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FRIDAY JULY 17TH - URBANO MEMBERS QUIZ NIGHT, HOSTED BY EMMA PARKER OF COUTOURS Free and exclusive for members of Urbano. Fun starts at 5pm.

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THURSDAY AUGUST 13TH - #urbanoengage Speaker Panel Event with Rift Group
Join Mark & Julie Barry of Rift to find out how to get refunds on expenditure using R&D tax credits. FREE EVENT.

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22.07.20 Financial planning in uncertain times (EQ Investors)

29.07.20 Digital systems & transformation (Nucco Brain)

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1. Service and maintenance of automatic doors contract for council properties

2. Framework of construction consultants including civil/structural engineering, real estate, environmental/energy management, surveying, inspection, health and safety, QS, topographical, site services contract for council

3. Archeological services contract for project

4. Lift maintenance contract for organisation - PIN

5. Cinema refurbishment tender

6. Employers Agent required for construction project

7. Refurbishment contract for housing body property inc doors, windows and decoration

8. School construction contract

9. Hard landscaping opportunity for construction project

10. Fire alarm replacement contract for housing group's apartments

11. Security door installation contract for council

12. Roofing and cladding contract for council

13. Employers agent /cost consultant contract

14. Contaminated soil removal contract

15. Furniture supply and installation contract for housing body (separate lots): medical, communal areas inc reception/lounges/dining, bedrooms and garden (sustainable specified)

16. Fire door supply and installation contract for housing body

17. Fire doors installation contract for council

18. Mechanical, electrical, maintenance contract for college

19. Contractor required to design and construct an energy recovery facility (£600M+)

20. Architectural metalworking contract

21. Framework of all construction service suppliers (currently unspecified) for education sector inc engagement events/PIN phase

22. Development partner required for mixed use and residential project

23. Contractor to redevelop contract for council accomodation inc house, apartments and bedsits

24. Development partner sought for project inc residential and commercial areas

25. Generator and HVAC services contract for event

26. Fire and alarm maintenance service contract for housing body

27. Framework of contractors and construction companies with lots from from sub 0.5M inc new housing, schools, general building works

28. Transport lighting supply contract for organisation inc potential suppliers day

29. Framework of those offering emergency electrical emergency responses, repair, and minor works

30. tender to undertake electrical testing contract for NHS body

31. Timber products and fencing supply (various lots) for large organisation

32. Framework of grounds maintenance service suppliers contract for organisation

33. PIN for Project and cost management suppliers in construction inc suppliers day

34. PIN ahead of framework demolition services suppliers

35. Framework of emergency decontamination service suppliers PIN for government department inc nuclear, radiation etc

35A. Construction contract inc refurbishment of accomodation, ofice space, bathrooms, kitchen and other rooms at hospital

36. Social media content agency required by organisation inc viral video

37. Framework of graphic designers, artworkers, visual creatives for organisation

38. PR agency contract (financial sector)

39. Framework of marketing agency agencies PIN for housing body

40. Contract to design and develop website and CMS for housing group (£2M)

41. Web traffic monitoring services contract for media group

42. Contract to supply actuary services to organisation

43. Auditor contract for public body

44. Auditor contract for housing group

45. Various insurance contracts inc indemnity, property, liability etc

46. Audit contract for university

47. Internal and external audits for housing body - pre market engagement

48. Events management/production contract for council

49. Town planning consultancy contract for council

50. Project evaluation contract for council

51. Contract to deliver election of governing body for NHS body

52. Consultancy required to deliver zero carbon report for council inc recommendations to achieve 2030 targets

53. Transportation infrastructure consultation and engagement contract for organisation

54. Regulatory body seeks review of governance effectiveness and responsibilities

55. Consultancy required to undertake environmental audits on farms

56. Consultancy required to set out terms for evaluation of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) inc delivery and impact

57. Various cleaning contracts inc schools, office spaces etc

58. Framework of archeologists

59. Framework of those providing soft FM and cleaning services - pre engagement phase

60. Valution required of company and equity holding stake

61. Supplier sought to assist with housing cases - must be compliant with Modern Salvery Act, GDPR and BPSS clearance

62. Council requires the following research services (separate lots) to assist in areas of wellbeing & health : community intelligence around health, encourage participation in health programmes - supplier day

