertake review

74. HR, mediation & coaching services providers invited to engage with organisation

75. Inclusivity/diversity expert required toassist organisation in programme development

76. Job evaluation and pay grading structure consultancy contract for organisation

77. Chat platform development contract

78. Highways asset management system contract for organisation

79. Land and property IT management system contract for council

80. Microsoft reseller required for licensing contract

81. NHS body requires advisor to help it set up digital staff passports

82. Online engagement platform contract for council

83. Organisation requires intranet development - split into consultancy, design, training and project mgmt; and licensing & maintenance

84. Platform to connect landowners and farmers for environmental project

85. Quantum efficiency system supply contract for organisation

86. Rail track measurement & monitoring system tender

87. Solar simulator contract for organisation

88. Tech consultancy required to assist in development of intranet inc digital workflows, dashboards and reporting

89. Technology innovation in customer experience contract for council

90. Consultancy required to deliver report on waste management options for project

91. Energy efficiency/zero carbon technology and systems providers invited to suppliers day with housing group

92. Framework of environmental and conservations services suppliers inc experts in biodiversity loss, offshore industries, EDI, air & environmental quality, data & land observation, & corporate services

93. Government department requires following services providers for net zero innovation project: programme management & development support, bid reviewers, monitoring & evaluation, and social researchers

94. Groundwater modelling contracts (1/2)

95. Groundwater modelling contracts (2/2)

96. Habitat development works (marshland) contract

97. Recycling/circular economy business case services contract

98. SME renewable and low carbon energy engagement project contract for council

99. Sustainability assessment contract for organisation's programmes

100. Water hygiene monitoring contract for housing body

101. Zero carbon private homes study contract for council


1. Asbestos works contract for council

2. Bathroom refurbishment contract for council

3. Bridge and structures design contract for council

4. Bridge structural works contract for council

5. Car park remedial works contract for council

6. CCTV, electrical, roof, alarms, ventilation works contract for council

7. Cladding works contract for organisation

8. Clerk of works contract for organisation

9. Clerks of works contract

10. Construction and refurbishment contract for industrial estate improvement works

11. Construction contract to deliver new apartment buildings

12. Construction management contract for multi-disciplinary

13. Contracts to deliver refurbishment and minor building works to retail units (2 lots)

14. Contracts to deliver refurbishment and minor building works to retail units (2 lots)

15. Cycleway design services contract for council

16. Demolition contract for car park

17. Demolition contract for NHS body

18. Demolition works contract for council

19. Demolition, design and build contract for new storage units

20. Design and installation of kiosk contract for organisation

21. Electrical works contract for natural spaces body

22. Engineering and infrastructure construction technical consultant contract

23. Engineering design contract for science facility

24. Evidence reports for urban development contract for council

25. Fencing works contract for council

26. Fire safety works contract for housing body

27. Framework of construction suppliers offering repairs for housing body

28. Framework of those offering renovation and repair services - supplier day

29. Heat pump works contract for council

30. Heating system services contract for organisation

31. Hygiene screens installation contract for NHS body

32. Large scale heating works consultancy contract for organisation

33. Lighting maintenance and repair contract for council

34. Listed building refurbishment contract

35. M&E management, maintenance, repair contract for academy

36. Masonry works contract for organisation

37. Mechanical and electrical management, maintenance, repair contract for academy

38. Mechanical and electrical services contract for council

39. Mechanical and electrical services contract for university

40. Metalwork contract for heritage buildings inc bridge

41. Office and audio facilities construction contract for NHS Trust

42. PIN ahead of framework of construction service suppliers for new housing projects

43. Play area refurbishment contract for council

44. Property and planning advice contract for waste facilities

45. Quantity surveying contract

46. Refurbishment contract for housing body

47. Refurbishment/conversation works contract

48. Roof replacement works contract for housing body

49. Roof works contract

50. Roofing design and construction works contracts

51. Safety and site assessment contract for tech building

52. Topographical survey contract for infrastructure body

53. Town masterplan services contract for council

54. Ventilation works contract for council building

55. Ventilation works contract for venue

56. Wastewater treatment systems contract for organisation

57. Water source heat pump services contract for council

58. Windows and doors works contract for organisation

59. Windows repairs and replacement contract for NHS body

60. Digital content producer contract for series of webinars, speaker events etc for arts/cultural sector

61. Framework of marketing and communications service suppliers for organisation inc suppliers of strategy, PR, design, visual and interactive tools, digital marketing, web development, SEO, UX and content suppliers

