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View today's bumper list below, including opportunities for architects, animators, auditors, agencies - and that's just the A's.  

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Wednesday June 19th - Urbano Women In Business networking garden party
Lambeth Palace (Urbano member companies representatives only)

Wednesday June 26th - Media/Creatives & People Communities networking evening
W Hotel Soho

Wednesday July 3rd - Urbano networking lunch in Shoreditch
Spelzini Shoreditch

Thursday July 4th - Business speaker breakfast with Business In The Community  looking at their recently published Responsible Business Tracker Report inc Wellbeing, Diversity, Zero Carbon and Circular Economy etc

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** Organised by Urbano Members - organiser details in brackets **

Wednesday June 19th - SEO TRAINING - Improve your website ranking yourself!(Sleeping Giant)

Thursday 20th June - Women In Business Networking & River Thames Cruise
(Nockolds Solicitors)

Thursday June 20th - Using LinkedIn as a Business Development & Marketing Tool
(Marshall Walker)

Wednesday June 26th - Financial planning evening  (EQ Investors)

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TENDER REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST OR OPPORTUNITY NUMBER for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to Caroline (caroline@urbanonetwork.co.uk).  

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1. Car park construction contract for council

2. Facility design contract for science body

3. Tender to design and supply an electric train for pier

4. Architectural services contract for council residential project

5. Employer agents services contract for council project

6. Air conditioning and chiller system contract

7. Consultants framework inc integrated consultants, multidisplinary services, property asset specialists

8. Rail project pre launch suppliers day inc collaboration

9. Demolition services providers framework

10. Fit out services contract for university

11. Scaffolding services contract with council

12. Structural engineers framework for housing group

13. Civil engineers framework for housing body

14. Energy auditing contract for multiple sites organisation

15. Principle architect services required by council for affordable homes schemes

16. FM services suppliers framework for organisation with various sites

17. Council requires cycle route assessment

18. Rooflight replacement contract for building

19. Electric vehicle charging strategy evaluation contract for organisation

20. Town planning and project management contract for council

21. Design installation and maintenance of CCTV contract

22. Specialist professional and technical services providers framework (tramsport) inc suppliers day

23. Play area refurbishment contract for council

24. Independent Certifier (IC) sought for waste facility

25. Fit out services contract for venue development - PIN

26. Air handling supply supply contract for energy body

27. Construction of cafe - EOI

28. Studio theatre refurbishment contract

29. Contract to refurbish multiple domestic properties for organisation

30. Client Professional Advisor for housing project

31. Internal and external remedial works and painting contract for housing body

32. Civil engineers, structural engineers and transportation suppliers framework for council works

33. Building material supply and related services contract for housing group inc building materials, plumbing, heating, scaffold, tools/plant

