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**NEXT EVENT ** THIS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16TH - URBANO BUILD NETWORKING EVENING for Digital Construction Show at Emirates Aviation Experience

Eight Members Club Bank

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 30TH - Urbano Media/Creatives Networking Evening
Century Club Soho

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH - Urbano Women In Business networking breakfast
Devonshire Club & Hote, City of London

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Tuesday October 15th - Business development masterclass & networking
(Sandler Training, London East)

Thursday October 17th - Understand your UK and international tax status
(Arram Berlyn Gardner)

Friday October 18th - Breakfast showcase for event organisers
(Church House Westminster)

Wednesday October 23rd - Creativity Within Regulations: Beat The Boring
(Nucco Brain)

Monday October 28th - Entrepreneurs networking evening
(The Modern Agency)

Wednesday October 30th - Going green with your money
(EQ Investors)

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For all those with Christmas parties to sort, Urbano offers a free venue finding service, whether you need a restaurant for Christmas lunch to a grand hall to host your swanky black-tie ball. Just email your requirements to Julia - type of event, preferred dates, location, number of people etc - to events@urbanonetwork.co.uk and she will do the rest).


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1. Archaeology services PIN for infrastructure body

2. Capital development PIN for NHS body

3. FM contract for organisation

4. Town centre masterplan and design tender for council

5. Construction contract for council

6. Road maintenance works contract for council

7. Demolition services contract for council

8. Wood products supply contract for council

9. Lighting supply contract for council

10. Construction contract for organisation

11. Construction contract for museum

12. Tree services supervisor contract for council

13. Construction protective equipment supply contract for organisation

14. Electrical works contract for organisation

15. Construction contract for council

16. Soft market testing contract for council

17. Hydraulic platform supply contract for organisation

18. Ornament restoration contract for council

19. Energy performance service supplier framework for council

20. Specialist waste and safety consultancy contract for NHS body

21. Staircase and roof works for car park contract for council

22. Heating and renewable related services contract for

23. Cinema construction contract for museum

24. Construction contract for museum

25. Roofing works contract for council

26. Grounds source heat pumps supply and installation contract for organisation

27. Lightning protection works contract for organisation

28. Heat and electricity production contract for commercial body

29. Groundwater analysis contract for council

30. Solar panels supply and installation contract for maritime body

31. Bathroom refurbishment contract for council

32. Certification services contract for government department

33. Architect services contract for council

34. Painting and roofing contract for housing body

35. Flat roofing works contract for housing body

36. Pitched roofing works contract for housing body

37. Construction contract for council

38. Festive lighting supply contract for council

39. Site development contract for NHS body

40. Environmental technology upgrade contract for council

41. Construction, maintenance, and repair contract for fire body

42. Cleaning services contract for housing body

43. Grounds maintenance early engagement for council

44. External improvement works contract for council

45. Property development and asset management consultancy contract for housing body

46. Energy performance related services supplier frameworks for governmental body

47. Mechanical and electrical consultancy contract for construction body

48. Grounds maintenance contract for council

49. Construction and plumbing works contract for council

50. Residence transaction contract for college


51. Insurance services excluding brokerage contract for council

52. Buildings insurance contract for council

53. Banking services contract for council

54. External audit services contract for organisation

55. Financial consultancy and banking services contract for commercial body

56. Insurance services contract for housing body


57. Venue(s) required for event and award ceremony contract for tourism body

58. Venue services contract for tourism body


59. Cleaning services contract for organisation

60. Maintenance and re certification contract for government department


61. Creative agencies framework for construction body

62. Creative agencies framework for construction body

63. Disability/accessibility compliance audit needed for organisation's website

64. Media buying agents framework for construction body

65. Website review contract for museum

66. Illustrator services contract for government department

67. Media monitoring contract for records body

68. Web development contract for council

69. Graphic design services contract for bank

70. Branding contract for records body


71. Temporary recruitment PIN for council

72. Board and management review including benchmarking tender for financial body

73. Diversity in leadership programme tender for education body

74. Educational assessment services contract for government department

75. Apprenticeship survey contract for government department

76. Financial training contract for revenue body

77. Pre employment programme research contract for government department

78. Emergency training contract for industrial body

79. Research services contract for organisation

80. Auditing services contract for financial body

81. Leadership and inclusion training contract for NHS body

82. Supply of training materials and online development pathway contract for organisation


83. Supply of telephony products contract for organisation

84. Recording solution supply for police body

85. Events management and contact system needed by government business body

86. IT suppliers engagement phase for NHS

