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** TOMORROW ** WEDNESDAY APRIL 8TH - Urbano London networking lunch*
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A chance to say hello to members from across the country, share a cup of java and judge who has the best home workstation

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THURSDAY  APRIL 23rd - URBANO BUILD/UWACTE ZERO CARBON PROGRAMME ONLINE EVENT Guest presenter: DEBORAH PULLEN, MBE, Director of BRE Trust (on materials, life-cycle analysis and collaboration across supply chains)

Free & exclusive online networking event for representatives of Urbano Member

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Wednesday April 8th - Government and bank funding and how to access it
(Evoke Management)

Thursday April 9th - Looking After Your Employees During The Crisis
(Culture Consultancy)

Thursday April 16th - Ensure Your Communications Infuse Positivity To Your Team
(Culture Consultancy)

Tuesday April 21st - Going green with your ISA
(EQ Investors)

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1. Framework of architects, contractors and fit-out suppliers for school for design and construction of school

2. Groundworks and water infrastructure engineering and construction works - for fish passage project

3. Framework of the following services suppliers for council: fire risk surveys, fire door inspections, inspection of dry and wet risers, fire extinguishers, smoke vents, sprinkler, compartation & similar

4. Mechanical electrical services, heating system installation and maintenance contract for school constrcution programme

5. NHS Trust requires drawings of its gas pipelines

6. Demolition of old greenhouse and construction of new one for organisation

7. Framework of fire alarm inspection and maintenance services contractors for NHS Trust

8. Framework of those providing lifting equipment inspections, exhaust ventiation systems and pressure systems

9. Arboricultural services contract for housing body

10. Footpath construction contract for council

11. Clerk of works and M&E contracts for council

12. Framework of solar panel providers, installers and related services

13. Building refurbishment contract in partition walls and ceilings

14. Framework of civil engineers, traffic services, drainage works suppliers, landscape service suppliers, electrical works suppliers, designers contract for infrastructure body

15. Design and refurbishment of play areas contract

16. Framework of contractors to design and build care home

17. Play area construction contract for council

18. Heritage consultant/contractor for construction project

19. Surveying control network required for construction project

20. Access control and minor works contract for school build project

21. Air conditioning design, manufacture, supply contract for energy body

22. Framework of those providing services around design, installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems & associated fire safety works

23. Contractor required to carry out roof works on school

24. Residential extension construction contract

25. Roof works contract for school

26. Contract to install sprinkler system

27. Authorising engineer - LV & HV - required by NHS body

28. Framework of materials suppliers contract for housing organisation - pre-market engagement

29. Lighting, rewiring services contractor required by council

30. Framework (in sub-lots) for following for hospital: soft FM, cleaning, security, waste logistics, reception, window cleaning and guttering, grounds works, laundry services contracts

31. Consultant required to provide sustainability and policy advice to local plan

32. Roof works contract for university

33. Water hygiene management works and systems consultancy contract for NHS body

34. Framework for following services providers: mechanical electrical services, conservation and minor works contractors

35. Call for innovative ways to create new or remodel existing tunnels by infrastructure body

36. Framework of following services suppliers: estates maintenance, minor works, M&E, security, cleaning

37. Framework of specialists in following areas for infrastructure body: civil engineers, structural steelwork, signage, drain specialists, remote monitoring, asbestos, principal contractors, fencing, barriers, landscaping, ecology, electrical works, tunneling, CCTV, environmental monitoring, design, stakeholder engagement, collaboration, communications, technical surveys, & similar

38. Water and environmental consultancy contract for utility body

39. Alarms maintenance contract for council

40. Framework of principle designer services providers for university

41. Framework of fire alarm installers and maintenance contracts for NHS body

42. Main contractor for construction of new science centre

43. Framework of film production companies able to support large summer event with interviews and similar inc social media films

44. Writer/editor required for STEM education project (includes interviewing)

45. Council requires consultancy able to deliver financial modelling and strategic advice around infrastructure projects

46. RICs accreditated surveying company required for council property valuation projects inc residential and commercial and asset mgmt

47. Saas ERP provider required for organisation inc finance, HR, payroll, etc

48. University requires consultancy to provide commercialisation support services including using IP to create opportunities

49. Opportunity to become a supplier/partner with business growth organisation delivering UK Govt contracts, esp helping self-employed

