Urbano Network tender opportunities

Urbano Network is a powerhouse of connections and opportunities. As part of our proactive approach to helping members across our various Communities find new business leads, we send out a weekly Tenders & Opportunities Notice to all our members and associates. If you are not responsible for marketing, bidding or tendering for your company, please forward this notice to the relevant department as all tenders are time-limited.

This digest is assembled after searching over 100 keywords across multiple tendering platforms relevant to our membership (Media, Build, Finance, Host, People & Tech) and features live public, funded (schools, universities etc) and private tender opportunities.

To receive the tender from any of the list below your company must have an Urbano Connections + Tenders membership, which is £39 per month or £395 per year. Urbano Connections (inc events and online tools) Membership is £25 per month. 



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V1. Urbano Member requires venue for its Christmas party - 50 for seated lunch or dinner with evening entertainment, ideally in City or Shoreditch

V2. Urbano Member is looking for Private Dining Rooms in Mayfair/Marylebone/St James's restaurants (suggestions welcome)

To get Urbano to help find your ideal Christmas (or other) venue, or to respond to these requests, please email Caroline (caroline@urbanonetwork.co.uk)


S1. Member company needs a copywriter/marketing expert to help shape content and imagery for its brochure

S2. Same company requires printing quotes for same brochure

Please email your response to each (separately) to Mark (mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk)  for forwarding.


REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

[Urbano runs regular training workshops in bids and tendering, including in-house bespoke sessions.  If you would like information on how to approach tendering or improve your success rate, please email 
caroline@urbanonetwork.co.uk ]

1. Property professional services framework for UK organisation inc project mgmt, contractor liaison, planning, construction design mgmt, surveys inc structural, compliance, asbestos, feasibility, BREEAM assessments & others

2. Construction consultancy service providers framework for housing body inc employers agents, architectural, construction mgmt

3. New build construction contract for council - multiple storey flat blocks

4. Corporate cleaning contract for council inc schools, parks, libraries, offices, community centres etc (separate lots)

5. External audit services contract for national body

6. Print tender for subscription magazine

7. Framework of PR agencies sub-divided into regions for large media organisation

8. Provision and maintenance contract of fire alarms, security and CCTV for NHS Trust

9. Framework of legal services with council consortium (separate lots) inc pensions, commercial, construction, telecoms/IT, contracts, GDP, media, environment, planning, property, housing, litigation, employment, counsel, advocacy, loss adjusters,

10. Online programmes management provider contract for university

11. School construction works contract inc roofing

12. Calls to register interest ahead of large tender round for those who offer employment benefit/salary sacrifice schemes, wellbeing benefits, workplace training, mobile/IT purchasing, car leasing, healthcare etc

13. Contract to deliver remedial construction works for council

14. Offsite record storage early engagement for council

15. Logistics consultancy contract for construction project

16. Site clearance and demolition contract

17. Printing services contract

18. Insurance services provision contract for housing body (separate lots): property, motor, general

19. Insurance services provision contract for council (separate lots): property, liability, motor, personal accident inc travel

20. Customer service satisfaction surveys for housing group inc telephone,online, transformation of surveys

21. Beam/lintels supply contract for housing body

22. PIN - Merchant Acquiring Services, Equipment and Payment Gateway Services

23. Framework of gardening & landscaping suppliers for housing group

24. Framework of Marketing & PR agencies for housing group

25. Framework of virtual reality developers for housing body

26. Christmas lights & decorations contract for council

27. LED lighting system contract for council

28. Building & infrastructure works contract for NHS Trust inc road kerbs, pedestrian crossings, signage and bollards

29. College requires technical partner to develop VLE platform

30. Contract to provide data protection services to help organisation fulfill its GDPR and pther data obligations

31. Christmas lights contract for council

32. Data & telecoms equipment & services contract for multi-site university

33. ICT support services contract for school

34. Tender to provide communication (marcomms) services on project

36. Civil engineering consultancy required for water facility/reclaim project


1. Systems integration inc hardware and software contracts with large media organisation (separate lots): consultation/programme mgmt, install and integration; also includes elements of security, environmental, accessibility, H&S and related services

2. Framework of hardwood flooring manufacturers for housing group

3. Civil and structural engineer contract for regeneration programme

4. Chartered surveying (RICs) contracts with council

5. Rail suppliers framework inc data mgmt, account software, logistics software, mgmt information reporting, CCTV, LED products, telecoms, fencing, lighting, security/storage, signs, protective equipment & clothing and similar

6. Legal services contracts (separate lots) inc: general, financials, data, commercial property, litigation, employment etc.

7. CCTV monitoring and maintenance contracts for council

8. Framework of laminated flooring suppliers

9. Framework for bike stands suppliers

10. Framework of payment solution providers inc prepaid cards, fund disbursement solutions, etc.

11. Insurance services contracts (multiple lots) with council inc commercial property, investment portfolio, etc.

12. Fine art storage contract

13. Building services engineer required for concept designs on project

14. Building management systems servicing and maintenance contract for university

15. Opportunity for architecture led team (inc engineering) to design learning centre in iconic space

16. Framework for Employers Agents, Employers Representatives and Cost Consultants for housing group

17. Procurement project mgmt contract for NHS body to find FM supplier

18. Analyst required to support business case for social investment bonds

19. Auditing contracts (separate lots) with large organisation

20. Framework for suppliers of sale models

21. Framework of signage suppliers for housing body for housing body

22. Framework of CGI suppliers with housing group

23. Framework of video production suppliers

24. Framework of housing sales agents

25. Framework of photography service providers

26. Framework of interior design agencies

27. SIP telephony solution sought

28. Refurbishment contract for community for houses adults with learning disabilities

29. Refurbishment works contracts with council to flats and communal areas at housing block

30. Schematic drawing digitisation contract (AUTOCAD 2D) for organisation

31. Large contract to supply utilities switching services contract for commercial body

32. Smartphone repair contract for public body

33. Medical insurance provision contract for government embassy

34. