Urbano Network tender opportunities

Urbano Network is a powerhouse of connections and opportunities. As part of our proactive approach to helping members across our various Communities find new business leads, we send out a weekly Tenders & Opportunities Notice to all our members and associates. If you are not responsible for marketing, bidding or tendering for your company, please forward this notice to the relevant department as all tenders are time-limited.

This digest is assembled after searching over 100 keywords across multiple tendering platforms relevant to our membership (Media, Build, Finance, Host, People & Tech) and features live public, funded (schools, universities etc) and private tender opportunities.

To receive the tender from any of the list below your company must have an Urbano Connections + Tenders membership, which is £39 per month or £395 per year. Urbano Connections (inc events and online tools) Membership is £25 per month. Details here: Urbano Membership


WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10TH - Urbano Build & UWACTE Networking Evening
Hosted by Minotti London at their Fitzrovia Showroom

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 17TH - Networking Lunch City of London
Eight Members' Club Bank

THURSDAY OCTOBER 25TH - Networking Breakfast City of London + TV Crew
Devonshire Private Members' Club

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 7TH - Networking MasterBlast & Graduate* Evening
Inamo Covent Garden (* for new joiners of Urbano Member Companies only)

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REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Creative/marketing/design agencies and creative freelancers framework for university (lots according to size)

2. Cleaning services contract for housing body

3. Council insurance tender for its residential leasehold, shared ownership and mortgaged properties

4. Supplier needed to evaluate impact of Work and Health (DWP) Programme

5. IT support services contract for large transport body

6. Council seeks architectural companies to deliver multi-disciplinary design services on various development sites

7. Housing organisation general insurance tender, including claims handling, loss control services, engineering inspections and advice

8. Framework of legal services providers for organisation (separate lots) across all areas

9. Property/leasehold insurance services contract for various councils

10. Insurance services contracts across all areas for council (various lots)

11. Contract to Design, Print And Distribute (separate lots) a new council publication

12. Esourcing/procurement platform software development contract for commercial body

13. Tender to provide organisation with Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management Software system

14. Organisation looking for insurance brokerage and associated support services for its occupational pension scheme

15. Framework of structural engineers for housing body

16. Media strategy, planning and buying agency required by financial body for campaign (prior notice inc supplier event)

17. Cloud hosted financial management system development contract for council

18. Asset valuation contract for historical body

19. Framework of manned guarding and security service providers for housing body

20. Recruitment contract for senior property/FM appointments for university (separate lots) inc project managers, engineering, M&E, security

21. Framework of mapping and modelling service providers

22. Logistics/transport/storage contract of glass exhibits

23. Framework of various suppliers for rail sector inc civils, construction, power, telecoms, earthworks, metalworks, design, surveys/geotechnicals

24. School cleaning services contract

25. Contract to deliver, store and distribute a healthcare publication

26. Various electrical engineering services contracts (separate lots) inc MEP, Fire and Security, IT and Data, Lightning Protection

27. Framework of telecommunication design and network integration support services providers for rail body inc CCTV, cyber security, data systems, voice, civil and electrical/mechanical engineering

28. Accounting and auditing contract for organisation

29. Printing services contract for NHS body

30. Contract to build, Fit Out and maintain UK pavilion in international expo (Dubai)

31. Framework of property asset valuation providers for government department (residentialand non-residential)

32. Bridge replacement works contract for council

33. External audit services contract for university

34. Contract to develop and maintain Provider Data Self-Assessment Toolkit (PDSAT) for government department

35. Towerblock refurbishment contracts for council

36. Organisation wishes to procure a Data Acquisition and Control (DAQ/C) System to cover the heating and cooling of STC-3 (space test chamber)

37. Contract to refurbish two flats for council (£900k)

38. Contract to develop a web portal for finance organisation

39. Residential refurbishment contract for council

40. Recruitment consultant required by council to support the recruitment of critical roles in the organisation

41. Advertising and media buying contract for university targeting students (£5M)

42. Repair and maintenance contract for housing body (£2M)

43. Tender to develop a set of data-driven web pages on behalf of government department

44. Fit out contract for organisation

45. Contract to produce a a cycling event inc sound, lights and performance

46. Bespoke digital system development early engagement inc supplier days

47. Catering Supplier Event - Canteen Operator for Central London Council offices

48. Central London Borough contract to deliver a range of business services including business engagement, PR, marketing, BID expertise etc (Pre-market engagement)