50. Opportunity for disability trainer to deliver sessions for managers remotely

51. Framework of learning services providers inc bespoke training, development, professional courses & similar

52. Leadership programme contracts with organisation assisting development of public sector leaders/managers

53. Graduate internship programme delivery for engineering and pharmacuetical sector graduates at for university

54. Leadership apprenticeship services contract for government department

55. Sound meters required by organisation

56. Organisation seeks a web-based GDPR training tool

57. Engagement call for visualisation software engagement solution/innovation providers

58. Data digitization and extraction services contract for large organisation


1. Fire alarms maintenance and installation contract for council

2. Construction contract for depot works

3. Planning consults required for project

4. Construction works for council residential properties inc balconies and walkways, paintwork, electrics etc

5. Structural investigation of subway required

6. Design and build of skatepark contract

7. Extension works contract for council

8. Beach chalet refurbishments contract for council

9. Sewage/tunnel construction project tender

10. Supply and installation of door entry systems, access control & CCTV contract

11. Logistics contract required for residential construction project

12. Roof works and roof light works for school

13. Christmas lights design and installation contract

14. Framework of roofing works contractors

15. School roof works contract

16. Electrical and mechanical works for various schools inc heating (2)

17. School roofing works contracts (2)

18. Site cleaning and toxic waste services contract for organisation

19. Contract to build new youth centre

20. Toilet and wash facilities cabins for construction sites

21. Electric cremators installation specialists contract

22. Residential council properties construction and refurbishment contracts

23. Extension construction contract

24. School roof works contract

25. Framework of construction related services suppliers inc cost planning, contract mgmt, claims assessment, project management, programme control services for rail sector

26.PIN ahead of tenders for council's care homes projects inc new build, design and refurbishment

27. Rating assessment services supplier sought by council

28. Fire safety works PIN for housing body

29. Soft landscape management services tenders for council

30. Framework of construction and technical services suppliers inc QS, commercial management, planning, project estimators, project management, specialist services, planning service providers

31. Property redevelopment manager required for office re-development

32. Tenders invited for council's housing repairs and redecoration programme

33. Council invites tenders to install and run EV hub

34. Boiler replacement works at council building

35. Contractors for major housing works programme inc replacing kitchens & bathrooms, electricals etc

36. Framework for electrical, mechanical, minor works, and major works service suppliers contract for NHS body

37. Building cleaning services contract for council

38. Programme management tender to deliver theatre/arts programme for young people

39. PR agency required by agricultural organisation to deliver programme in MIddle East

39A. Tender to develop & deliver a communcations strategy with council residents to inform them of local electric vehicle charge-points47. Framework of market research & market intelligence services suppliers (numerous lots) inc employee engagement, brand reputation, political, PR, retail, consumers, online survey tools, panels etc

40. Life assurance brokerage contract for organisation

41. Insurance broker services contract for university

42. Organisation wishes to commission review into architects's skills and regulatatory effectiveness

43. Organisation wishes to undertake review into its aligment with equality regulations inc reputational risk and legals

44. Contract to run citizen panel for organisation

45. Market research and health research contract into food production & farming

46. Organisation wishes to commission consultancy/agency to develop an aquaculture strategy inc stakeholder engagement,

47. Framework of market research & market intelligence services suppliers (numerous lots) inc employee engagement, brand reputation, political, PR, retail, consumers, online survey tools, panels etc

48. Framework of labour suppliers for rail sector - pre-market engagement

49. Travel platform required by UK organisation so workers can access risk and security advice inc travel bookings & insurance

50. CRM required by college

51. Staff rostering software supply contract for organisation

52. Opportunities to supply health and social care apps to NHS inc medtech applications acxross all clinical areas inc Covid-19

53. Finance software licensing and support contract for organisation; also includes training, advice and maintenance


1. Contract to undertake insulation works on various timber framed properties

2. Framework of contractors for care home construction project

3. Framework of spatial planners inc suppliers (online) event

4. Contract to provide property repairs and maintenance works to town council

5. Council requires following fire management services across its properties (separate lots): fire risk assessments, fire door inspections, fire extinguisher servicing; smoke vents, sprinklers, compartmentation surveys

