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**THIS THURSDAY May 13th - Zero Carbon and Environmental Networking Round Table (free for members, open to non-members). Share and learn from others on their on their journey to becoming carbon zero

Wednesday May 19th - Open Networking Round Table - May 2021
(free for members, open to non-members)

Thursday May 27th - Build/Zero Carbon Speaker event: Biophilia, Architecture, and the Built Environment,
with Robert Hopkins of AHR architects, Design Lead on soon-to-open The Spine Building

Wednesday June 9th - Members Networking Round Table
(Free for any representative of Member Companies)

Wednesday June 16th - Open Networking Round Table - May 2021
(free for members, open to non-members)

Thursday June 24th - Build/Zero Carbon Speaker event: The challenge of Net Zero Carbon & Retrofit In Conservation Buildings, with Peter Cox of Carrig

Thursday July 1st -  Proposal & Pitch Workshop & Networking Round Table
with David Pritchard, MD of Sandler Training, London East.

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Wednesday May 12th  Affordable housing secured funding – Trends, challenges and opportunities (Trowers & Hamlins)

Thursday May 13th Zero Carbon & Environmental Networking Round Table (Urbano Network)

Thursday May 13th Bitesize BIM - Designing with sustainability and deconstruction in mind (The Building Society)

Thursday May 13th Unfair And Constructive Dismissal (Thomas Mansfield)

Monday May 17th Dishoom Covent Garden Soft Opening (Dishoom)

Thursday May 20th Property tax and stamp duty (Arram Berlyn Gardner)

Thursday May 27th Biophilia, Architecture, and the Built Environment (Urbano/AHR Architects)

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Enquiries and responses to these into Mark, please.




1. Ground investigation surveys contract inc archaeology services

2. Principle contractor required for design and build of mixed use development

3. Design & Build contractor for residential project

4. Design and build contract to deliver low rise residential block

5. Framework of following for housing association: architects, planning specialists, structural engineers, civil engineers

6. Framework of following for housing association: structural, steel inc frames, groundworks, architectural metalwork, electrical design, fit-out, soft and hard landscaping, tree surgery, mechanical & plumbing, solar panels and similar

7. Framework of major works and those that offer repairs and maintenance contract for housing body

8. Roofing works contract for housing organisation

9. Framework of scaffolding services suppliers

10. Roof renovation and asbestos removal works contract

11. Framework of following construction services suppliers - groundworks, building, engineers inc mechanical, electrical, multi-disciplinary and structures; organisation engaging with SMEs to shape future procurement

12. Organisation seeks maintenance supplier for its boilers and water systems

13. Tower recladding works contracts inc roof renewals and other works

14. School remodelling contract

15. Community outdoor site requires design and build of two new buildings and associated works

16. Heating and water systems maintenance and compliance contract for council

17. Changing room refurbishment contract

18. Contractor required for external planned works for council inc fascias, cladding, communal areas & others

19. Electrical condition reports and works contract for council

20. Electrical condition and FAT contracts (various lots according to regions) for housing body

21. Refurbishment contract to create technology centre for college inc teaching spaces

22. Boiler works replacement contract for school

23. Compressed air technology installation contract for organisation

24. Windows replacement contract for schools

25. Following required to assist council with reopening its High Street: branding experts, business support esp retail & street furniture

26. Agency required to support city's positioning and story telling

27. App development required for patient toolkits

28. Interactive exhibit required by museum

29. Marketing agency required by university

30. Visitor survey required by open spaces organisation

31. Various cleaning contracts

32. Project management contract to manage housing body's repairs contracts

33. Strategic business consultancy contract for organisation inc business transformation and development

34. Business evaluation reports delivery contract for organisation

35. Insurance contract for housing association

36. Supplier engagement with those offering transport consultancy and research services in transport with infrastructure body

37. Financial advisory/consultancy to create business case for recycling facility

38. Review of leadership and governance required by NHS Trust

39. Property valuation services contract for council's pension fund

40. Situational judgement and psychometric testing for organisation (two lots: content development & delivery)

41. Manned security contract for college

42. Council requires consultancy to create a management training programme

43. IT and network services contract for school

44. AI consultancy required for digital tech project in health sector

45. Digital marketing/communications agency required by university inc seo optimisation & customer experience

46. IAM services/software suppliers invited to organisation's pre-market engagement day

47. IT support inc new servers contract for organisation

48. IT security support contract for council (quotes)

49. Organisation requires sustainability data analytics and reporting tool

50. Framework of digital asset delivery services suppliers

51. E-learning and virtual training software suppliers invited to take part in market engagement

52. SaaS app development contract

53. AI/ML Digital Assistant support contract for university

54. Framework of various zero carbon related services suppliers inc sustainability consultants, management consultants, site surveys, modelling, tech consultants and solutions

