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Tuesday December 1st - Urbano Members Networking Eggnog Morning - hosted by Urbano's Connector-In-Chief Mark Herring - a chance to meet other members from different companies and sectors across the community and an excuse to clear damp clothes from radiators....

Thursday December 10th - Preparing for Brexit - Is Ireland the business solution? 
with Sakura Business Solutions

NEW DATE: Thursday December 17th - Using Digital Twin to deliver carbon neutral operations - Free webinar with Cityzenith

Tuesday January 5th - Urbano Members Networking Morning - a chance to meet other members from different companies and sectors across the community and show off your worst present. "A complete waste of an hour" - every attendee ever.

Thursday January 14th - Architecture & 2021: The Year Ahead for Architects. 
Panel event with a range of Urbano member architects discussing what 2021 holds, including changes to registration and sector governance

Wednesday January 20th - Urbano Build/UWACTE Speaker Event
Planning the future of our major cities
with Joy Sinderland, VP of New York City's Housing Association & leading a $3Bn regeneration programme

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Wednesday December 2nd - The new normal for search  (Tipi Group)

Thursday December 3rd - Construction & insolvency webinar  (Stevens & Bolton)

Friday December 4th - How to get in front of decision makers  (Sandler Training, London East)

Wednesday December 9th - HMRC vs Taxpayer; An R&D Tax Credit Claim Gone Wrong! (RDP Associates)

Thursday December 10th - 2020 Annual Employment Law update (Thomas Mansfield)

Thursday December 10th - Infrastructure plans webinar with Charles Roxburgh of HM Treasury (BDB Pitmans)

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Looking for something from your community? Investors? New strategy? New website? HR advice? How to get ISO 9001? Photographer for a brochure? Website for a product launch? Confidential and free. Send your requests into the office!

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Enquiries and responses into Mark, please.



1. Drainage works contract for council

2. Staircase construction contract for housing body

3. Wayfinding and signage services contract for NHS body

4. Heating and water systems installation contract

5. MUGA sports facilities resurfacing contract

6. Repairs and redecorations contracts on council's residential blocks

7. Exhibition fit out contract for venue

8. Solar panels and repair works contract for council

9. Refurbishment contract for council

10. Installation and servicing of fire protection equipment contract for housing body

11. Contaminated concrete removal contract inc suppliers day

12. University construction project - various lots inc: construction, structural works, IPS units and cubicles, tiling, seating, bike stores, decorations, flooring, and others

13. Modular buildings supply, installation, associated works contract for council

14. Rural visitor centre construction project inc barns, commercial buildings, retail, biomass boiler installation and landscaping

15. LED lighting system supply and installation contract for council

16. Extension and refurbishment contract for NHS body

17. Contractors required for cavity wall and insulation programme

18. Wayfinding contract for large project inc public realm

19. Council HQ repair and building maintenance contract

20. Heat mapping and energy masterplanning consultancy contract for council

21. Road construction consortia - opportunities for smaller comapnies inc surveying, piling, environmental services, landscaping and other construction services providers

22. Water hygiene quality monitoring contract for council

23. Building operations and maintenance contract for organisation's HQ

24. Temporary bridge design and installation contract

25. Contracts for water leak detection services suppliers

26. Framework of MMC construction services suppliers for housing delivery

27. Thermal insulation services contract

28. Architectural services required for historic site

29. Framework of construction suppliers for council - new builds, refurbishment, fire safety, mechanical, electrics, hard landcaping - inc social value in tender