6. Contract to design and build sewage treatment facility

7. Contract to test, validate, verify ETCS Equipment for rail body

8. Tender to supply following services to council inc (separate lots): legionella testing, heating & cooling, planned preventative maintenance

9. Studio construction fit-out works contract

10. Main Contractor required for listed venue fit-out works

11. Clerk of works & M&E clerk of works contracts for council projects

12. Framework of gas heating system & boiler system contractors for council

13. Contractor required to supply high/low voltage equipment maintenance, inspection and testing services

14. Consultant required to start a capacity building process for community network and regeneration programme

15. Asbestos removal/remediation works contract

16. Development partner offering design, build and financing of hospital entrance inc retail advisor

17. Woodland management contract for council

18. NHS Trust requires contractor to undertake refurbishment and conversion works

19. Contract to provide various works for housing body inc mains replacement and rewire of flats, door entry system installation and sprinklers

20. Engineering inspections - lifts, hoists and other disability conversations - contract for housing body

21. Framework for seating suppliers inc office chairs and similar

22. Internal and external refurbishment contract for overnight accomodation building inc DDA works

23. Roofing replacement contracts for national housing group

24. Repair and maintenance services contract for council's housing

25. Research contract to investigate protected habitat/SPA area

26. Fish passage contract for council

27. Commercial property investment advisor required by group

28. Condition surveys for colleges required

29. Two lots of works for school inc roofing, decoration, internal works, pipework, boiler and heater works & similar

30. Framework of property services suppliers: quantity surveyors, commercial managers, project managers, planning,

31. Town requires a town investment plan to support fund bid - suit multi-disciplinary or consultancy

32. Medical insurance provision contract for organisation

33. Insurance services contract for university

34. Framework of debt management services suppliers inc litigation, collection, analytics and others

35. Council requires consultancy to provide Rating Assessment and Associated Services

36. Fund monitoring and evaluation contract for government department's funded projects

37. Framework of language services providers inc translation, interpretation (inc video & telephone), transcription

38. Framework of valuation services suppliers

39. Soft FM contracts for council (separate lots): grounds maintenance, cleaning, security

40. Consultancy required to design programme of creative engagement with stakeholders to shape town plan

41. Contract to undertake research into food and drink consumer market inc price and income relationships affecting consumption

42. Investment/feasability study required into leveraging local heritage and other assets

43. Consultancy required to undertake research into futurure sustainable business and economic models

44. Framework of consultants who offer Impact Assessment Services inc climate change, transport, green infrastructure & similar

45. Recruitment advertising services contract for council

46. Provider of LEAN training required for government project

47. Consultants - in research, business planning & engagement - required to help develop a town's strategic partnership for culture

48. Staff survey required by council

49. Consultancy required to design and deliver events and training for hertigae project in parks

50. Framework for avaiation security training services providers

51. Legal case management software supply contract for council

52. Council engaging with suppliers as it looks to replace its Oracle e-Business Suite ERP system

53. IT managed services contract for NHS body

54. Patient management software supply PIN for NHS body

55. Mobile network services contract with rail company

56. Housing rents software contract for council

57. Framework of following tech services supplier: Electronic payments and kitchen management systems

58. Staff rostering software contract for organisation

59. Digital wellness platform to help staff track their activities and issues like anxiety required by govt department

60. Network and telephony platform required by organisation


1. Contract to install pre-manufactured modular classrooms

2. Contractor for regeneration project inc demolition of existing buildings, residential and commercial new builds (£5M+)

3. Door replacement contract for council tower block (500+ doors)

4. Engineering and construction contract to create deep bore soakaway

5. Lighting and emergency lighting replacement contract

6. Scaffolding supply contract for on-going construction project

7. Venue redevelopment project construction contracts (separate lots): seating, staging, lighting/AV (state which to be sent)

8. Industrial estate refurbishment contract inc converting lighting to LED, fencing, clearance and signage

9. Design and construction of apartment block inc hard and soft landscaping, parking etc

10. Repair and redecoration of windows at listed school

11. Gallery internal works and fit out contract

12. Construction contract for listed medieval buildings inc refurbishment and conservation

13. Framework of waste services contractors inc collection and disposal of various waste categories: green, hazardous, liquids, oils, wood, rubble, furniture, recyclables