87. Data analysis contract for educational body

88. Supply of online legal tool contract for organisation

89. Specialist software supply contract for college

90. It consumables supply contract for nature body

91. Replacement for storage software contract for records body

92. Microsoft licenses and support contract for finance body

93. Future service programme services contract for NHS body

94. Financial analysis software supply early engagement for organisation

95. Demonstrator services contract for government department

96. Software development contract for housing body

97. Specialist network services and data services contract for nature body

98. Access control system supply contract for university

99. Financial software supply contract for council

100. Access technology maintenance contract for university

101. Network infrastructure works contract for government department

102. Software development contract for energy body

103. Digital preservation services contract for organisation


1. Redecoration and repairs contract for housing body

2. New build - D&B - tender for leisure centre and library

3. Urban planning/development survey needed by council

4. External redecoration contract for housing body

5. Pedestrian access construction contract

6. Replacement and repair for windows (Velux)

6. Replacement and repair for windows (Velux)

8. Fitted kitchen supply and installation contracts across UK inc London/south east

9. Repoitinging contract

10. Cut timber supply contract for fire brigade

11. Asbestos survey tender

12. Supplier day ahead for those offering of engineering, technical and advisory services on carbon capture, usage and storage

13. Castle repairs and restoration tender

14. Remodelling toilets contract for council

15. 3G contractor needed to repair artificial pitches

16. Electricity and gas supply contracts for NHS body

17. Water pipe replacement contract for NHS body

18. Heating systems inspection, servicing, repair, and maintenance contracts for housing body

19. Air quality monitoring contract for transport body

20. Maintenance and repairs of fire safety equipment, alarms, doors etc for housing group

21. Sports pavilion refurbishment and extension

22. Council requires arboricultural specialist

23. Lightning protection services contract for housing body - pan UK

24. Ecology survey contract

25. Railings supply and installation contract

26. Drought systems testing inc risk and stress tests for managers

27. Water catchment resilience study

28. Groundwater research contract

29. Water Cycle Study as part oif Local Area Plan required

30. Contract to build cafe and office space in existing building

32. Waste needs assessment contract

33. Solar panels supply and installation contract for organisation

34. Council requires consultsancy to write business case for heat network development

35. Framework for those who offer schools and colleges construction services (numerous lots) inc architects and design, engineering inc structural, civil & building services, QS, project/programme mgmt, lead consultants., building surveyors, landscape architects, clerk of works, asset mgmt, archeological services, sustainability & environmental consultants, town/master planners, heritage services, consultants inc H&S, fire & asbestos

36. College extension and refurbishment construction contract

37. Office furniture supply large contract for organisation

38. Organisation seeks Master Trust provider for its pension plan

39. Insurance services tender for council

40. Banking services contract for Islamic finance structure

41. Tender to provide money management services to council services users

42. Insurance brokerage services contract for organisation

43. Investment management services provider required by organisation

44. Framework of insurance and related services suppliers

45. Insurance services tender for council (separate lots)

46. Quality food and drink concesssion operator opportunity at airport

47. Framework of market research servics providers for large organisation inc online tools, survey design, analysis, commercial intelligence

48. Payroll & HR services supplier framework for council

49. Emergency response training contract for industrial body (separate lots for staff and senior managers)

50. Council requires provider to arrange a free-floating car scheme

51. Property management service contract for council

52. Consultants required to develop investment prospectus and delivery plan for LEP

53. Council requires provider to service its smoke detectors, door entry systems and similar

54. Medical organisation requires consultancy to help embed its strategy across its departments

55. Website required by council (£50k)

56. Coaches, trainers and facilitators required for leadership and management programme

57. Training organisation/trainers required to deliver induction programme inc leadership & mgmt

58. Contract to deliver apprenticeship advise service to businesses

59. Notice regarding IT suppliers panel for infrastructure body inc IT, software, Saas, business process management, information security, servers, apps and similar

60. Procurement management platorm required by housing group

61. Moderation services contract for broadcaster

62. Fire detection systems upgrade contract for council properties (two lots)

63. Audio visual equipment replacement for council

64. Market engagement phase for suppliers of data services, customer experience and employee engagement services

65. Network services contract to connect colleges

66. App development suppliers tenders for health care solutions (multiple lots)

67. CCTV and related facilities supply and installation contract for council

68. CRM/software related to property sales - supplier days with housing group ahead of tender



1. Housing repairs and maintenace tender for council inc Meet The Supplier event

2. Contract to design and build storage facility for museum

3. Decoration works suppliers framework for council

4. Framework of furniture suppliers - table and chairs

5. Council wishes to engage with SMEs who offer construction and maintenance works inc drainage, roofing, building, lighting, CCTV, intercom, security equipment, landcaping and similar