55. Supply and maintenace of plants across organisation's offices

56. Supply and maintenance of trees contract

57. Council requires research and management plans for landfill gas

58. Framework of zero carbon tech suppliers and installers for housing organisation

59. Electric vehicle charging installation works contract


1. Property repairs and maintenance contract for housing body

2. Framework of contractors for housing group inc construction, architectural metalwork, piling, cleaning and others

3. Fire doors installation contract

4. Contractor for minor works at schools

5. Framework of contractors for development projects inc multi-disciplinary, architecture, landscape architecture, security design, works, design & build, airflow, MEP, CCTV, waste treatment/drainage, environmental design, engineering inc civil, sustainability, BIM & others

6. Framework of structural engineering designers and inspectors

7. Framework of property repairs and maintenance contractors for housing body

8. Development partner sought for residential project

9. Replacement of electrical substation contract for infrastructure body

10. School refurbishment contract

11. HVAC maintenance contract

12. Contract to renovate heritage buildings, gardens and landscape of historic park

13. Contractor required for school refurbishment works contract

14. Washroom refurbishment works contract (£1M)

15. Fire safety and electrical systems works contract for council residential properties

16. Harbour gates inspection works contract

17. Path construction contract for natural spaces body

18. Fire door replacement contract

19. Boiler replacement and installation contract

20. Opportunity for architect-led team to design and lead on BREEAM project inc urban and landscape design

21. School external works contract

22. School new block construction contract

23. Fire chute services contract for council

24. Employers agent, contract administrator, and cost consultant contract sought for project

25. Play area refurbishment contract for council

26. Contractor sought for various schools works

27. Contractor sought for leisure centre inc food hall works, kitchens and seating area

28. Boiler works contract for council

29. Signage brand and management services supplier required for project

30. Audio-guide production opportunity for venue visitors

31. Marketing and communication technology services suppliers framework

32. Organisation requires project support from experts in public engagement programme development, creating multimedia, digital and collaborative projects

33. Video production contract

34. Agency required to provide branding, design, copywriting support services inc Word & PowerPoint templates, newsletters, graphics, web review and content development etc

35. Film/corporate video production contract

35A. Consultancies required to deliver audience and stakeholder engagement projects in various cities around climate change

36. Various cleaning opportunities

37. Property/estate management consultancy sought to advise organisation on disposals acquisitions, development opportunities etc

38. Business transformation consultancy requires for organisation with focus on leadership

39. University requires auditor

40. Consultancy required to advise council and stakeholders to develop Land Trust inc guidance on spaces

41. Consultancy required by organisation to develop innovation initiatives

42. Insurance services contract for housing body

43. Board effectiveness review contract

44. Medical body requires consultancy to audit its registration process inc supplier day

45. Insurance and related services contract for organisation

46. Investment research services contract for economic body

47. Framework of legal services suppliers for insurance department of council inc litigation, claims advice

48. Consultancy to offer analysis on finance models for environmental land management schemes

49. Framework of suppliers of folding furniture

50. Large organisation engaging with internship providers around training design and delivery

51. Framework of translation and interpretation providers

52. Executive recruitment contracts for council - IT, digital and similar

53. Framework of virus testing service suppliers for government inc devices, training providers inc workforce

53A. Framework of digital training and business support services providers for council

54. Contract to deliver internet/WAN for organisation

55. Supply of outdoor digital kiosks for council

56. Organisation requires auction bid technology for use at fundraising events

57. Video conferencing hardware services contract for legal body

58. Software license supply contract - Microsoft Enterprise

59. Organisation requires Learning Management System (LMS)

60. Consultancy required to undertake landscape evaluations and sustainability assessments to inform council's development plans

61. Hedge and tree management contract for council

62. Solar thermal heat recovery system re-commission contract for organisation

63. Air quality monitoring network contract for transport body

64. Business support contract to assist innovative SMEs in net zero space

65. Energy quality assurance contract for council's new housing schemes

66. Consultancy required to undertake survey and develop pilot study into into non domestic energy use

67. Building energy management system design and installation required for organisation

68. Technical support to assist in net zero business programme inc bid review, programme mgmt, evaluation, and other expertise