49. Tender for main contractor to build a new community facility in Central London

50. Tender for apprenticeship training and assessment


1. Security consultancy contract with large organisation inc personnel, key holding, event security etc

2. Construction of community centre tender (£2.5M)

3. Fit out works contract for science building

4. Market scoping for money management contract for council

5. Roofing contract for housing body (£0.5M)

6. Promenade refurbishment contract inc paving, landscaping and water feature

7. Website development contract for organisation

8. Fibre network development contract for council

9. Contracts to develop the following for housing group: high res CGI's/3-d animations/drone footage; animations; film production of promotional clips; interactive/digital displays; launch events and tour; digital advertising

10. Digital administration/procurement mgmt tool development contract - supplier days ahead of tenders

12. Information services contract for fire body inc operating enquiry service, bulletins production, research and marketing

13. Recruitment consultant required for specialist roles contract for council

14. Consultancy contract for accredited Unit4 Business World consultants

15. Recruitment advertising agency required by energy body

16. Office remodelling contract for university

17. Contractor for flood prevention works on private properties for council

18. Applications invited for construction companies to join large framework

19. Contractor for university building works inc Grade II listed building

20. Provision of access (CARDAX) control system contract for council

21. Tour operator required for council sponsored music tours

22. Re-roofing contract at science centre

23. Lightning protection installation contract for council

24. Exhibit transport contract for museum

25. Engineering inspection services contract for council

26. Contract to deliver single person council tax review services for council

27. Financial skills survey contract for government department

28. Structural and civil engineering consultants framework for housing body

29. New depot construction contract for rail body

30. Recruitment agencies invited to apply to join preferred supplier list for charitable housing body

31. Insurance services contract for housing body (separate lots): liability, fidelity guarantee, motor, contract works,

32. Online and blended learning content production and platform optimisation for law college (separate lots): Production of course videos, learning packages

33. Aids and adaptations contract for council inc kitchens, intercoms/entry systems, lifts, hoists

34. Framework of telecommunication design and network integration support service providers for rail body inc voice, data, CCTV, security systems, cyber security, electrical and mechanical engineering and civil engineering

35. Storage and distribution provider needed for NHS publications

36. Mechanical and electrical engineering contracts (separate lots) for institute: MEP, Fire & Security, IT/ Data, Lightning Protection

37. Engineering works - repairs to decks on ship - contract for London-based vessel

38. Reinforced concrete works contract for institute

40. Contract to design, supply and install timber structural alterations

41. Clinical coding service (recruitment, management and training of coding and administration staff) contract for hospital

42. Major works contract for dual carriageway (£12M)

43. Housing body framework of flood risk consultants

44. Major redevelopment of London area inc design and construction of highway and public realm improvements (EOIs invited)

45. Civil engineers framework for housing body

46. Framework of sustainability consultants for housing body

47. Transport consultants framework for housing body

48. Framework of right to light consultants for housing body

49. Facade consultants framework for housing body

50. Framework of planning consultants for housing body

51. Framework of M & E consultants for housing body

52. Framework of utilities consultants for housing body

53. Contract to survey, install and maintain fire alarm systems for utility body

54. Pools maintenance contract for council

55. Delivery partners for youth programme inc training, activities, logistics etc

56. Recruitment partnerships contracts for citizens body programme focused on young people and schools engagement

57. Lintel suppliers framework for housing body

58. Contract to develop an online platform inc CRM, web etc for council

59. Bespoke technology developers who can offer tools to optimise resource planning invited to engage with transport body


1. Debt fund investment management contract with council

2. Joint venture investment partner sought for multiple development sites

3. Environmental/nature consultancy contract for ecological body

4. Construction of new hut contract for London council (£100k)

5. Framework for suppliers of concrete blocks for housing body

6. Legal services framework for multiple pension bodies in the public sector across all areas of law inc pensions and investments

7. Framework of workplace services providers including provision of machinery, A/V equipment, and telecoms equipment for commercial body