6. Construction, alteration, extension works contract for NHS body

7. Company required to undertake imagery survey across borough using vehicle

8. Framework of Glass Reinforced Plastic/composite plastic products suppliers for homes builder

9. Preventative maintenance and refurbishment contract for council's community halls

10. Bollards installation contract for council

11. Development/construction partner required by council

12. Housing stock repairs and maintenance contract

12. Housing stock repairs and maintenance contract

13. Large estate redecoration programme

14. Asbestos services supplier framework for councils

15. Horticultural/arborocultural services suppliers (multi lots) inc landscaping, tree care

16. Multi-disciplinary panel participants for housing body

17. Housing maintenance and improvement contract for council

18. Sewer surveying contract inc drones - suppliers day

19. Construction suppliers framework inc electrics, roofing, insulation, kitchen/bathrooms, boilers, central heating, showers

20. Design & Build contractor refurbishment contract for existing town hall

21. Infrastructure works including groundworks, landscaping, and general construction contract for council

22. Demolition works contract for council

23. Alterations and refurbishment contract for visitor centre

24. Wall repairs contract for council

25. Contractor required for demolition and construction project - new residential blocks and flats

26. Contract to replace fire doors, decorating and otjher works at council property

27. Lead designer and consultancy services contract for restoration of Grade II listed house

28. Railway track inspection and maintenance contract for council attraction

29. Multi-storey car park design and construction contract

30. Play area structures contract for country park

31. Framework of companies able to design and construct mountain bike routes

32. Council wishes to meet those offering new concepts and innovations in highways sector

33. Supplier need to deliver structural and civil engineering maintenance and repair works for council properties

34. Ventilation unit replacement contract for NHS body

35. Museum requires fire risk assessment across its sites

36. Electric vehicle charging points contract for organisation

37. Design and planning consultancy required for scientific collaborative space

38. Bank required for new government bond

39. Charity requires fund investment manager

40. Council invites tenders for transport development project assurance review

41. Tender to provide predictive capability study of transport capacity etc

42. Contract to provide legal services for police authority

43. Consultant required to undertake economic impact for visitor attraction groups

44. Framework of suppliers invited to support work of research activities of policy and evaluation unit at medical school

45. Tender to supply food and kitchen equipment (separate lots) to housing group

46. Contract to provide cleaning services for council's offices and other properties

47. Courier services contract

48. Consultancy required to develop climate change action plan for council

49. Contract to research physiological/behavioural indicators and measurement techniques relatd to fatigue in train drivers

50. Window cleaning services contracts for council (separate lots)

51. Fire safety and compliance consultancy services providers framework for housing group

52. Cleaning services contract for office site

53. University looking for a law firm to provide all its legal services needs (£1M+)

54. Digital content agency required by organisation

55. PR /comms agency required by media body

56. Agency required to deliver place marketing strategy for regeneration project

57. Employee survey required by organisation

58. Supply of corporate clothing contract for council including logos

59. Framework of security services suppliers for council inc manned security, CCTV, alarms and similar

60. Consultancy required to provide inclusivity and diversity review and strategy for organisation

61. Apprenticeship services support and delivery to SMEs required by government department

62. Organisation requires review of its Board and its executive inc structure, processes, resources etc

63. Media training providers sought by organisation's spokespeople

64. First aid training contract for council

65. Framework of records management services suppliers inc scanning, data entry, shreeding/secure dispoal and similar

66. Room booking software solution required by organisation

67. Bus information system supply contract

68. HR, payroll and learning management system required by organisation (separate lots)

69. Contract to replace Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager

70. Council requires Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) Solution

71. Information system required by laboratory

72. Pre-tender phase ahead of tenders for cyber capabilities inc behaviousral and culture change in organisation, management and staff strategies inc retention

73. Security training tool and security management system for airport

74. Regulator requires software solution to manage complaints and information requests

75. Tenders (separate) to supply audio and multimedia tour servics to organisation with mulriple visitor sites

76. Technological research consultancy contract for government department on bias

77. Fleet management software supply contract

78. Database upgrade contract for council - PCC Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

79. Tech/IT suppliers invited to register on rail body's procurement system, inc SaaS, IT consultants, information security, cloud services, software and solutions, app development and similar