34. Property repair and maintenance contract for pan UK housing developer and group

35. Building repairs and maintence suppliers day ahead of tender

36. Contractors framework for housing group

37. Developers framework for large UK residential and regeneration group

38. Structural engineers framework for construction body

39. Civil engineers framework for construction body

40. Property valuation services contract for council's housing department

41. Demolition providers framework for council

42. Contract to refurbish council centre

43. Interior design contract for university building

44. Contract to fit out UK embassy in Europe

45. Contract to refurbish leisure centre

46. Tender to build new semi-detached homes for council

47. Demolition contract for council

48. Environmental compliance and technical support contract for waste body

49. Council requires planting scheme designer for environmental purposes

50. Tender to provide project management and CDM services

51. Groundworks services supplier framework

52. Contract to build accesible toilet for financial institution

53. Extension construction contract for school

54. Demolition and construction contract for council wall

55. Fire alarm installation contract for council


56. Tenants' content insurance contract for council

57. Bids for funding invited from social/voluntary/charity in Croydon

58. Insurance services contract for council

59. University requires a EPOS/payment solution

60. LEP requires financial consultant to advise on compliance and due diligence on its investments

61. Framework of insurance and similar services providers for housing group

62. Corporate insurance tender for housing group

63. Framework of suppliers of accountancy, financial, business consultancy and CPD services


64. Art handling and storage services contract for historic house's contents during refurbishment

65. Tender to undertake cinema going survey

66. Bids invited from specialists in reviewing leisure services provision for council

67. Tender to lease printing hardware to museum

68. Framework of security paper waste disposal, shredding services and other media destruction (separate lots) suppliers

69. Security services contract for university

70. Framework of legal services and related suppliers for housing body

71. Government department looking for organisation to facilitate knowledge sharing on smart cities and clean growth

72. Framework of civil legal aid services providers inc education, housing, discrimination experts

73. Medical records storage solution pre tender engagement for NHS body


74. Event organiser tender for two-day conference, reception and gala dinner

75. Tender to provide newsletter to membership body inc copy, editing and other stories

76. Tender for communications/brand/PR agency to provide strategy and support to organisation

77. Organisation requires live events and digital events (webinars etc) in separate lots inc event producers, visuals, AV conference organisers

78. Stage engineering contract for new large venue

79. Design and supply of auditorium seating contract for new large venue

80. Media planning and buying contract for council transport campaign

81. AV and stage lighting services works for new large venue

82. Framework of photography services suppliers for assignments in UK and overseas

83. Framework of external printers for government body

84. Branding/marketing agency sought by organisation

85. Digital media production services inc interactive content contract for museum

86. Supplier sought to undertake a feasibility study into generating marketing revenue for public bodies

87. Exhibition services agency contract for museum - EOI - short deadline!

88. College requires visualisation specialist services provider - v short deadline

89. Framework of design and print services providers (separate lots) for council


90. Consultant required to undertake a review of recruitment practices in the workplace

91. Framework of apprenticeships services providers for housing body

92. Recruitment services contract to seek medical body board members

93. Employee benefits services contract for commercial body

94. Security contract for council visitor attraction

95. Security services contract for media festival

96. Framework of education recruitment agency services providers

97. Health and safety training contract for organisation

98. Framework of interpreter, translation and transcription services providers - early engagement for organisation

99. Staff survey and employee analysis services contract for organisation


100. Housing management software provision contract for council

101. Planning and regulatory cases management software contract for organisation

102. Enterprise Resource Planning software supply tender (repalcing current fianncial/HR system) for organisation

103. Organisation in training sector requires development of a portal/hub to allow access to sector research

104. Framework for suppliers of library software, technology and management systems in separate lots

105. Council requires financial appraisal software for its housing department

106. ICT services and communication technology services & support contract for school

107. Managed IT services contract for medical body

108. Care management software system required by council

109. Legal case management software contract for council

110. Contract to supply desktop computers to organisation

111. Framework of the following ICT and related services suppliers for NHS: strategy, transformation specialists, network infrastructure, telephony, conferencing, mobile voice & data, network management and similar


1. External auditor required by organisation

2. Housing body seeks recruitment management service with knowledge of the social housing sector

3. Framework of management consultants (includes HR, finance, auditing, programme mgmt, engineering); also capital funding, risk mgmt and other consultancies)