63. Framework of legal services (separate lots): HR, property, commercial, governance/regulation/students

64. Framework of legal services to support council team - inc governance, procurement, directorial duties, employment, commercial inc contentious/non-contentious

65. Framework of economic research/analysis/modelling etc service suppliers for housing body

66. Framework of asset finance/leasing/loan finance/advisory services suppliers - market engagement phase

67. Environmental consultancy for transport body inc EIA and other technical assessments,

68. ICT skills training contract for council's employees - PIN

69. Digital and technical skills training PIN for government department inc supplier day

70. Consultant on event management and virtual conferences required by venue to shape future tender

71. Room booking system required by council

72. CRM and events management system required by organisation

73. SEO services required by organisation for marketing campaign

74. HR management system required by university

75. Organisation requires development of contact centre platform - £5M

76. Organisation (energy sector) requires consultancy to work with different groups to create new technical documents and guidelines

77. Case management system contract for council

78. Building safety and security system supply contracts for housing body (different lots): fire alarms, door entry tech, warden call system, CCTV

79. Council requires property and land case management system

80. Market engagement ahead of council tender for print & mail digitisation management system tender by council


1. Residential housing construction contracts

2. Contractor required for refurbishment contract for office workspace inc clean energy, wellbeing, low carbon

3. Multi-Disciplinary consultancy required for town centre regeneration project

4. Ventilation system supply and installation contract for school

5. Floor replacement (carpet/vinyl) contract for council

6. Windows and doors material supply and installation contract for council (lots inc timber/UPVC etc)

7. Contractor required to service and maintain automatic doors

8. Construction contract for wall works for housing body

9. Development partner required by council on mixed use project

10. Balcony replacement project contract

11. Construction contract to convert existing Grade II building to residential accomodation

12. Garden wall repairs contract

13. Interior refurbishment contract for council property inc environmental improvements (water/LED lighting/other prop tech)

14. Employer's Agent/CDM/cost consultant required for project

15. Contract to undertake lightning protection certification and maintenance for council properties

16. Facilities repair contract - door canopies - for housing association

17. Windows/brickwork and doors contractor required by council for construction project

18. Glazing specialist for noise insulation project

19. Waterproofing and related works on car park

20. School construction and reconfiguration contract

21. Architectural/landscape architect/design team required for park redevelopment

22. Framework of various disciplines and services on infrastructure project inc track, tunnels, power, communications, M&E etc

23. Roofing works contract (depots)

24. Electrical/ fire safety upgrade works

25. Contract to investigate reducing risks associated with rail electrification for infrastructure body

26. Refurbishment contract for council property

27. Construction and alteration contract for school

28. Major refurbishment works to large office block

29. LED street lighting upgrade required

30. Framework of tree surgeons and other aboricultural works

31. Mechanical and electrical systems works contract for transport body

32. Various lots for councils grass, hedge cutting and other green area works requirements (different lots)

33. Wayfinding design and management for major project

34. Asbestos services contract for council

35. Framework of following building service suppliers: adaptions, aids, wet rooms and similar

36. M&E services contract for college

37. Coast/flood risk management consultancy required by council

38. Electrical testing and remedial works contract for council's properties

39. Framework of utilities consultants with housing group

40. Asbestos consultant contract for council surveys

41. Framework of minor works providers contract for organisation - PIN and supplier day

42. Civil engineering PIN ahead of rail sector tenders

43. Digital marketing contract inc SEO, pay per click, backlinks & strategy

44. SEO and other marketing services consultancy contract

45. Digital conference/events organiser contract for digital event

46. University seeks media buying services agency

47. Website development tender for organisation

47A. Designers/visual creatives needed by medical organisation

48. Funds management services contract for university

49. Framework of insurance services providers

50. Debt and related services providers framework - market engagement phase

51. Framework of legal service suppliers including commercial, property, HR, students and governance contract for university