62. Organisation seeks automated marketing programme development for its audience

63. Organisation seeks supplier of furniture and acoustic pods

64. Photography services contract

65. PR services contract for organisation inc broadcast media & content

66. Economic research contract for government department

67. Facilities management contract for utility

68. Graffiti guidance contract for government department

69. Infrastructure technology, drone, electronic systems, behavioural research consultancy contract for government department

70. Insurance contract for housing body

71. Investment in the arts programme requires consultant to help it develop programme based on Theory of Change model

72. Natural spaces body requires consultant to design and deliver a community and stakeholder engagement programme

73. Organisation seeks consultant to deliver a programme of learning and new thinking adopted during the pandemic in cultural sector

74. Professional property services contract for council

75. Security strategy consultancy contract for utility body

76. Soft FM contract for NHS body

77. Storage services contract for research body

78. Town centre requires re-opening assessment, strategy and action plan

79. Various cleaning opportunities

80. Visitor survey conduct contract for council

81. Council requires a set of Employers Requirements as guidance for developers

82. Expert in leadership/productivity required to deliver workshops

83. Framework of diversity outreach services providers for graduate recruitment

84. HR, mediation experts and workplace equality experts invited to engage with organisation ahead of tender

85. Organisational processes and practice consultancies invited to assist organisation

86. Project management and organisational development consultancy contract for council

87. Recruitment process transformation inc onboarding consultancy contract

88. Apprenticeships management system supply contract for council - market engagement ahead of tender

89. Case management system supply contract for council - PIN

90. CCTV services contract for council

91. Digital twins consultancy contract for organisation

92. Framework of place, connectivity, and infrastructure professional services providers

93. Framework of specialist technology systems supply for infrastructure body inc logistics systems, support and similar

94. Framework of web developers and testers for council project

95. IT hosting and support contract for records body

96. Market research into AI commercialisation contract for government department

97. Network services (WAN) contract for organisation

98. Oracle consultant required to help migrate council's system to cloud

99. Resource management system required by NHS body

100. Council requires environmental expert to help it develop suitable riverside locations to reduce farm pollutants

101. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure services contract for council

102. Energy innovation portfolio evaluation contract for government department -PIN

103. Energy performance certification services contract for council

104. Green space design and cost consultancy contract for council

105. Peatland recovery services contracts/grants

106. Solar panels works contract for council

107. Transport sustainability consultancy contract for council

108. Tree maintenance contract for council

109. Zero carbon retrofit (heat pump system) contract for listed heritage property


1. Energy system retrofit consultancy contract for regional body

2. Affordable housing construction contract for council

3. Aluminium windows replacement contract for school

4. Architectural services contract to create visitors' centre inc cafe

5. Audit of estates contract for NHS body

6. Cement works area planning contract for natural spaces body

7. Clerk of works cnstruction contract for council

8. Construction and resurfacing contract for council

9. Construction contract for enterprise hub and community centre

10. Construction contract for new medical practice

11. Construction management contract for council

12. Construction, electrical and mechanical, architectural, engineering, urban planning

contract for council

13. Construction, electrical works, heating works, plumbing works, fencing contract for new sports centre

14. Demolition and enabling works contract for organisation

15. Design and construction consultancy contract inc cost managemtn, design, sustainability, BIM, GIS, CDM regulations & H&S, surveying