8. Framework for provision and installation of drainage for housing body

9. Business intelligence tool/spending/contracts & market information for council

10. Credit reference agency required for financial data anaylsis

11. Burglar alarm provision and installation contract for council

12. Listed building refurbishment and fit-out contract (£1m)

13. Civil and structural engineering consultancy required for college project

14. Construction contract inc groundworks and new storage facility

15. Cost consultancy contract for college development

16. Heritage organisation wishes to commission review of the outcomes of its funding programme

17. Planning consultant contract for college project

18. Data and email contract with subscription organisation

19. Pre tender engagement with case management system providers

20. Data analytics system required by organisation

21. Communications and PR /reputational management contracts with authority

22. Mechanical servicing and maintenance for public buildings contract across council's schools, commercial property etc

23. Framework (EOI) for professional services inc project mgmt, QS, design teams and contract admin

24. Specialist sports related legal services providers framework

25. Financial and legal analytical specialist service providers to advise UK government on US financial services and regulation

26. Sports body requires research into its key relationships and stakeholders

27. Conference venue required for early 2019 - 250+ attendees

28. Research services providers framework for government and other agencies

29. Insurance provision tender for council

30. Renovation of play area contract for autistic centre

31. Online retail platform required by iconic visitor attraction

32. Flooring materials supplies and fitters contract for organisation inc carpet, vinyl etc

33. Provision of domestic furniture products inc kitchens for organisation

34. Boiler maintenance/repairs (£2M+), and drainage construction contracts for housing body

35. Lake crossing design and build contract for council (£2M)

36. Floor coverings provision contract

37. Fire safety systems servicing and maintenance contract (£2M)

38. Framework of mast climbers for housing body

39. Legal advisory services framework for college (separate lots) including HR, property, IP, immigration, student advice

40. Contract to relocate council staff, their equipment and office clearance

41. Framework for electrical contractors for housing trust

42. Framework for mechanical services contractors for housing trust

43. PIN - maintenance and housing decoration services for council

44. PIN - Software and other providers invited to supplier day to discuss payroll saving programme inc advertising, APIs

45. PIN - Framework for archaeological service providers for housing body

46. PIN ahead of framework of Enviromental Impact Assessors for housing body

47. PIN ahead of framework for architectural services providers for housing body

48. Invitations to software and tech solutions developers to engage with grant funding body on enhancing its system

49. Mobile broadband and VOIP effectiveness measurement contract for regulatory body

50. Framework of digital service providers inc UX, accessibility, video, design and user testing

51. Memorial construction contract in two stages inc site clearance works, paving, fencing and sculpture installation etc (£12M)

52. Design and build contract at airport inc security fencing, gates, CCTV, access control

53. Contract to operate postal room services and patient correspondence (keen to look at new digital solutions) at various hospital sites

54. Waterfront development construction related contracts inc logistics, accommodation, substructure, superstructure,roof, MEP, fit out, bridge constructions, public realm and retail works

55. Recruitment agencies invited to apply to be part of preferred supplier list across all types of roles with housing body

56. Cash collection and transit services contract for council

57. Auditing services tender for organisation

58. Construction works - shell, fit-out and M&E - for NHS trust project (£5M)

59. Modular accommodation block required for construction project

60. Heating system servicing and repair contracts for housing body

61. Managed print services contract for NHS trust



REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Dental insurance contract for organisation's staff and their families

2. Web-based tool development contract to ensure GDPR compliance and information/data recording for governmental body

3. Framework for electrical project works contractors for council inc LED lighting, wiring, meters, fire alarms system, fire alarms, CCTV etc

4. Business case support contract for acquisition of national park by organisation

5. School cleaning contract

6. Web development contract for organisation inc off-site updating, maintenance and new micro site for jobs

7. Window treatments contract  - blinds, curtains etc -across housing group's properties

8. Disabled adapations and single storey extension construction contract

9. Replacement and extension of existing access control system for large leisure establishment

10. Sports body research contract into evaluation of its partnerships

11. Leadership & management development programme contract for council

12. Technical editors and writers to work on environmental research projects inc reports, reviews, consultation documents and similar