14. Construction contract to create youth centre

15. Fire alarm system installations contract for council properties

16. Consultant contract to undertake site surveys and submit feasibility for construction report

17. Refurbishment works for school contract (£2M+)

18. Civil engineering cost consultancy with road expertise required for auditing report (2 lots)

19. Framework of contractors for design and construction of school project

20. Design consultant required to help scope and develop national design codes on new developments

21. Ventilation, heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair contract

22. Clerk of works and M&E clerk of works contracts

23. Office move project manager contract

24. Framework of experts in neighborhood planning to provide consultancy services to council

25. Project management services required for design & build project

26. Quantity survey contract for venue development

27. Main contractor for university construction project

28. Kitchen units and accessory supply and installations contract for organisation

29. Framework of specialist technical engineering safety consultancies for nuclear body

30. Contract to install Heat Network for council

31. Contract to survey council tower blocks

32. Contract to provide property development management services

33. Framework of design and build contractors for water infrastructure and other projects

34. Opportunities for consultants to provide various services to council: assess potential development options and areas, transport impact assessment and modelling,

35. Waste tservices suppliers - open day with council ahead of tenders

36. Framework of various DDA works inc residential property adaptations, shower and ramp installations

37. Framework of various building materials and equipment supplies inc flooring, electrical, plumbing, insulation, plant,

38. Body seeks consultant to commisson various delivery plans for various small towns inc economic, environmental and social development

39. Various lots around renewable technology & services for housing body inc solar, air conditioning, MVHR, boilders, heating, heat pumps and similar

40. QS contract for venue exhibition project

41. Public affairs consultancy required for large regeneration project

42. Museum requires audience research

43. Field acquisition supplier required for youth programme

44. Organisation required to run business loans fund

45. Contract to provide insurance services to university

No tenders this week

46. Contract to research how to create succesful communities

47. Council requires real estate sales and marketing agency for housing development

48. Framework of providers offering the following services: on-site and off-site transcription for courts and police

49. Organisation required to run creative and digital growth programme inc workspace, business support and skills development

50. Environmental health training contract

51. Contract to undertake survey on behalf of organisation to study links between them and schools

52. Framework of property management services companies inc estate mgmt, disposals & acquistions, development planning, rates appeals and similar

53. Cleaning services contract for schools group

54. Offiste storage required for literature resources on behalf of public body

55. Qualitative research services for survey contract for student body

56. Framework of HR services providers inc supplier webinar: HR, HR management, occupational health, recruitment and learning services

57. Contract to research human behaviour study into making healthy lifestyle choices

58. Framework of companies offering employment skills training and related services

59. Schools' governors recruitment contract

60. Schools governor boards capability assessment contracts

61. Transport organisation wishes to find innovative solutions counter driver fatigue

62. Framework of CCTV services providers for council

63. Lighting and sound system supply and installation contract for school

64. Domain management contract for organisation

65. Festoon lighting supply and installation contract for council

66. Financial management software supply contract - PIN

67. E-learning software (medical sector) supply and hosting contract

68. Server technology services contract for university

69. IT managed service contract for NHS body inc hardware replacement, wi-fi service mgmt, software upgrades and migration etc

70. Staff rostering software contract for housing group

71. CMS system supply contract for council inc back office workflow system

72. Finance organisation requires searchable information platform

73. Case management software contract for council

74. Venue requires support for its MS Navision retail system

75. Grant management software contract for council

76. ICT support services contract for school

77. Control to install Salto access control system equipment

78. Venue requires agency to design/develop immersive experiences

79. Organisation requires CRM solution and IT service management tool inc FM and admin functions

80. Web based examination portal development PIN for university

81. Housing management system supply contract for council

82. Student attendance management system required by university


1. Contractor required for school roof works

2. Framework of solar panels supplies, installers and related services

3. Cost consultancy contract for rail project

4. Roof works and insulation contract for housing body

5. Cost analysis services contract for council's new build housing projects

6. Council requires property asset condition survey

7. Beach chalets refurbishment contract

8. Building and groundworks contract for cemetery

9. Decoration and anti-graffiti works for university

10. Wireless temperature and environmental monitoring technology contract

11. Property maintenance tenders for various services with social housing provider (separate lots): repairs, water safety, fire safety, electrical safety inc maintenance, gas safety, asbestos