69. Carbon audits of farms contract

70. Supply of trees contract for council


1. School construction and refurbishment contract

2. Principal Contractor opportunity for new construction project inc apartments

3. Mechanical and electrical engineering services contract on new homes project

4. New build housing construction contract

5. School heating distribution works

6. Site remediation, clearance and enabling works

7. Fire alarm works contract at school

8. Concrete construction works contract

9. Minor works programme for schools (various contracts)

10. Bus ramp demolition contract

11. Roof replacement contract

12. Mixed use construction contract

13. Fire safety inspection visits services

14. Electrical mains and other related works (multiple lots)

15. Development partner for residential construction project (£300M)

16. Electrical testing and inspection

17. Roofing repairs contract for housing body

18. Framework of offsite construction services suppliers inc steel frame, CLT and onsite services

19. Office refurbishment for organisation

20. Integrated geospatial services contract inc remote sensory equipment

21. Planned electrical works contract for housing body

22. Framework of construction professional services suppliers - engagement survey link

23. School drainage works and roof replacement

24. Sports pitch replacement contract for university

25. Design and construction of conversion from office block to school

26. School refurbishment/construction and engineering contract

27. Access gates services contract

28. Construction contract for housing body (flat conversions)

29. School refurbishment works contract

30. Fire remedial works contract for housing organisation

31. Refurbishment and disabled adaptations at community centre

32. Advertising campaign services contract for tourism sector

33. Exhibition evaluation contract inc visitors' reactions and learning

34. Supply of promotional content contract for student recruitment programme

35. Marketing and promotional content supply contract inc video & social media

36. Branded clothing supplier required by organisation

37. Display cases required by venue

38. Framework of commercial catering equipment suppliers, designers and installers inc ventilation

39. Framework of legal service suppliers inc litigation, property, commercial and others

40. Affordable housing viability consultancy contract

41. Arbitration expert required by pub industry to settle tenant disputes

42. Corporate cleaning contract with council

43. Legal services contract for advice on civil cases

44. Independent evaluation required to asses creative programme

45. Insurance services contract for organisation

46. Council requires legal assistance with commercial land sale

47. Framework of legal services suppliers for housing group

48. Legal advice contracts for council service users

49. Spatial planning services supplier required to deliver engagement and consultation project in conservation area

50. Framework of bid writers

51. Workspace provider required to operate enterprise space

52. Administration contract for international student programme inc visas/sponsoring

53. Project manager contract for residential housing group

54. Capital programme management consultancy contract for council development projects

55. Equality and human rights impact analysis contract for organisation

56. Safeguarding audits contract for academy group

57. Customer survey conduct contract for natural spaces body

58. Consumer satisfaction survey contract

59. Organisational development consultancy contract for NHS body

60. Framework of security services suppliers - personnel, technical etc

61. Academy group requires cloud-based schools management system

62. Board governance system required by organisation

63. Framework of digital, workflow, print management and similar services and products, inc hosting, managed services, information management

64. Crowdfunding platform development contract for organisation

65. Audio-visual equipment supply contract for council

66. Data centre equipment contract for organisation

67. Digital interviewing solution required by organisation

68. Smart thermostats supply contract

69. Bike/e-bike hire scheme contractor required

70. Consultancy required to support climate change citizens jury project

71. Air quality monitoring contract at housing development

72. Suppliers sought to review technology around carbon capture and storage - briefing day

73. Air monitoring and surveying contract for council

74. Consultancy required for impact assessment of Nature Based Solutions projects

75. Knotweed removal and control contract

76. Consultancy to deliver project around emissions of domestic solid fuels


1. Construction of grass sports pitches plus landscaping and paths

2. Roof renewals and related works contract for council

3. Design & build contract for a new boathouse

4. Slurry wall construction contract

5. Civil engineering contract for rail infrastructure works

6. Council requires backup contractor for reactive repairs and maintenance

7. Skate park construction contract

8. Framework of property maintenance and repair contractors

9. Pavilion roof replacement contract

10. Bins installation contract

11. Ceremonial building construction contract

12. Chiller refurbishment contract for venue

13. Fire extinguishers and testing services contract

14. Theatre external works refurbishment contract

15. Reconstruction of wall after subsidence contract

16. Replacing large steel fire doors contract

17. Design and install security fencing contract for council car park

18. Smart thermostat and heating system services contract for council inc IOT devices in property

19. Steam generator maintenance contract for organisation

19. Maintenance of generators contract for organisation

20. Servicing of emergency lighting and alarm systems contract

21. School roofing works contract

22. Framework of Primary Contractors for council

23. Refurbishment of parapet and associated works for council

24. Construction contract for new business and technology centre

25. Lightning protection works contract

25A. Conservation consultancy sought by council

26. Brand agency required to work with city to develop its brand

27. Corporate communications agency required by organisation inc event management, marketing materials, community engagement

28. Arts fund programme evaluation contract

29. Recruitment advertising contract

30. Place brand required by town council

31. Interactive exhibit required by venue

32. Museum requires expert to help it attract and engage with family visitors

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33. Framework of property valuation experts for housing group

34. Financial/revenue modelling contract for organisation

35. Fleet insurance services contract

36. Innovation support business services contract for London boroughs

37. Development partner sought for council regeneration project

38. Organisation seeks review of its anti-racism, discrimination & equality policies and practices

39. Community engagement consultancy sought by council

37A. Transport body seeks consultancy to review and develop its stakeholder engagement and strategy

40. Place promotion app development for council

41. Bespoke audit case and workflow management software development contract

42. University requires bespoke student marketing and retention platform

43. SAP Business Objects reseller opportunity

44. Vehicle location and performance management software development contract for transport body

45. Asset management software for organisation to locate its machinery and tools

46. Air monitoring and surveying contract for council

47. Consultant required to manage construction and design tender documentation for building refurbishment to high BREEAM standard

48. Consultancy required to model net zero farms to develop methodology towards achieving these goals48. Consultancy required to model net zero farms to develop methodology towards achieving these goals

We list tenders here from the past month as most tenders have a four-week submittal deadline.