30. Engineering inspections PIN inc electrical, mechanical, plant systems, ventilation, and webinar

31. Sound installation contract for sound artists

32. Framework of graphic designers and artworkers/visuals

33. Various insurance tenders

34. Various audit opportunities for public sector organisations inc engagement with regulator

35. Framework of forensic auditors inc contractual compliance

36. Exam board seeking venues

37. Heritage body seeks event managers & event H&S expertise

38. Council seeks event and corporate security suppliers (separate lots)

39. Council seeks land acquisition consultancy inc strategy, valuations, engagement with land owners etc

40. Tenant and homeowner advisory contract for council

41. Internal audit contract for organisation

42. Fire alarm maintenance contract for organisation

43. Research into lawtech sector and contribution to economic contract

44. Energy efficiency contracts with housing body - boiler replacement, heating, insulation

45. Assorted cleaning contracts

46. Utilities procurement, management and consultancy contract for housing group

47. Property management services contract inc commercial, retail & residential

48. Consultancy required to create town centre actions inc stakeholder engagement, growth etc

49. Framework of health & safety and fire safety services suppliers for housing body

50. Energy performance certification services contract for housing body

51. Electronic disclosure and dbs contract for council

52. Digital training services supplier sought by organisation inc materials, video/audio tutorials focused on access to digital records

53. Cyber security and IT apprenticeship services contract (separate lots) for council

53. Cyber security and IT apprenticeship services contract (separate lots) for council

54. Organisation seeks design and delivery of personnel courses: performance management and effectiveness training

55. Corporate cultural change programme contract

56. Digital learning expert to consult on and shape leadership training model for online delivery

57. Opportunity for those who create Assessment Solutions to engage with organisation; inc test authoring platforms, registration, marking, data analytics

58. Digital keysafe/lockbox supply opportunity

59. Contract to provide consultancy on WAN/4G/56/smart metering & connectivity

60. Lawtech sandbox project evalution consultancy contract

61. Council seeks Computer Aided Facilities Management Software (CAFM) as a Software as a Service (SaaS) supplier

62. Framework of following tech services suppliers: records management, digital storage, digital workflows, hosting, and similar

63. Stock and crew operation management system contract for transport company

64. Server replacement contract


1. Electrical and mechanical infrastructure works contract for NHS body

2. Fire safety facilities survey review contract for housing body

3. Fire safety works and services contract for housing body

4. Electrical services installation contract for NHS body inc steelworks

5. Building condition survey and maintenance report contract for venue

6. Heritage venue conservartion management plan required

7. Heat pump systems - maintenance & installation of new systems for council

8. Water main replacement contract for venue

9. Modular buildings supply and installation contract

10. Building maintenance and repairs contract and separate contract to provide inspection and compliance services to iconic building

11. Bounday wall construction contract for council

12. Emergency lighting works contract for NHS body

13. Memorial garden construction contract inc landscaping

14. Framework of sustainable construction services suppliers and housing developers and others for council with supplier day

15. Commercial heating systems works contract for housing body

16. Framework of boiler services for housing group

17. Construction and plumbing works contract for DDA compliant toilets

18. Framework of construction works suppliers to education sector - supplier days

19. Framework of architectural and urban related construction services - supplier engagement days - aimed at SMEs and micro businesses

20. Framework of following for large energy sector organisation: construction, electrical engineers, electrical infrastructure, design, HVDC, cabling, energy supply, civil engineering, flood protection, project management, drawing services & similar

21. Multi-disciplinary planning consultants contract for council

22. Facade review and fire safety review contracts with housing body

23. Framework of responsive repairs contractors for housing body (all services inc scaffolding, electrical etc)

24. Framework of mechanical works services suppliers for council inc boiler replacement, heating system upgrades, air conditioning, heat pumps