12. Groundworks and sports facility construction contract for council

13. Tender for decorating and cleaning contract for council's properties

14. Refurbishment of lecture theatre

15. Mortuary extension, refurbishment, construction contract

16. Design & build for venue entrance

17. Landscaping works - hard and soft -contract for council project

18. Supplier day ahead of council tender for waste transfer and treatment services

19. Refurbishment contract to create office space

20. Furniture supply and installation contract for university

21. Modular building resiting and works contract for school

22. Supplier day ahead of organisation's tenders to enhance workplace/occupancy at its office space esp proptech solutions on efficiency

23. Framework of the following construction related services for housing group (separate lots): architects, employers agents

24. Electrical and mechanical works contract for council's schools (2 x lots)

25. Medical theatre construction contract for hospital

26. Consultation for EV charging services providers for government department

27. Fire door surveys contract for hospital

28. Renewable technologies supply and installation contract for housing body

29. Refurbishment of offices contract inc desk spaces, lighting, flooring etc

30. Structural engineering and maintenance services tenders for utility body's assets

31. Construction contract for housing development

32. Construction and installation contract for data technology centre

33. Contract to convert office building into training facility

34. Property developer services contract for regeneration contract

35. Lead designer required for venue building redesign

36. Framework of tree maintenance services suppliers

37. Engineering and infrastructure inspections contract for infrastructure body

38. Estate regeneration project offering opportunities for those offering the following services: planning, development, management, sales & marketing services

39. Construction consultancy services supplier required by organisation

40. Architectural and design consultancy opportunities in rail inc supplier day

41. Modular related buildings supply and services PIN for NHS (multiple lots)

42. Contract to redevelop exisiting building into residential units

43. Web re-development contract

44. Agency required to help create campaign for brand launch

45. Regulator requires content and technical developers to create e-learning course

46. Organisation requires creative partner to help design and produce learnig programme for schools history programme

47. Event management agency required to deliver family fun days

48. Blog writing and editing services for science-based articles project

49. Branding and marketing agency required for brand positioning campaign

50. Media planning and buying contract for university

51. Framework of digital marketing services suppliers for organisation

52. Framework of video production services suppliers

53. Venue invites creatives to submit ideas for magazine (also in digital format) inc content, design, etc

54. Museum requires digitisation of its photographic collection

55. Replica dinosaurs - construction and installation - tender

56. Costs lawyer required by organisation

57. Insurance services contract for college

58. Insurance services tender with council

No tenders this week

59. Museum requires evaluation on its historice programme and role in developing strategic partnerships

60. Council seeks sports sponsorship funding consultancy

61. Consultancy required to help support its strategy and promotion of its services inc stakeholder mapping and enggagement inc funding strategy

62. Facilities management contract for housing body

63. Qualititative research services contract for environmental body

64. Cleaning contracts with schools, colleges etc (multiple tenders)

65. Framework for legal services suppliers contract for organisation (separate lots): employment, civil litigation, property, personal injury, procurement/contract, governance, disputes

66. Apprenticeship consultancy required by organisation

67. Councils require trainer to deliver public service apprenticeship courses to new staff

68. Recruitment advertising partner required by housing group to develop its brand

69. Organisation requires leadership/management programme

70. Employee assistance programme services PIN for organisation inc supplier day

71. Council venue requires AV equipment supply and installation and webcasting equipment

72. Access control system/automatic security gates required by fire body

73. NHS Trust require Cisco network technology supply and install

74. Cisco network equipment required by council

75. Framework of companies who supply document digitising and other data migration/storage services for large project inc supplier day

76. IT infrastructure installation tender for school

77. Pre tender engagement for firms who can migrate or replace SAP data system for council (SAP ECC6 )

78. Housing software system supply contract for council

79. IT, data, connectivity and related services suppliers for government conference - market engagement

80. Framework of AV equipment , installers and other services for universities

81. ICT support services contract for school

82. New offsite data centre contract for NHS body - pre tender engagement

83. Alarm maintenance contract for council

84. Cloud-based energy trading system tender

85. Framework of IT related services providers (separate lots): cloud hosting, cyber security, disaster recovery, data warehousing, networking, staorage and similar