4. Banking services contract for council

5. Graduate recruitment and retention services contract with organisation

6. Insurance services contract for council (separate lots) inc risk, property, motor, liability, travel, engineering etc

7. Windows and doors works contract for college

8. Interior designer contract for new university building

9. Opportunity for brand agency to work with organisation

10. Maintenance and repair of garage doors contract (£150k)

11. Property valuation services contract for council

12. Travel management contract for organisation

13. Groundworks and civil engineering contract for council

14. Landscaping contract for council

15. Electrical services contract for construction project

16. Exhibition design and construction contract for museum

17. Wall maintenance and remedial works contract for council

18. Project evaluation contract needed across various visitor sites

19. Mechanical works contract for council

20. IT support contract for organisation

21. Contract to install and maintain fire alarm systems across various properties

22. Contract to estimate cost of littering related to product packaging

23. Tender to provide assessment services relating to recruitment and selection for graduate development programme

24. Project manager contract for council project

25. Management and customer services apprenticeship training contract

26. Security and safety services suppliers contract in various lots across UK

27. Contract to deliver leaders training programme for governmental body

28. Framework of development viability consultant(s) needed for national parks project

29. Mechanical services tenders for council

30. Website/brand refreshment required by organisation

31. Brand refresh tender inc visual identity for organisation

32. Contract to deliver apprenticeship training of Civil Engineering technicians

33. Contract to build extension (£50k)

34. Contract to replace boilers at council property

35. NHS in London framework of following services providers under IT/information mgmt (separate lots): IM&T strategy & services, network infrastructure, telephony, mobile, conferencing, data access, IT, hardward, software supplies inc procurement, project mgmt, CRM, websites, intranet, chatbots, blockchain, pay solutions, AI and similar

36. Contract to design and build play area for council

37. Contract to deliver apprenticeship training programmes on accounting

38. Integrated Assessment Tool for education sector required

39. Tender to design and build innovation centre

40. LED Lighting system and CMS required by council

41. Econometric specialist required by funding organisation

42. University requires bespoke kitchen software inc training, hosting & support

43. Council requires protective equipment (PPE) and uniforms

44. Lightning protection equipment supply contract for housing body inc inspection, maintenance etc

45. Council invites bids from urban planning economic strategy specialists to bid to prepare its Spatial Economic Growth Strategy (SEGS)

46. Maintenance roofing works contract across council's properties (£5M+)

47. Finance body requires a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software system

48. Roofing services contract for school

49. Digital signage contract for construction sites

50. Contract to replace boilers at theatre

51. Security services contract for carnival

52. Security fencing supply contract for carnival

53. Landscaping contract to create bunds for council

54. Staff benefits and rewards contract for organisation

55. Retail and town planning consultancy services contract for council's Local Plan Review

56. Design competition for new university building

57. Programme manager contract for nuclear energy body

58. Ventilation and fume maintenance contract

59. Framework of MEP and minor works suppliers

60. Contract to supply fire protection systems contract

61. Organisation looking for IT support services supplier

62. University requires Careers Service Administration & Management System (CSMS)

63. Non-executive directors recruitment contract

64. Mains water works contract for venue

65. Social media voting contract required by organisation

66. Social housing group requires a digital feedback system to survey its customers (two lots)

67. Council requires a flood risk assessment

68. Structural engineering contract for college

69. Feasibility study and evaluation on transforming listed building into meeting space/conference accommodation inc funding project

70. Framework of companies providing building fabric maintenance and minor works, mechanical, electrical and public health services

71. Framework of photographers inc events, locations and commissioned shoots (separate lots)

72. Marketing services support required for organisation

73. Print services contract for large organisation

74. Apprenticeship training provision contract for organisation

75. Evaluation of arts funding project required

76. Tender to provide design engineering services to create new communal heating system in listed buildings

77. Framework of office, educational and dining furniture suppliers

78. Council requires architect-led team to assist in developing a site including care facility and accommodation

79. Framework of civil engineers for social housing group

80. Tender to design and produce a digital and interactive media exhibition

81. Air conditioning and chiller system contract at transport hub


1. Payroll, HR and associated services provider needed by organisation

2. Consultancy suppliers framework for council in following specialisms: economic development/regeneration/place-making; housing/financial modelling; planning advisory; planning management; land drainage; design checking

3. Recycling and waste services pre-tender engagement for council

4. Council seeks development partner for regeneration programmes

5. Communication system required for tourist attraction

6. Organisation requires security assessment of its technology and cyber certification

7. PR contract with housing group

8. Pre-engagement questionnaire ahead of planned framework of various construction contractors inc M&E, building, external works, civils

9. Apprenticeship training provision PIN ahead of council tenders

10. Construction contract to build new rail depot

11. FM services contract for school (£1M)

12. Framework of creative, design and marketing agencies for housing group

13. MEP works contract for new venue

14. Modular temporary buildings supply contract for project

15. Framework of interior designers for show homes and fit-out contractors

16. Plumbing services contract for school

17. Event/marketing agency opportunity to run waste reduction exhibition/show

18. Tender to provide support to finance systems used by organisation

19. Tender to provide construction technical and other professional apprenticeships programmes

20. Civil engineering apprenticeship training programme tender

21. HR apprenticeshiptraining programme tender

22. Construction contract to build living assessment and accommodation for NHS body

23. Surveying technician apprenticeship training programme tender

24. Accounting apprenticeship training programme tender

25. Office refurbishment/remodelling contract

26. Safety analysis (RAMS) services contract for organisation - short deadline

27. Data and cyber security programme contract for organisation

28. Framework of fire alarm systems providers

29. Staff training workshops provider contract

30. Medical courier services contract - pre-tender engagement

31. Pre-tender engagement and supplier day for suppliers of following: utilities works, demolition, main contractors etc

32. Tender to provide software support and hardware maintenance of council's CCTV

33. Refurbishment contract for council's HQ

34. Opportunity for planning inspectors to work on cases

35. Framework for suppliers of CCTV site security for housing group

36. Security personnel supply framework for construction body

37. Framework of biometric access controls suppliers for construction body

38. Contract to refurbish air cooling system

39. Oak door replacement contract at chapel

40. Fleet cover insurance tender

41. Tender to design and build new university cafe

42. Tender to design and build new sports facility for skateboarders etc

43. Framework of audience research suppliers for visitor attraction

44. Tender to install heating system at college

45. Supplier required to provide a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) solution for university

46. Opportunity to provide travel management services for university

47. Council's requires cloud hosted web based GIS system

48. Demolition services contract for regeneration project

49. Wayfinding and signage contracts with university

50. Framework of the following consultancies/ suppliers for transport group (separate lots): management/HR/finance/audit/project/policy/investment consultants; engineering;

51. University requires strategic marketing/creative agency to help develop its recruitment campaigns

52. Council required consultant to support management of heating systems - gas, electric, renewables etc - across its properties and ensure it is operating within legal obligations


1. Refurbishment of housing properties - large contract

2. Contract to provide secure M2M Connectivity for council and its agencies

3. Cycle training - adults and children - contract

4. Contract to supply learning management System (LMS) inc H&S elements

5. Structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultancy (SMEP) contract for development project

6. Architect opportunity to design gallery

7. Accomodation and travel services contract for organisation

8. Future vision/stragists/consultants framework inc trends, emerging technologies, data collection/analytics, forecasting, policy development, panel discussions/workshops services inc facilitation, training/coaching research methodolgies, comms skills

9. Claims handling and litigation providers pre market engagement (transport sector)

10. Construction tender for new waste depot including demolition and site management services

11. Development partner sought by council inc residential and commercial spaces

12. Design and build of new homes contract with council

13. IT support services contract

14. Sales software provision required by organisation

15. Window cleaning services contract for museum

16. Insurance services tender for large organisation inc Crime, Motor, Combined Liability, Property Damage and Business Interruption, Management Liability, Terrorism, PA Travel, Cyber, Professional Indemnity insurance services

17. Cleaning services contract for educational body

18. Civil and structural engineering services contract for housing group

19. Soundscape producer tender for new exhibition

20. Flower show design and build contract for Chelsea on behalf of organisation

21. Internal audit services contract for university

22. Air conditioning inspection services contract

23. Property development consultancy and civil engineering consultancy services contract for council

24. Frameworks of the following construction and FM equipment suppliers incboilers, led lighting, windows and doors, temporary class rooms, external furniture, plasterboard

25. Curtain wall glazing contract

26. Architectural ironmongery hardware suppliers framework

27. Contract to install door entry and access control system

28. Framework of ceramic tiles suppliers

29. Invitation to join approved suppliers list of apprenticeship providers for council

30. Feasibility study and analysis contract for online personal pricing

31. Pools maintenance contract for council

32. Appliance testing (PAT) contract for university

33. Contract to demolish builidng

34. Government department wishes to procure services of a specialist consultant to advise on Windrush anniversary celebration and tribute