25. Demolition and construction contract for residential and commercial scheme

26. Leisure centre construction contract (designed in principle only so options to amend)

27. Roofing works contractors required for council programme

28. Authorising engineers contracts for NHS body

29. Architect required to deliver school project with innovation and sustainability key

30. Design consultancy contract for construction project (2 tenders)

31. Management and delivery of energy efficiency works contract for council (Green Homes Project)

32. Air source heat pump system maintenance and repair contract for council

33. Web portal required by university

34. Annual report design (and other elements) contract with organisation

35. Public art management agency required to oversee commissioning of works for regeneration project

36. Hospital seeks all-round media/digital media/PR person (freelance) to help with their local and national comms

37. Agency required to evaluate creative programme funded by Arts Council

38. Actor agency services contract to supply actors for medical simulations

39. App development contract to create interactive visitor guides for venue

40. Marketing agency required by college

41. Research contract into what innovative financing for innovations in the construction sector

42. Insurance services contract for organisation inc liability, fine art, construction inc supplier day

43. Strategic development & investment partner to help create university's London hub

44. NHS hospital tender for VAT and debt services providers (separate lots)

45. Organisation requires events agency to run its face-to-face and virtual events

46. Framework of events producers for visitor events spaces

47. Contracts to undertake Energy Performance Inspections for housing group ( various UK areas)

48. Cleaning contracts for schools, offices etc

49. Government department seeks technical support in hydrogen heating systems programme inc strateguy, testing

50. Technical support contract to qassist in greenhouse gas removals programme

51. Groundwater environmental digital modelling contract inc AR, XR

52. Advisor required to design and implement property fund

53. Research contract to examine usage and safety of recycled materials in products

54. Contract to evidence cases for policy change regarding climate change

55. Programme required by council to support high-growth businesses post Covid

56. Independent engineering inspections contracts for construction project inc steelwork, concrete, coatings, facilities & similar

57. Healthcare organisation tender for legal services (separate lots): corporate, regulatory, failure to pay contracts

58.Project manager required for college mergers

59. Framework of e-disclosure services providers inc: strategy, consultancy, documentation preservation & ID, storage, processing suppliers

60. Council requires scheme to incentivise use of reusable nappies

61. Grants available for projects around heritage including innovation, enteroprise, inclusion wellbeing, economic

62. Framework of opportunities with nuclear waste management body- supplier engagement days

63. Heat network consultancy required by council inc masterplanning

64. Air quality monitoring services contract for government department

65. Marine grounds investigation works contract

66. Council requires multidiciplinary company to provide development advice for various sites (and separate design services lot)

67. Leadership course development and design contract for organisation

68. Inclusivity and diversity training contract inc EDI, unconscious bias and cultural awareness

69. Vehicle assessment consultancy required by police body inc advice on maintenance, purchasing, disposal

70. Security contract inc CCTV, control centre supply and installation for station

71. Server maintenance contract for council

72. Digital toolkit to encourage reduction in domestic food waste required by council

73. Digital consent software supply contract for healthcare body

74. PIN ahead of tenders for experts related to automated vehicle safety and transport scheme

75. Fleet management software system required by council

76. Technical auditor required to assess digital comparison tools in electric/gas sector

77. Supplier sought to assist in migration of business applications to Microsoft Azure system

78. Contract to design and operate mobile network coverage within heritage building

79. Operators invited to be part of e-scooter trial scheme for London

80. Framework of following ICT services suppliers: networking, cloud, IT consultancies, storage, and other solutions


1. Demolition of listed aviary and new replacement construction project

2. Repair assessment survey contract for council blocks built using concrete

3. HVAC plant renewal contract for venue

4. Contractor required to design and build council allotments

5. Design & build contract for new multi-use centre of a for sustainability/eco attraction park

6. Grounds maintenance contract at various locations for organisation

7. Contract to deliver ventilation works fororganisation inc chillers, AC etc

8. Fire systems and security systems works contract for organisation

9. Utilities detection survey contract

10. Contract to undertake roofing and external decoration works on council town hall

11. Geotechnical data management strategy contract for transport body

12. Fire safety systems works contract for venue

13. Duct systems refurbishment and construction contract for housing body

14. Building re-wiring contract

15. Listed building roofing works contract

16. Fire safety works contracts for housing body

17. Wayfinding and people movement contract for town centre

18. Easte external cyclical repairs and decoration contract

19. Framework of the following services suppliers: electrical works, lighting and signalling systems, heating systems works