86. ICT managed services contract for school

87. Legal case management software supply contract for council

88. Recruitment software supply PIN for organisation

89. Planning/regulation casework management software for council - pre tender engagement


1. Construction and fit out services contract for laboratory

2. DDA compliance works for council's residential property

3. Fencing and gates installation contract for council

4. Redecorations contract for council's properties

5. Design & Build contractor required for new college building

6. Lighting replacement contract for council

7. Roof works contract for housing body

8. Fit out services for office contract for organisation

9. Construction works on churches contract

10. Electrical and water infrastructure works contract (outdoor)

11. Electrical infrastructure (power plant) construction and engineering contract

12. Minor works and roof works contract for schools

13. Framework of subcontractors for housing group

14. Contractor for kitchen and bathroom replacements programme for council

15. Lightning protection and chimney inspections contract

16. Contract to investigate positive role of seas in climate change inc economic case

17. Monument refurbishment contract

18. Roof works and related works contract for village hall

19. Framework of the following for housing group: property planners, developers, construction management and new estates marketing/sales

20. Construction development contract for estate development inc mix of residential and commercial buildings - £15+

21. Ceiling installation contract for university

22. Lighting rewiring and replacement contract for council properties

23. Ecosystem and biodiversity contractor required for lake restoration

24. Consultant required to advise on new sports facilities construction including lighting, noise, traffic/parking etc

25. Sustainability consultancy required to advise on making events sustainable

26. Ahead of tender tro track land use against greenhouse gas emissions, government department hosting supplier day

27. Grounds maintenance contract for university

28. Design & Build contract for new residential development

29. Framework of archeologists contract for housing body

30. Framework of sustainability consultants for housing group

31. Framework of arboriculture services suppliers

32. Communications and marketing strategy consultant and services provider for health organisation

33. Digital advertising services contract for university

34. Design and build contract for exhibition stand

35. Public art competition facilitation contract with housing developer

36. Media (online and offline) buying and advertising services contract for housing group

37. Web development contract for venue

37A. Museum requires animation/film projection for exhibition

38. Payment services contract inc supplier days for those offering innovation in Fintech

39. Insurance and related services contract for council

40. Catering services tender for new college inc events

41. Cafe concession contract for council inc catering for hirers

42. Cleaning contracts for schools, colleges, organisations etc (numerous lots)

43. Framework of suppliers of security services (separate lots( inc CCTV, fencing, guarding, alarms, crowd management contract for council

44. Economic, environmental, social research and evaluation contract around scrap metal

45. Regulator requires specialist advisor to review revenues and expenditure on airport

46. PRS enforcement consultancy contract for government department

47. Consultancy required to deliver evidence study on UK's net zero carbon targets inc offsetting, approaches etc

48. Review required on board capabilities in FE sector

49. Framework of legal service suppliers contract (separate lots): contract, procurement., commercial, disputes, civil litigation, personal injury, property, employment, governance

50. Hard and soft FM contracts for housing/care group

51. Researcher services contract for museum into potential digital partners (suit small supplier)

52. Organisation sought to deliver business support access into exporting into overseas markets for UK companies

53. Framework of evaluation & research research providers (separate lots): policy, process, modelling/data, economic,

54. Business support services contract for council (separate lots) inc growth, new businesses and other advice

55. Internal audit contract for organisation

56. Heritage organisation requires consultancies to help support and deliver programme around urbano heritage assets

57. Large organisation requires travel booking services (£50M+)

58. Economic evaluation and monitoring contract on government's international funded projects

59. Framework of customer research services providers for organisation

60. Employee benefits services provider required by organisation

61. Learning & development training provider required for graduate programme

62. Security clearance of candidates required by organisation

63. Diversity leadership course (design & delivery) for senior executives required by governmental body

64. IT support services contract for school

65. Schools group requires immunisation management system/platform

66. Fire alarm maintenance contract for organisation

67. Applicant tracking system required by organsation

68. Telecoms/property expert required to advise council on maximising yields from mobile on its rooftops

69. Museum requires consultancy to help deliver a digital legacy on how UK marked WW1 centenary

70. CCTV services contract for council inc site/supplier day

71. Organisation requires telephony solution to integrate with Salesforce

72. Video and audio playback technology supply contract for government body

73. Framework of suppliers offering Digital eDisclosure services - pre-market engagement ahead of tender

74. Peer mentoring system delivered as a Saas service required by university

We list tenders here from the past month as most tenders have a four-week submittal deadline.