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Urbano Network is a catalyst to business connections and opportunities for its members, which goes beyond our regular calendar of events. Every Tuesday, we send out a range of tendering opportunities relevant to our members' different services, including construction, design, creative, finance, legal, HR/employment, tech, zero carbon/sustainability & others.

Our tenders service helps SMEs find opportunities to extend their client base and engage with the public sector at a fraction of the cost of paid services. Opportunities are listed below or search all recent tenders using 'CTRL + F ' keyword' here: Tenders @ Urbano

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** THIS THURSDAY MAY 26TH ** Networking breakfast & speaker event - The Changing Workplace – Design & FunctionHosted by Sagal

Wednesday June 15th - Summer networking lunch and lawn bowls event in the City
- The Bowls Club LDN

Wednesday June 22nd - Women In Business networking lunch - The Italian Greyhound, Marylebone

ednesday 13th July - Urbano networking evening - The Broadcaster, White City

Wednesday 20th July Urbano Build, UWACTE & Zero Carbon Communities Networking Lunch - The Lighterman, King's Cross

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Wednesday May 25th Summer Investment Opportunities 2 Pitch (PA Capital Partners)

Tuesday June 7th The Road-Pricing Challenge, national, local & political (
BDB Pitmans)

Friday June 10th The Procurement Bill 2022 (Trowers & Hamlins)

Thursday June 16th Financial Management for Business Owners (Evoke Management)

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1. Architect-led design team required for historic buildings project

2. Construction and fencing works contract for school

3.Construction and related services for new roofs to residential properties

4. Construction contract to develop residential accommodation

5. Contract to convert bank building into commercial units

6. Depot design and construction contract

7. Design and build contract for a mix of residential buildings inc landscaping

8. Design team required for new college buildings

9. Development management contract for NHS Trust's projects

10. External lighting installation contract for council

11. Fire alarm maintenance contract for university

12. Fire alarm system contract for school

13. Fire alarm, emergency lightning, fire safety system works contract for council

14. Fire doors and safety works contract for schools group

15. Fire protection maintenance contract for council

16. Fire safety works contract for council

17. Footbridge repair contract for organisation

18. Framework of construction consultants inc architects, project managers, QS, building services engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers,