35. Construction contract to buld an industrial unit

36. Contract to deliver laboratory ventilation system

37. Framework of employee benefits services suppliers

38. Engineering feasibility studies and support for nucleur/waste sector inc safety and external hazards and affect of climate change

39. Power supply and maintenance contract for visitor attraction

40. Fire detection and alarm systems contract

41. Security products supply and installation contract inc CCTV

42. Refurbishment and construction of facilities inc conference and meeting rooms for science facility

43. Health and safety equipment and training services contracts inc digital self-assessments, lone worker safety training, fire training, defribrillator training, IOSH etc

44. Fire safety system and vent installation contract

45. Landscaping contract with visitor attraction

46. Document scanning and storage contract for government organisation inc payment processing

47. Approved supplier list opportunity for following at wedding venue: Photography, video, catering, florist, taxi, events services, entertainment, clothing, hair and beauty services

48. Multi services framework in separate lots: trades inc plumbing, landscaping, building repairs, fit-out, flooring, door & window replacement, structural repairs, electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, renewables, design & builds, drone services, surveying and similar

49. Framework of demolition services suppliers inc reclaim materials

50. Opportunity to host training events inc larger conferences (75 delegates) and meeting rooms (25 delegates) for training programme

51. Designer/architect similar required to reconfigure office accomodation for NHS Trust

52. Tender to carry out electrical works at housing accomodation

53. Environmental assessment required for redevelopment project


1. Council seeking those who can offer adult skills training courses, seminars and workshops, and coaching. Subjects include languages, jewellery making, health/fitness, art

2. Pathway construction contract

3. Waste management/sewage services contract

4. Framework of housing architects

5. Software migration (Sharepoint) and support contract

6. Framework of cleaning services providers

7. IT support tender for organisation

8. Specialist trainer in men's health and wellbeing needed for council programme

9. Economic analysis and consultancy on carbon pricing opportunity

10. Asbestos consultancy/management contract including surveys

11. Expert consultant on carbon targets to advise on UK emissions trading scheme

12. Technical assessors sought for awards programme (separate lots): innovation, international trade, opportunity promotion, sustainable development

13. Media agency sought by university for its recruitment campaigns, inc artwork, copywriting, research, digital platforms etc

14. Framework of the following tech related services for use across public sector: IT support, software system providers, project mgmt, asset mgmt, security mgmt etc

15. Structural engineering consultants for council

16. Tender to provide safety and environmental audit of marine defences

17. Security systems maintenance contract inc access, CCTV and alarm systems

18. Safety related consultants and those who offer monitoring/data mgmt etc in workplace health, wellbeing & risk invited to supplier day

19. HR/payroll training services contract for council

20. Cleaning suppliers framework for NHS body

21. Organisation requires new contact centre software solution inc web chat, reporting, call recording etc

22. Framework of facade works providers for construction body

23. Email marketing services tender to organisation

24. Temporary & fixed term staff recruitment services contract for public sector bodies

25. Tree maintenance services contract for council

26. Estate maintenance training providers required by council

27. Play area refurbishment contract for council

28. Travel management services tender for university

29. Asbestos removal works contract for council

30. Software maintenance support contract for college

31. Business consultancy services contract for regional body

32. Retail concession opportunity in airport

33. Nursing home construction contract (£10M+)

34. Contract to deliver maintenance of Black Cat Traffic counters for council

35. Organisation needs a Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Strategy

36. Various contracts divided by area to deliver servicing and maintenance of clean water equipment and waste water services

37. Masterplaning contract for council regeneration project

38. Design and installation of security elements for transport hub inc CCTV, control hardware etc (in different lots)

39. Advertising and marketing contract for council inc venues promotion

40. Estate services grounds maintenance tender

42. Insurance provision tender

43. Learning and development partner required by council for its workforce training

44. Framework of various management consultants inc strategy, change management, finance, HR, IT, procurement, tax, risk management