16. Development consultancy contract for council

17. Drainage works contract for council

18. Dry lining works contract for organisation

19. Electrical fire safety upgrade contract for council

20. Emergency lighting contract for NHS body

21. Framework of construction, site preparation, related services works suppliers for housing body

22. Framework of deep water marine surveyors

23. Framework of refurbishment contractors for council's empty commercial units

24. Framework of refurbishment service suppliers for council

25. Framework of repairs and maintenance contractors

26. Framework of those offering adaptations works/services inc structural, heating, access and other works

27. Gates and bollards supply and installation contract for council

28. Heating system works contract for housing body

29. Heating system works contract for organisation

30. Lighting works contract for building

31. Office refurbishment contract

32. Placemaking, stragegy, design and regeneration contract for multi-disciplinary team

33. Play area reinstatement and related works contract for council

34. Playground redevelopment contract for council

35. Refurbishment and construction contract for school

36. Refurbishment works contract for council accomodation unit

37. Replacement kitchens, wet facilities, electrical infrastructure contract for council

38. Retail park construction contract

39. Roofing works contract for council

40. School construction/refurbishment contract

41. Specialist construction contract to develop pneumatic transport system for hospital

42. Sports facility refurbishment contract for council

43. Strip out and demolition contract for museum

44. Art design and installation opportunity inc mural & graphics

45. Design and development of a new website

46. Economic, environmental research consultancy contract for natural spaces body

47. Framework of film and video producers for organisation

48. Framework of museum standard frames supply for venue

49. Media planning and buying contract for university

50. Online drawing game developer required to make kids game for visitor attraction

51. Organisation requires a digital engagement toolkit that will offer guidance on using social and digital media

52. Organisation requires evaluation of the impact of its marketing evaluation

53. Outdoor digital advertising solution contract for broadcaster

54. Radio advertising campaign contract

55. Seating supply contract

56. Web design contract for organisation

57. ISO 9001:2015 certification services contract

58. Consultancy required to provide external board effectiveness review for government body

59. Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) - engagement session & market analysis on construction products

60. Community research specialist required to deliver quantitative consumer survey

61. Council requires transport & highways planning consultancy

62. Framework of solicitors for organisation inc specialists in housing, planning, dispute resolution, taxation, agreements, environmental, H&S, setting up JVs/SPVs & similar

63. Governance consultancy contract to assess company's model

64. Business adviser to assess needs and opportunities for region's SMEs inc Covid resilience, working practices, business support and new markets

65. Council requires provider to assess fixed assets of its properties and design maintenance programme inc life cycle, risk, type etc

66. Consultancy required to deliver an engagement-focused post-occupancy study for new neighbourhood

67. Survey of tenants required by council

68. Cleaning contract for NHS body

69. Soft FM contract for charity

70. Equality and diversity research services contract for government department

71. Building analytics software (BEMS) supply contract for council

72. Compliance and asset management software supply contract for organisation

73. Financial planning software supply contract for housing body

74. Fraud and cyber crime reporting and analysis contract for council

75. Housing management software contract for housing body

76. IT managed services contract for organisation

77. IT support services contract for school

78. Microsoft Enterprise licensing contract

79. Microsoft M365 Enterprise and Skype for Business licences contract for council

80. Air quality consultancy contract for government department

81.Consultancy required to evaluate organisation's carbon profile and strategy around emissions targets

82. Consulttancy required to investigate issues around farming in areas of natural beauty

83. Net zero carbon homes study contract for council

84. Pollution response contracts (fuel and chemical spillages etc) for organisation - PIN

85. Tree services contract for council

86. Various planting services lots for nature body


1. Alterations and refurbishments contract for NHS body

2. Framework of architects and architectural services for council

3. CDM consultancy contract for venue

4. Contract to convert room into photographic studio for venue

5. Construction contract for internal & external refurbishment works plus underpinning

6. Construction contract for internal works on council residential property

7. Construction contract to deliver new entrance for venue

8. Construction works contract for hospital

9. Cost consultant contract for council

10. Demolition contract for council

11. Demolition works contract for council

12. Emergency lighting service contract for NHS body

13. Employers agent consultancy contract for council

14. Engineering design and works for building

15. Framework of construction related suppliers with aim of engaging SMEs including but not exclusively the following: architects, architecture led design teams, building surveyors, clerk of works, CDM, quantity surveying, cost consultants, property acquisition advisors and services, FM & FM consultants, engineers inc mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, air & ventilation, acoustics, energy efficiency consultants, environmental services, fire, security, lighting, waste etc