19. Framework of construction product testers PIN for government department

20. Framework of contractors for projects converting spaces into residential buildings

21. Framework of disabled access works contractors

22. Framework of mechanical, electrical, general building works service suppliers for organisation - PIN

23. Framework of property, construction and maintenance suppliers for national organisation

24. Framework of seabed mapping/surveying services suppliers

25. Groundworks contract for council

26. Main site works contract for housing development

27. Public building maintenance contract for council

28. Refurbishment contract for building conversion

29. Refurbishment contract for council building

30. Roof works contract for schools group

31. Roofing works contract for schools group - second contract

32. School expansion works contract

33. Surveyor required for dilapidation works to office block

34. Toilet refurbishment contract for council

35. University seeks accommodation development partner

36. Banner advertising services PIN for council

37. Exhibition graphics contract for venue

38. Framework of aerial photographer service suppliers for surveys

39. Framework of marketing, PR & engagement suppliers for energy efficiency programme - suppliers day

40. Integrated digital communications PIN for NHS body

41. Large digital advertising display contract for council

42. Marketing agency to develop campaign for medical organisation

43. Website development contract for organisation

44. Bidding consultants contract for council's funding application

45. Cleaning contract for organisation

46. Customer research contract for infrastructure body

47. Estate agent services contract for council's residential development

48. Evaluation required of SME funding programme

49. Insurance services contract for council

50. Insurance services contract for organisation

51. Festival event production services contract

52. Customer research contract for transport organisation

53. HR and payroll services contract for housing body

54. Market research of residents contract

55. Occupational health services contract for organisation

56. Online residents panel research management contract

57. Payroll and HR services contract for organisation

58. Staff engagement survey contract for medical organisation

59. Translation contract for organisation

60. Aerial system repairs and maintenance contract for council's properties

61. Apple computing equipment supply contract for college

62. Call system and entry system contract for organisation

63. Fleet management software solution required by council

64. Framework of data collection service suppliers for transport organisation

65. ICT managed contract for college

66. Managed IT hosting and support contract for organisation

67. Online learning platform development contract

68. Portable computer supply contract for organisation

69. Public address system supply contract for stadium

70. Supply and install of audio visual equipment supply contract for college

71. Traffic monitoring sensors required by council

72. Air quality monitoring station contract for council

73. Central heating system works contract for organisation

74. Framework of decarbonisation retrofit works suppliers for organisation (various UK areas)

75. Managing consultancy to run international commercial heat pump retrofit programme

76. Market research contract into perceptions of environmental services

77. Replacement chiller contract for council


1. Asbestos surveys contract for housing body

2. Civils and structural works contract for depot construction project

3. Design and build contract for new cafe

4. Electrical rewire contract for school

5. Emergency lighting works contract school

6. External facade improvement contractor required by housing body

7. External paint works contract for listed building

8. Fire electrical maintenance contract for organisation

9. Fire station construction and refurbishment contract for fire body

10. Framework of construction services consultants inc architects, project mgmt, engineers - civil, structural etc, building surveyors, environmental, MP&E, planning & others

11. Framework of construction services suppliers for infrastructure project (small to large works)

12. Framework of contractors - supplier day

13. Framework of following for council: landscaping, groundworks, arboriculture, green spaces services

14. Framework of following for UK ports organisation: engineering, project management, quantity surveying consultants

15. Hard facilities management contract for council

16. Main contractor for fire station improvement works

17. Main contractor required for exhibition works at museum

18. Main works contractor required for 60 unit new homes & flats development

19. Main works contractor required for 60 unit new homes & flats development (part 2)

20. Mechanical and electrical contractor sought by council

21. Meet The Buyer event for construction contractors & consultants with council

22. New flats construction contract for housing body

23. New ramp for school

24. New ramp for school

25. Principal designer and construction contracts (separate lots) for pathway

26. Public conveniences construction contract for council

27. Public realm improvement works contract for council

28. Refurbishment & fit-out works to convert previous office buildings into teaching spaces

29. Residential extension contract

30. Residential refurbishment works inc structural

31. Roofing works contract for council's listed town hall

32. Roofing works contracts for council

33. School refurbishment works contract

34. Schools works contract inc boiler room refurbishment, electrics, renovation of classrooms

35. Sports facility fit-out contract

36. Sports facility flooring works contract for schools group

37. Supply, install, maintain interment vaults at crematoriums

38. Void works contract for housing body

39. 2D & 3D producer required to create elements of exhibition

40. Communications agency required by finance sector organisation to deliver full range of services

41. Creative agency contract for large organisation to assist in customer service perception & performance

42. Culture strategy (visitor economy & heritage) development contract for council

43. Framework of furniture services for organisation inc space planning, suppliers, installers, recycling

44. Framework of marketing agencies for university inc PPC, media & online buying, design, production

45. Framework of marketing agencies with youth campaign experience

46. Framework of media buyer services for council

47. Interior design required to deliver show homes & marketing suites

48. Marketing and branding agency/consultancy required for residential development

49. Media production partner inc online required to develop materials with university

50. PR agency contract with UK organisation - PIN

51. PR agency required by business services organisation

52. Soundscape designer/agency required for exhibition

53. Video production contract

54. Expert witnesses with economics required

55. Fiduciary management evaluation for organisation

56. Financial due diligence support for financial organisation

57. Framework of legal service suppliers for housing body - across all specialisms, including employment, construction, property etc

58. Framework of legal service suppliers for housing organisation across all disciplines (different organisation to 57)

59. Procurement and project management capability review contract for infrastructure body

60. Soft facilities management PIN for NHS Trust

61. University requires consultancy to develop its team around clean growth & AI

62. Event management contract for transport project inc PR

63. Event management services suppliers sought for incoming international element of festival inc travel, accomodation,schedule planning & delivery