46. Transport infrastructure and planning services pre-tender supplier engagement

47. Mobile business solution providers including apps early engagement for transport organisation

48. Fixtures, fittings, equipment supply and associated services pre tender engagement inc office furnishings, whiteboards, cabinets, kitchen ware

49. Construction body seeks a digital competency consultancy to oversee its qualifications, training and planning

50. Software integration architecture solution contract

51. Cleaning services contract for academy

52. Street lighting (LED) supply and installation contract for council

53. Uniform design and supply contract for museum

54. Housing management and maintenance contract for organisation

55. Framework of evaluation and research strategy consultancies with expertise in areas like civil society, inclusion, governance, arts, culture and similar

56. Tender to supply new website, CRM and CMS for organisation

57. Memorials repair and conservation works contract

58. Engineering and construction consultancy services contract for council

59. Supply of printing machinery and management system contract for college

60. Framework of postal services suppliers

61. Medical appeal board appraisement services supplier framework inc legal services suppliers, recruitment opportunities

62. Framework of the following equipment and materials suppliers: led lighting, windows, doors, modular buildings, external furniture, boilers/heating systems,

63. Framework of ironmongery suppliers

64. Car park toilet refurbishment contract

65. Habitat repairs contract for parks body

66. Research into boardroom diversity tender

67. Flood risk assessment contract for government department

68. Cleaning services contract for college

69. Online learning services supplier contract for university

70. Contract to build two new build residential dwellings for council

71. Website archiving services contract

72. Lead design & technical consultancy required for new medical facility

73. Bathroom supply and installation suppliers framework

74. Electrical services contract for organisation HQ

75. Pre-tender engagement for those offering managed HR, payroll and expenses services

76. Construction, repair, and refurbishment of museum contract

77. Place-making and design consultancy required for forest project


1. Tender to supply 24/7 call service for council

2. Cleaning services contract for schools academy

3. Ground investigation contract inc geotechnical testing, core sampling

4. Bulk laptops contract (3,000+) for organisation inc suppliers day

5. Tender to provide insurance services contract for university

6. Wayfinding/signage tender

7. Database system contract for NHS body

8. Project management and consultancy services contract

9. Large organisation seeks a supplier to create and operate its pension scheme inc auto-enrolment

10. Software maintenance and support contract for university

11. Framework of following construction services suppliers- external & internal decorations, repairs

12. Asset management software system contract for council

13. Leadership education and development contract for council

14. Roofing refurbishment contract for council

15. Property repairs and maintenance contract for council

16. Media strategy consultancy and related services contract

17. Playground equipment supply and installation contract for council

18. Tender with multiple lots (separate) for those offering inspection and installation of the following: air conditioning, ventilation, commercial kitchen equipment, photovoltaics, green roofs, CCTV, building management, structural timber