1. Contract to replace doors and fire doors across council's residential properties

2. Framework of temporary works construction consultants for new build projects

3. Contract to supply refrigerated containers for organisation

4. Housing association seeks company to undertake a lighting study across its properties inc LED retrofit study

5. Asbestos removers framework for council

6. Fire resistant cladding maunfacturers framework for housing body

7. Design and build contract to create 50 dwellings with demolition

8. Civil engineering, highways services, contractors, groundworks and similar suppliers framework for council

9. Supplier day for potential suppliers for large infrastructure project -inc design/civils works

10. Engineering services contract for oil and gas sector

11. Structural repairs to balconies contract for council

12. Renovation, construction and conservation work contract for listed building

13. Ceilings works contract for council

14. Steelworks manufacturing and availability study for energy body

15. LED lighting supply and installation contract for council

16. Roofing works and associated external and internal repairs for sports club

17. Roof works and associated works contract for housing blocks

18. M&E contract for schools construction projects

19. Topographical surveys contract for council

20. Framework of landscaping and similar services inc arboricultural contractors for council

21. Ground maintenance contract for council

22. Responsive repairs and maintnenace contract for council (£8M)

23. Building feasibility study contract

24. Engineering services, analysis services, support contract for nuclear body

25. Architectural metalwork contract across various construction projects

26. Play area refurbishment contract

27. Water quality management service required by university

28. Study commission to examine affect of knotweed on property sales

29. Car park extension works contract

30. Consultancy required to lead conservation and repair capital works on historic cemetery; also civil engineering (separate lots)

31. Demolition, roof works and asbestos services contract

32. Investment review and safety review consultancy contract for transport body

33. Fire damage and repair works for residential properties

34. Disabled adaptation works contract for council

35. Fit out works contract for organisation

36. Environmental research and flood risk consultancy services contract

37. Contract administrator tender for major construction project

38. JCT (Design & Build) contract for two residences

39. Investment management specialist advisor sought by organisation

40. Insurance and related services suppliers framework - market engagement phase

41. Council wishes to appoint consultants who can advise on its strategy to develop its economic development

42. Catering services contract for organisation at three sites

43. Catering/hospitality management providers invited to manage cafe

44. Consultancy required to undertake study on trespass risks on transport systems

45. Commission to undertake feasibility study and develop business case for regeneration of town's High Street

46. Property sales agent required for council's residential property sales

47. Housing stock condition survey contract for council

48. Bank requires consultancy to undertake operational review of its partners inc rating systems, underwriting, portfolio management, governance and financial controls

49. Consultancies invited to support government's work with councils on its Town Deals programme

50. Market research contract into museums and risks to them

51. Research contract on skid resistance for transport body

52. Providers of products that will help council's Climate Action plan invited to submit development plans for energy, renewables and similar

53. Highways and transport planning consultancy required by council

54. Consultancy required to assess organisation's environmental evaluation processes and develop case studies

55. SMEs, early-stage companies working in renewables, energy and carbon storage, industrial greenhouse gaes, eneregy efficiency (materials & technologies), bionergy and smilar invited to submit proposals for funding and investment

56. Bank looking for supplier to provide data on finance and investment deals with SMEs

57. Cleaning services contract for schools group

58. Printing services tender for council (separate lots): digital, litho, large format, merchandise, mass mailings

59. Event production management company for council's corporate and outdoor events (£3M)

60. Christmas lights installation contract

61. Christmas lights installation for (another) council

62. Visitor attraction requires agency to track its brand to drive its strategy and engagement

63. Digital interview recording - hardware and software - contract

64. Tender to provide illustrations for text books

65. Video production contract to promote UK to Chinese market (short deadline)

66. Employee benefits suppliers tender inc recognition and reward, managed services, retail concessions

67. Council's security service providers framework inc manned guarding, CCTV, alarms. and similar

68. Framework of occupational health management service providers for company's employees

69. Travel management tender for organisation

70. Employee benefits services tender for organisation

71. Agency worker supply contract for organisation

72. Organisation requires recruiter to find people for its competency testing group (medical)

73. Specialist recruitment broker/advisor contract for council

74. HR consultancy contract for council inc pay reviews

75. Organisation requires provider to recruit & manage its contractors and tempororary staff

76. Security services tenders including security systems maintenance, repair, and manned guarding contract for council

77. CCTV services and control room upgrade contract

78. Self service devices supply for financial/retail organisation inc supplier day

79. Security management system suppliers engagement phase with police body

80. Council requires Software-as-a-Service ERP solution

81. Data analyst and management advisory contract for rail body

82. Service desk management system contract for organisation

83. Replacement sought for Oracle storage management system

84. Financial intelligence management software system sought by organisation (three lots) including search & discovery

85. Information display supply contract for transport hub

86. Data management scoping contract for government department

87. Microsoft 365 consulting and configuration contract for organisation

88. Moodle software supplier & partner required by organisation

89. Scheduling software contract for NHS body

Full list of recent tenders list (most tenders have a four-week submittal deadline) available here. Tenders @ Urbano