13. Refurbishment and over-cladding works on science building contract (£7M+)

14. Mediation services provider contract for council, its staff and tenants

15. Server maintenance contract for council

16. Framework of Asset Valuation Service providers for global organisation

17. Flood protection works contract in private properties for council

18. Insurance services tenders for council and other bodies inc property, commercial property, motor, engineering etc

19. Applicants - barristers and solicitors - invited to join legal panel for work with government departments

20. Event management contract for arts and entertainment event with council

21. Research project on housing and loneliness inc housing associations and planning

22. Contract to provide accreditation and moderation of the HSE training programme

23. Roofing works contracts with housing body

24. Tender to provide architectural services on large project for college

25. Digital learning video contract with university

26. Fit out works contract on campus (£0.5M)

27. Research contract to evaluate understanding of people's environmental priorities to inform policy

28. Contract to deliver Sustainability Assessment & Habitats Regulation Assessment for council's Local Plan

29. Electrical repairs and inspection contract for organisation

30. Office refurbishment contract for organisation inc site visit

31. Harbour management software supply contract (engagement phase)

32. Framework of workplace services providers (separate lots)- security, housing, defence FM

33. Framework of catering disposables providers

34. Fire safety detection equipment contracts with housing body

35. Large rail sidings & depot construction tender

36. Framework of structural & civil engineering consultants with housing body

37. Smart meter technical assessment contract

38. School expansion construction tender (£11M)

39. Design and manufacture of professional footwear contract for transport body

40. Council framework of following suppliers for repairs and maintenance contracts inc highways, building refurbishment, adaptations etc

41. Tender to relocate and fit-out CCTV control room for council

42. Design and build contract for affordable homes programme (houses and flats)

43. Early engagement with catering services providers for organisation with three sites in central London

44. Revenue optimisation and forecasting management system contract with transport company

45. Broadband infrastructure supply contract for council

46. Cleaning services contract for organisation with three office sites

47. Framework of temporary workers and interim contractor agencies to work with government bodies and departments

48. Stationery supply sought by council

49. Framework of creative agencies to work with university on its new brand identity

50. Media buying agency sought to work with organisation (£900k) inc digital



VENUE REQUESTS (open to Members and non-members to use)

To get Urbano to help find your ideal Christmas party venue, or source any other venue for your event, please email Caroline (caroline@urbanonetwork.co.uk)


Members can ask us to find suppliers and quotes confidentially. Send in your requests by Monday 5pm for inclusion in next week's list) to Mark (mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk).



REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Web and digital development services contract inc UX, accessibility, video, design and user testing

2. Responsive repairs contract for housing association and its properties

3. Council seeks Segregated Fund Management of Private Debt Funds - (m ore than one contract) - for its pension

4. Highway maintenance, street lighting and other improvement works with council

5. Contract to deliver organisation's staff Private Medical Insurance

6. MOD contract for supplier/s to offer consultancy on latest science and tech developments esp around security and emerging technologies

7. Framework of marine and coastal and flood engineering services suppliers

8. Government department seeks insurance advisor to offer reviews and risk analysis around nuclear sector

9. IT services inc support contract and server monitoring for housing body

10. Business management consultancy services contract for organisation inc learning and programme legacy

11. Suppliers sought to design, build, host and support a template/document management system for fund management body

12. Supplier sought to measure mobile and telephone performance on smartphones and analyse user experience

13. Framework of web and digital service providers inc UX, accessibility, video, design and user testing, security, support, security, service continuity, data storage etc

14. Memorial construction contract inc stonework, foundation, plinth, paving, wayfinding, landscaping

15. Pre-engagement with catering services providers for university contract

16. Framework of metal riser door suppliers

17. Replacement roofing contract on 19th century building

18. Fire door repair and maintenance contract

19. CRM system contract to replace existing council system and to cover all its services and departments

20. Web-based legal resources system required by regulatory body to store and provide access to law databases and information

21. Council requires provider to offer support on its Squiz Matrix CMS system

22. Website design and development contract including CMS for housing body

23. Tender to supply utilities switching services for public sector clients

24. Estate management contract inc property letting, leases, rent reviews of commercial properties etc for council

25. Pre-tender survey ahead of major works framework for contractors and other construction professional services

26. Framework of debt collection service providers

27. Lighting suppliers contracts inc low voltage lamps, low energy, outdoor security lamps and fittings, fluorescents (separate lots)