64. Events strategy consultancy required by council to develop commercial case for activities

65. HR consultancy required to review how council works with employees, inc pay, processes, ED&I, etc

66. HR information services contract for college

67. Audio visual hardware supply contract for venue

68. Council looking to acquire BIM development and training services - engagement phase

69.Digital care management system contract for council's care homes

70. Door entry system and CCTV works contract for council

71. Flood warning system software development contract for government department

72. Framework of ICT and cloud service suppliers for council

73. Immersive leaning/training design facility required by school

74. IT hosting and support contract for housing organisation

75. Legal case management system supply contract for council

76. Public address system contract for stadium

77. Replace for Storage Area Networks systems contract

78. Teaching organisation requires training platform

79. Traffic monitoring sensors contract for council

80. Web portal required by housing body

81. Biodiversity surveillance project inc analysis, managing projects, data mgmt,

82. Environmental consultancy contract to create woodland - market engagement

83. Heat pump replacement contract

84. Heating system contract for council

85. Maintenance of environmental monitoring systems for organisation

86. Market research contract into perception of environmental services

87. Water quality services contract for council to ensure compliance with standards


1. Architect required to design previous office space into future workplaces

2. Boiler works contract for council

3. Civil and structural engineering team required to help develop residential scheme

4. Construction contract for building repairs to school

5. Construction contract to design and construct nursing home

6. Contractor invited to restore and refurbish listed building and create community facility, inc event spaces, cafe etc

7. Contractor required to undertake conservation works to listed property

8. Demolition, repair and maintenance contract for fire station properties

9. Employers agent & cost consultant contract for housing development

10. Framework of fire, safety and security systems suppliers and consultants for housing body

11. Framework of multidisciplinary services suppliers inc architectural

12. Framework of technical advisory and support service suppliers for power project

13. Heating system works contract for school

14. Housing condition survey contract for housing group

15. Lead designer/creative designer to work on redevelopment of exhibition space at Grade 1 listed building

16. ME&P engineering & sustainability consultants for residential development

17. Refurbishment contract for business centre unit

18. Roof works contract for school

19. Audio visual content producer to develop experiences for visitor centre

20. Council requires a website, magazine and guide for part of its public-facing services

21. Design agency required to work with museum on various projects that engage audiences

22. Exhibition lead design contract for venue within listed building

23. Office furniture supply contract for refurbished work space

24. PR services contract to work with business services organisation

25. Board of organisation requires external evaluation into its governance and policies

26. Economic development strategy contract for council

27. Exhibition transport contract for museum

28. Framework of asset and property management consultants for housing organisation

29. Framework of business support services providers across all areas and disciplines

30. Framework of export finance and credit risk insurance service suppliers inc brokers

31. Framework of legal services providers to energy project

32. Investment plan consultancy contract for council

33. Planning appeal consultancy contract for council

34. Property agent services contract for council

35. Employer survey contract for government department

36. Finance, HR, Exchequer (Payroll) services/solutions suppliers invited to engage with council

37. Leadership and management programme development contract with council's management team

38. CCTV services contract for council

39. Cloud services contract for university - market engagement around integration tech

40. Fire, security, CCTV systems works contract for school

41. Framework of IT service suppliers inc digital strategy, data security

42. Microsoft Office 2021 licensing contract for council

43. Specialist data security testing contract for NHS body

44. Supply and installation of external digital signage for council

45. Beaver habitat construction works

46. Boiler replacement contract for school

47. Cycleway construction contract

48. Electrical inspection condition reports and smoke detector installations contract for council properties

49. Environmental consultancy (woodland creation) contract - engagement phase

50. Heat pump works contract for school

51. Heating system technology contract for university

52. Insulation works contract for council's properties

53. Sustainability consultancy contract for organisation

54. Water safety remedial works contract for NHS body