19. Cost consultancy and evaluation services contract for organisation

20. Demolition contract for council

21. Design & build of retail units inc structural steelworks, strip out, etc

22. Organisation requires a telephony solution and management software

23. Tender to provide payroll and HR services contract for organisation

24. Event management services contract inc venue sourcing, audience communications, filming and streaming events

25. Boiler decommission/installation contract at school

26. Marketing/creative agency to work with visitor attraction inc campaigns, events, photography/video

27. Business and marketing consultancy services contract inc PR, digital, marketing & events

28. Independent complaints review specialist contract

29. Impact evaluation required for funded project

30. Specialist cleaning and waste removal contract for housing body

31. Cricket square and artificial wicket required for council sport's ground

32. Energy management services tender for schools group

33. Structural inspection contract of pipework tender

34. Drainage works contract for council

35. Financial controller and auditor tender

36. Software development and database (bespoke property listing site) contract

37. Demolition service providers framework for organisation

38. Research and consultancy services contract for government department (pollution and payment programme)

39. Construction services framework (separate lots): lifts, M&E, heating, works, new builds

40. Gin supplier contract with large venue

41. Electrical services contract for organisation

42. CCTV supply and installation contract for NHS body

43. Appliance testing and inspection contract for university

44. Taps and showers suppliers framework for construction body

45. Health body requires a Quality Management System/Incident Reporting system

46. Contract to undertake an economic and social return study on leisure facility

47. Provision of a document management system, training and support for organisation

48. Contract to provide environmental consultancy services

49. Organisation seeks a provider to support its integration architecture solution

50. Tender for architect-led multi-disciplinary practice to design and remodel church for new uses

51. Framework of the following services providers with council: network management, wireless. broadband and fibre services, cloud, CCTV, fire alarms, door security systems, security guarding

52. Tender to provide council with media, advertising and event production services (excluding design)

53. School cleaning tender

54. Preferred suppliers listing opportunity with a council for the following service providers: printing (all formats), signage/displays, creative services inc graphic design & digital media, photography, filming/TV, animation, drone filming, marketing etc

55. Event and production management inc AV tender for university graduations

56. Tender to provide a range of insurance services in separate lots to housing group

57. Suitable qualified trainers required to deliver water industry technical training


1. Construction contract - small value (> 100k)

2. Medical insurance contract for university

3. Road surfaces repairs contract

4. Organisation seeks to outsource its financial administrationb, support and reporting

5. Accessibility works contract for university

6. Windows and doors replacement contract

7. Architect tender inc masterplan

8. Event management services early engagement for council inc suppliers day

9. Proof readers required for project

10. Print distribution services contract for council

11. Strip-out/demolition services tender

12. Construction framework inc M&E, electrics, lighting, building, windows and door installation, roofing, groundworks, gas,

13. Repair works contract for council residential property

14. Environmental data monitoring contract (two lots): radar survey of shore and sea, wave data measuring

15. Building fabric, mechanical, electrical, repairs & maintenance suppliers framework for council

16. Contract to supply renewable energy for council

17. Door manufacturers suppliers framework for construction group

18. Logo design contract

19. Lake works contract inc fish nurseries, eco management etc

20. Media/library/council property refurbishment contract inc plant replacement, new lighting system

21. General insurance services tender

22. IT security testing services contract for council

23. Repairs, major works, and emergency works contract for council

24. Construction contract for university inc refurbishment of accommodation blocks

25. CCTV traffic software and support contract

26. Asset management software system supply contract for organisation

27. Programme management and delivery support and business services contract

28. Data digitisation services contract for statistical body

29. Temporary and fixed term recruitment services suppliers framework of suppliers

30. Tender to provide insurance services to housing group

31. Construction supplier framework (previously published deadline extended)

32. Framework of construction consultants (separate lots): environmental, sustainability, landscaping, regeneration, architecture, QS, valuation, surveying, mechanical, electrical, building, multi-disciplinary

33. Major works design and construction contract for port

34. Tree surgery suppliers and associated services framework

35. Council requires CMS, CRM and other software systems

36. Accredited apprenticeship training providers framework

37. Contract to replace flat roofs and associated works

38. Case management software solution & IT management sought by council (£10M)

39. Financial/fund management software system sought by organisation

40. Employee benefits broker services contract for organisation

41. Recruitment services contract for university

42. Framework of hardware, software, cloud and similar services' suppliers

43. Video storage (non-digital) and distribution system contract

44. Construction works suppliers framework for council inc roofing, windows, doors and security, plumbing, residential refurbishment,

45. Bathroom and kitchen installation suppliers contract for council

46. Applicants invited to join transport design review body (funded) 

47. Employee relocation services required inc property valuations & residential surveys etc as well as removal

48. Council requires supplier which offers managed HR and payroll service

49. Tender to provide insurance services to housing group

50. Development partner sought by council for large regeneration project

51. Tender to provide managed music services to schools group

52. Council looking to appoint architect to act as lead designer on multi-use venue inc masterplanning

53. Opportunity for Legal consultants/experts esp in computing/IT/cloud