52. Framework of international trade law experts inc negotiations

53. Framework of following services providers: empty property cleaning and clearing, security, property management

54. Window cleaning contract for housing body inc abseil

55. Cleaning contract for school

56. Pollution investigation contract (water)

57. Cleaning services contract for schools group

58. FM services, M&E, building fabric works/asset mmgmt providers incited to tender for contracts for company

59. Office cleaning contract for council properties

60. Contract to investigate industrial fund success and impact

61. Estates management PIN for NHS properties inc PPM, energy mgmt, minor works

62. Framework agreement for those offering asset finance/leasing and loan finance and leasing advisory services - engagement phase

63. Framework of agri property valuation services providers PIN phase

64. Framework of legal service suppliers including housing law, governance law, financial law, construction law, HR law contract for housing organisation

65. Recruitment services contract for council

66. Framework of employee benefits scheme operators contract for council

67. Equality/diversity consultancy required to review HR policies for organisation

68. Framework of consumer research services (energy sector)

69. Organisation required to deliver programme including pre-employment training, internships, skills training, support for freelancers and manage space for such activities

70. International student recruitment contract for university

71. Agency recruitment contract for organisation

72. Framework of bulk scanning services, storage and software suppliers for council

73. Office machinery and equipment approved supplier list for NHS body

74. Supply of Cisco switches for LAN

75. Contactless payment devices/solution for venue

76. Company required to design and install access control system for venue

77. Ticketing software solution for bridge

78. IT support contract for school

79. Database management services contract - renewable energy projects and related services - inc supplier day

80. Atmosphere Analysers supply contract

81. Contracts (separate lots but may be joined) to deliver fire alarm, security systems amd CCTV/control system maintenance

82. Design contest and testing from those supplying innovations in: IOT, acoustic sensing, Big Data, data analytics, smart cameras, and smilar tech for rail sector

83. Framework of services and suppliers offering maintenance of following: access system, CCTV, door entry, powered gates, barriers

84. Data and database management software services contract for organisation

85. Housing mnagement and finance software required by housing body


1. Framework of window manufacturers and installers for council

2. Council requires QS consultants for various projects

3. Air monitoring specialists and related services contract for organisation

4. Building extension (timber frame) contract

5. Modular building construction contracts - manufacture and installation - for housing body

6. Framework of window blinds suppliers for university

7. Framework of timber fire doors suppliers and installers

8. Windows replacement, door installation, wall works contract for council

9. Framework of construction services providers (separate lots): commercial mgrs, QS, project estimators, project mgmt, risk mgmt, scheduling and similar

10. Bridge construction contract for council

11. PIN - lifts and related specialist contractors ahead of tender with housing group

12. Contractor required for amenity upgrade inc interiors inc reduced water usage toilets, LED lighting

13. Contract to replace school heating system

14. Various school construction projects/lots inc project management, roofing, sports lighting, track development, roofing, window replacement, water supply, HEAC removal, fire escape, extensions, refurbishment of data room, fire safety works, accessibility works

15. Managing agent contract for housing group inc property acquisition, landlord services etc

16. Framework of electrical & installation works contractors

17. Construction contract at cemetery

18. Steel frame construction contract

19. Employers' agent required for appraisal of council property options

20. Playground equipment supply and installation contract for council

21. Minor repairs and decorations contract for organisation

22. Residential construction contracts for council inc housing (2 & 5 properties) , landscaping & services

23. Construction and engineering services contract for infrastructure body (£200M+)

24. Design team tender for redevelopment project

25. Contractor required to undertake disabled adaptions across council property

26. Refurbishment works contract on estate (£15M+)

27. Design and build contract of a zero carbon residential apartment development project

28. Framework of architectural services providers (separate lots by budget), fit-out and heritage/conservation lots

29. Framework of property related service providers inc principle designer, designers, infrastructre and commercial building designers, project mgmt, QS, employers agents, contract administrators,

30. Framework of MEP, conservation and minor works services suppliers

31. Framework of the following services suppliers: M&E (inc air conditioning, alarms, PA, plumbing, CCTV, lighting etc), internal works, external works, civils (inc street furniture, landscaping) for development body