28. Insurance services tender for council (separate lots) inc engineering, liability, motor, property, accident

29. Construction framework of large projects  (PLUS £2-5M contracts only)

30. Art relocation contract

31. Contract to develop a solar car park in the Antarctic

32. Organisations invited to tender to develop and deliver Governance Development programme

33. School ICT contract



REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Framework of Professional service providers for rail body inc building services, Project management, Architect services, Structural design, Cost consultancy. M&E, project mgmt, QS, commercial mgmt, BIM services, environmental services, conservation, noise, energy mgmt, interior design, landscape architect, planning, space planning services and smilar

2. Audit contract for housing group

3. Investment and Regeneration Major Works (housing) contractor contracts

4. Framework for debt collection service providers

5. IT Managed Support Services contract for housing body

6. Insurance services contracts for council (separate lots): property, liability, directors liabilty

7. Professional Technical Services Framework for council inc project mgmt, employers agents, civil and structural engineering, M&E, surveying services, QS, cost consultancy, multidisciplinary consultants and architectural design (housing)

8. Coastal and flood risk works contracts inc surveying, engineering, environmental assessments

9. M&E consultants framework for housing body

10. Fire safety and detection equipment servicing maintenance contract for housing body (divided into geographical lots)

11. Housing JCT Design and Build construction contract for council

12. Framework of construction and property professional service providers, inc civil and structural engineers, mechanical an electrical, QS, highways and transport, building surveyors, BREEAM assessors, environmental, sustainability, fire, lighting, transport, energy

13. FM contract for large London building and estate

14. Framework of electronic security system and maintenance providers

15. Learning development services framework for multiple councils - leadership/management strategy and training programmes design and delivery

16. Solicitor agent contract for nuclear body

17. Software engineering and App development contract for organisation inc web and non-web based software

18. Property related services tenders for council inc Marketing, Letting, Tenancy, Facilities & Asset Management Services

19. Event management contract for concert

20. External wall insulation installation contract for housing body

21. Insolvency legal services contracts specifically for education sector

22. Demolition contract for council

23. Software system contract with NHS arm inc data analytics. data cleansing from multiple sources, data visualisation tools, web reports etc (pre market engagement)

24. LED lighting system installation contract for council

25. Legal case management system contract for council (short deadline)

26. Video interview system contract for university

27. Education management software information system contract for council

28. Tender to provide Employee Assistance Programme for organisation's staff

29. Demolition contract for council

30. Council requires data analytics software tool

31. Play area upgrade contract for council

32. Publisher required for publication and marketing of university history journal

33. Integrated Human Resources information system required for global organisation

34. Property/estate professional service providers and property management(separate lots) required by UK organisation

35. Framework of fire protection providers inc strategy and advisors, fire doors, fire route surveyors, CDM, expert witness advisors

36. Framework of digital transformation solutions providers for NHS body

37. Tender to provide Employee Benefit services to staff of organisation

38. Tender to provide sales & marketing advice to housing development companyinc advice on valuations and design/specification

39. Framework of insulation material providers to housing body

40. Council looking for organisation to develop and manage new co-working space

41. Framework of flooring suppliers and installers across council property inc carpet, vinyl, safety flooring etc

42. Council looking to appoint consultants to help develop its business case and strategy on Smart/digital connectivity infrastructure inc fibre, 5G etc

43. Research contract to examine shared parental leave inc employers and employees

44. Contract to replace cladding on timber framed properties

45. Organisation requires CHECK Certified contractor to provide IT health and compliance check on its systems

46. Comms department of organisation requires software system to manage internal and external communications, PR etc

47. Contract to design and deliver container storage surfacing works (£2M +)


End of Recent Archive. Most tenders and frameworks have a maximum preparation and submittal time of around 4 weeks. For new joiners, we will generally only send tenders from within this time limit.


Members - If you need a tender partner or other specialist to work with you on a bid, contact mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk for introductions (or use Search in your Dashboard).

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