20. Emergency lighting supply contract for NHS body

21. Framework of responsive repairs and refurbishments service suppliers for housing body inc scaffolding, electrical, roofing. groundworks, and similar

22. Framework of mechanical works service suppliers for council inc boiler replacement, air conditioning, lifts,

23. Mechanical and electrical infrastructure development scheme support contract for council

24. Framework of offshore wind turbine construction service suppliers

25. Contractor required to demolish existing buildings and constrcut mixed use and warehousing scheme

26. Design and construction contract of new housing for housing group

27. Housing water infrastructure and hygiene services contract for housing group

28. Repair and maintenance contract for council properties

29. Design and build contract for college refurbishment projects

30. Fire risk assessment consultancy contract for housing body

31. Framework of small buildings works services suppliers for council

32. Office furniture contract for modern workspace

33. Framework of marketing and communications service suppliers for council (separate lots): design, PR, digital inc PPC/SEO etc, photography, video, media buying

34. Actuarial service suppliers contract for organisation

35. Auditing contract for organisation

36. Payroll services provider required by organisation

37. Audit contract for NHS body

38. Insurance service suppliers contract for housing body inc liability

39. Various cleaning contracts inc windows, offices, schools, statues etc

40. Research into state of facilities related to the music industry contract for organisation

41. Consultancy required by transport body to investigate its climate change resilience

42. Managed Service provider (MSP) required by organisation for repairs and maintenance for property group

43. Environmental research into childcare consumables contract for government department

44. Stakeholder survey for transport body

45. Engineering and environmental planning multi-disciplinary consultancy contract for council

46. User experience research consultancy contract for council & its customers

47. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure installation services PIN for council (OLEV suppliers)

48. Framework of consultancies for programme around understanding carbon reduction, places, policies and methodology

49. Environmental research into coastal changes and flooding

50. Framework of business growth advisors inc biz dev, strategy, tech, product development, team, IP & fund raising

51. Framework of following services providers for housing group: heating (domestic, commercial, district), low carbon tech, electrical, water borne pollution experts

52. Programme seeking to support solutions to enable net zero carbon residential retrofit

53. Commercial property management agent contract for organisation

54. Criminal defence legal services contracts

55. Council requires environmental consultancy to appraise its plans and policies

56. Assessment, monitoring, support of greenhouse gas extraction project contract for government department

57. Technical consultants inc strategy sought to support hydrogen heating development programme

58. TFL invites ideas on innovative future uses of its car parks esp with commercial viability

59. Framework of following consultancy services suppliers: funding risk advisory, project, governance, benefits, actuarial

60. Council seeks masterplanning consultancy to undertake energy mapping project

61. Behavioural project management course provision contract for engineering body

62. Safeguarding training & consultancy contract for housing body

63. Apprenticeship programme contract for council

64. Organisation requires developer to work in its database and user interface

65. Digital safety support and consultancy contract for NHS body

66. Theory Of Change tool to help government department in policy evaluation

67. Development of proof of concept blockchain for data integrity system contract for organisation

68. Digital security access system supply contract for NHS body

69. Data security and protection systems research and consultancy contract for healthcare body

70. Fleet management software supply contract for council

71. Framework of back office software suppliers inc enterprise reourcing, accounting, CRM, HR management, workflow tech, content, support & maintenance

72. Network/IT cabling contract for NHS body

73. IT support contract for NHS body

74. Framework of care related technologies including alarms, monitoring, remote services, fall prevention and similar PIN


1. Office reshaping and fit out inc electrical and plumbing infrastructure works

2. Residential extension and refurbishment contract

3. External works contract for venue

4. Structural engineering consultants required for contract

5. Design and build of new energy centre for high street

6. Groundworks and landscaping contract for council

7. Automatic doors and shutters maintenance contract for university

8. Toilet refurbishment contract

9. Construction contract for office

10. Construction & infrastructure contractors framework inc schools, public buildings, offices, commercial, residential, student accommodation etc