32. Main contractor required for housing development project (30+ units)

33. Public realm works and maintenance contracts for council project

34. MEP contractor required to provide testing and maintenance services for schools group

35. Property development company required to partner with council on its opportunities

36. Design & Build contract for schools development - engagement phase

37. Development partner required for mixed use development inc school and residential

38. Framework of right of light service suppliers

39. Grounds investigation services providers for infrstructure body contracts - engagement phase inc technical & registration

39A. Heritage consultancy contract for large construction project

39B. Design, supply, installation of reinstatement works contract for organisation

40. Marcoms agencies framework inc digital media & buying, SEO for charity

41. Tender to manage outdoor events for council

42. Creative agency to work with organisation producing apps to find new audiences

43. Gallery seeks designer to lead refurbishment of its visitor spaces

44. Framework of various media services providers inc: media planning, buying, digital. Includes supplier days throughout summer.

45. Payments support and payroll contract for council

46. Insurance contract for housing body

47. External audit contract for organisation

48. Income insurance required by organisation

49. Medical insurance required by organisation

50. Property insurance excluding broker contract for council

51. Framework of various financial service providers inc banking, fintech, DD payments, open banking, suppy chain finance providers, investment advisors, income management services inc software, IVR, call masking

52. Council requires transport and urban planning consultants

53. Consultancy required to evaluate ERDF funded enterprise programme

54. Waste infrastructure expert to advise council consortia on waste management infrastructure set up

55. Framework of cleaning services providers - engagement phase (discussions invited)

56. Environmental research services contract on fishing and seafood supply

57. Project management consultancy required by rail body

58. Consultancy required to undertake investigation into icing on railways

59. Framework of waste management services providers inc secure waste, recycling

60. Health and safety products suppliers contract for organisation inc (separate lots) gas detectors, lone worker devices, breathing equipment

61. Fire safety & precaution works for NHS body

62. Clinical waste removal services contract for organisation

63. Radiation monitoring contract for NHS body

64. Waking watch fire warden service for housing body

65. Framework of employee benefits service suppliers contract for council

66. Leadership development programme contract for organisation

67. Survey of London businesses

68. Training and leadership development consultancy contract for organisation

68. Security services contract for NHS body inc personnel

69. Employee benefits services contract for organisation

70. Contract to deliver a range of training, coaching & support services to freelancers

71. Seconded/interim Director of Operations required by finance body to enable sustainable scaling

72. Employee benefits contract for organisation

73. Recruitment contract for organisation - permanent & temporary

74. Customer survey conduct contract for housing body

75. Framework of recruitment services providers for consortia

76. Framework of online recruiter service suppliers

77. Office supplies PIN for NHS body inc offic furniture

78. Framework of language service suppliers inc translation, transcription, video & telephone interpretation, audio-video to text & similar

79. Employee benefits services PIN for organisation

80. 4G/5G digital infrastructure contract with council

81. Alarm system supply contract for NHS body

82. Organisation needs computer back-up and support provider inc Office 365

83. Room booking hardware/software solution sought by council

84. Natural spaces body requires survey and advise on works for fibre on its land

85. Framework of network and telecom products and services suppliers

86. Fire alarm and CCTV maintenance services contract for university

87. Customer satisfaction survey platform development contract for housing body

88. Networking and telecoms - inc WAN/LAN, mobiles, fixed telephony etc - engagement with council invited ahead of tender