16. External works, construction and engineering contract for NHS body

17. Fire doors and facilities inspection contract

18. Fire doors inspection and maintenance contract for organisation

19. Framework of professional construction related service suppliers for national organisation

20. Gas infrastructure installation and servicing contract for regulator

21. Ground maintenance services contract for organisation

22. Heating and air handling works contract for council

23. Heritage sector experts sought for new panel

24. Installation of street furniture contract for council

25. Laboratory refurbishment contract for organisation

26. Lead design consultant, structural/civil engineering, principle designer contract for council

27. Lift installation and refurbishment contract for housing body

28. Noise mitigation works contract for organisation

29. Planned and reactive maintenance contract for housing body

30. Portable modular buildings contract for organisation

31. Real estate services contract for council

32. Refurbishment contract for council

33. Repair and maintenance of utility infrastructure facility contract for housing body

34. Roofing works contract for schools group

35. Roofing works contract for council

36. Roofing works contract for other council

37. Theatre needs new lighting

38. 3D photography contract & analysis on construction project

39. Tower block repairs contract

40. Windows refurbishments contract for housing body

41. Media planning and buying contract for infrastructure body

42. Theatre lighting supply contract

43. User & website analysis needed by media organisation

44. Project to create Augmented reality software & environmentsm for use in education sector

45. Framework of digital and social media content services suppliers inc video

46. Brand, story-telling and other content communication services providers inc video required for project

47. Assets appraisal contract for council

48. Consultant required to develop business plan to convert heritage building ionto venue

49. Construction accelerator delivery partner contract

50. Cultural strategy consultant contract for city

51. Consultants sought who can create evaluation programmes on outputs of towns fund

52. Insurance broker services contract for utility body

53. Quality Marks services provider sought by legal body

54. Macroeconomic analysis and process consultancy contract for government department

55. Organisation requires a programme of public opinion and engagement around uses of spaces in UK

56. Procurement consultancy contract for venue

57. Mediation and professional witnessing services contract for housing group

58. Council requires assessment of its community leaderhsip programme

59. Property management service contract for council

60. Specialist window cleaning contract for housing body

61. Council requires engagement and planning consulantancy to help support its transformation and recovery programme project

62. Those who offer employability and related programmes invited to engage with large organisation

63. International relocation services provider required by finance organisation

64. Staff survey conduct contract

65. Employee engagement survey contract for organisation

66. HR and culture consultancy contract inc organisational development

67. Culture change consultancy required by council

68. CCTV installation, maintenance, servicing contract for organisation

69. Client case management system contract for council

70. Digital tracking system supply contract for council's employment programme

71. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure upgrade required at council depot

72. Council IT and network infrastructure and supportcontract for council

73. Housing management software required by council

74. Task management software supply contract for NHS body

75. Third party telecommunications systems services contract for infrastructure body (£100M)

76. Ticketing system required by venue

77. Wifi required by college

78. Agricultural zero carbon consultancy expert sought to help develop programme

79. Economics of biodiversity consultancy contract - opportunity for academic team

80. PIN ahead of electric vehicle charging infrastructure tenders

81. Contract to remidiate asbestos in ground ahead of development

82. Ahead of low carbon energy programme, business, energy, commercial and financial advisers (and similar invited to supplier day

83. Framework of building repairs and energy improvement services suppliers for residential programme

We list tenders here from the past month as most tenders have a four-week submittal deadline.