11. Electrical distribution boards installation contract with schools group

12. Design & build contractor required for housing development

13. Design and construction contract inc workshops

14. Park constructio contract inc site preparation contract

15. Replacement and upgrading of sports floodlighting

16. Chiller Unit replacement required at council's office

17. School roof works contract

18. Contract to design, test and install HEPA filters

19. Water system maintenance services contract for visitor centre

20. Supply of air conditioning units contract for housing group

21. Contractor required for large office fit out works

22. Roof works and solar panel installation contract for research body

23. Cast iron bridge refurbishment contract

24. Electrical inspections and rewiring contract for housing body

25. Specialist roof replacement contract for organisation

26. Minor civil gas infrastructure works PIn for utility body

27. Design competetion for working from home space idea

28. Exhibition fit out contract for venue

29. Web design & development contract

30. Brand agency required to help iconic venue creaste strategy & new visual identity

31. Graphic design agency required by organisation inc reports, animations, design, maps, photography, social media content

32. International marketing contract for university

33. Agency required to develop communications strategy contract for organisation

34. External audit contract for housing body

35. Pension administration consultant contract for council

36. Framework of the following services providers: accountants, forensic investigation, audit, assurance

37. Pension administration services contract for organisation

38. Insurance services contract for housing body

39. Insurance and related services contract for housing body

40. Independent strategic advisor needed for airport development review

41. Air pollution monitoring and safety consultancy contract

42. Property valuations contract for council

43. Environmental and economic research and consultancy contract for government department

44. Water quality environmental research contract

45. Air quality assessment contract for town centre

46. Cleaning services contracts for offices, schools etc

47. Framework of water management service suppliers and legionalla control services suppliers

48. Market research contract to test public understanding and opinions on environmental issues and policies

49. Sector specific decarbonisation research and consultancy contract for government department

50. Supply of planters contract for council

51. Housing market assessment study required by council

52. Environmental evaluation and monitoring consultancy contract for council

53. Strategic asset partner contract for council

54. Framework of zero carbon technology suppliers, heating and renewables suppliers, metering services, building management system suppliers for NHS Trust

55. Environmental monitoring and asbestos testing contractor opportunity

56. NHS Trust requires consultancy to assess its carbon emissions and offer advice on reduction

57. Framework of environmental risk assessors and management services providers in chemicals sectors

58. Framework of suppliers who can support industrialisation of land charge schemes

59. FM services - hard and soft - contracts

60. Supply of legal services contract inc planning, property, contractual etc

61. Framework of audit- external and internal - counter fraud, assurance and other similar services suppliers

62. Framework of behavioural science consultants to support climate change and energy policies

63. Rail gauging surveying PIN

64. Rail technical experts framework to assess contracts inc design, risk mgmt & similar

65. Zero carbon consultancy services providers for council inc site surveys, tech, energy, sustainability and similar

66. Mindfulness consultants and service suppliers required to deliver employee programme

67. Recruitment services contract for rail sector specialists

68. Interpretation and translation for the deaf contract for council

69. Health & safety training training provider required which can provide online modules for council

70. Security and people flow systems maintenance and repairs contract for university

71. Framework of agency staff suppliers for council

72. Framework or recuritment agencies for organisation

73. Digital Twins project to support smart urban transport development programme

74. Authentication software, email and SMS contacting software supply contract for organisation

75. Access control system and related services contract for venues group

76. AI tech study contract

77. IT systems provider seeks consultancy to review implementation and create a business change model

78. Software supply and support contract (SAP Enterprise)

79. Data integration services contract for finance body

80. Framework of agile business analysts

81. Framework of following tech services providers: software designers, implementation, cloud, ERP, IT, strategy, architecture, data, change mgmt, training, business process, automation & similar

82. Street lighting management system contract required by council

83. Managed IT support & service desk contract for company

84. IT internal refurbishment contract for NHS body

85. Intruder detection system contract

We list tenders here from the past month as most tenders have a four-week submittal deadline.