89. Alarm services PIN for NHS body


1. Pre tender engagement - heat waste programme call for ideas

2. Small building works contract with council

3. Pre tender modular construction contract for housing

4. Electric vehicle charging points supply and installation contract under self funding model

5. Construction contract for 20+ flats and houses

6. Roof and external decoration works contract for grade II town hall

7. Window replacement contract for town hall

8. Building Energy Management System (BEMS) contractor required for building

9. Loft conversion contract

10. Roofing, waterproofing, and cladding contract for 100+ council new build housing

11. Employers agent contract

12. Architectural metal works contract

13. Alteration, conversion, extension works contract for council

14. Bronze memorial panels refurbishment contract

15. Paving works contract for heritage body

16. Framework of construction and property services providers inc capital, developers, fit-out etc for organisation

17. Locker designer and supplier sought by venue

18. Framework of chair suppliers for dining and lounges

19. Noise management planning and monitoring company required by venue for planning and licensing etc

21. External works contract for grade II building

22. Lead designer needed for exhibition space at new attraction

23. Footbridge construction contract

24. School works construction contract

25. School construction works contract

26. Main contractor required for design and build of residential scheme (£10M)

27. Property development partner sought for projects on council land

28. Sewage installation contraction

29. Easte rewiring and other electrical works contract

30. Framework of contractors able to under council public realm work

31. New lock gates required by canal body

32. Arboricultural and habitat management services contract

33. Company required to survey and repair various council property door entry systems

34. Pitched roof replacement contracts for housing body

35. College refurbishment contract

36. Framework of air quality consultants

37. Framework of fire doors suppliers

38. Consultant required to design, offer cost and tender services and oversee fit-out contractor for project

39. Architect required for design changes to main office inc interior design

40. Framework of the following for council: project mgrs, QS, CDM, sructural engineers, M&E,, planning consultant

41. Framework of followign suppliers: water, waste water, metering, drainage, data mgmt, conservation, efficiency, audit, risk assesments, site surveys

42. Heating and technical consultancy with housing body

43. Bus stops and shelters supply and installation PIN for infrastructure body

44. Framework of new build works contractors

45. Company required to provide digital streaming and filming of music show

46. Online staff rewards platform required by organisatio

47. Insurance services contract for housing body

48. Audit services contract for housing body

49. Card acquiring services contract for university

50. Consultant required to undertake research on pensions and use of funds

51. Window cleaning services contract

52. Property valuation services contract - pre engagement

53. Upgrade to fire detention and consumer units across council housing portfolio

54. Contract to design and deliver business events

55. Stakeholder engagement and marketing services contract

56. Schools science engagement project inc events, digital etc

57. Internal audit services contract for schools body

58. Housing management/FM services provider required for housing

59. Authority requires supplier to monitor compliance, check procurement quotes, technical audit and building surveys inc M&E

60. Framework of legal services suppliers inc property, HR/employment law, corporate, debt

61. Evaluation and support services contract for fund management body

62. Research and consultancy on pension technologies

63. Framework of trade law specialists inc WTO rules, international trade disputes, negotiations,

64. Security services contract for NHS body

65. Customer services training for transport staff

66. Framework of security service suppliers for organisation

67. Roster of training providers for organisation inc bespoke training providers, learning and development for staff

68. Framework of security service suppliers PIN for housing body inc CCTV, alarms,

69. Bicycle supply and administration PIN for council bike hire scheme

70. Framework of security service suppliers PIN for housing body inc CCTV, patrols etc

71. Framework of digital service suppliers contract for media company inc web and app developers, AI, data, backend, UX, hosting, design & similar

72. Framework of IT services and products suppliers contract for NHS inc servers, medtech etc

73. Employer engagment platform required by organisation

74. HR and payroll services solution required by organisation

75. Framework of software developers for learning management software system

76. Data research contract on current and best practices for post 16 education

77. Framework of digitisation services providers inc film, photography, sound. 4k and documents

78. Software support renewal contract for organisation - Verint

79. Housing body wishes to engage with it around asset management systems and other tech

80. Engagement phase with transport body looking to share information with immersive technologies providers, data assets and similar inc webinar

81. Sales management and CRM system required by government department

82. Supply of telecommunication and data network technology for infrastructure project inc telecoms systems,

83. Recruitment/applicant tracking system required by council

84. CCTV installation and maintenance contract for university

85. RFI offsite data centres for NHS body

86. Framework of hardware and software suppliers inc laptops, AV, telephony equipment, software, mobiles, servers

87. Network support and upgrade services contract for council

88. PIN ahead of framework for those providing entry systems, CCTV, aerials, fire compliance services etc for housing group

89. Wealth modelling/credit information and spending required by financial body

90. Framework of cloud-based tendering/contract management software system

91. Enterprise data management solution sought by large organisation - engagement

We list tenders here from the past month as most tenders have a four-week submittal deadline.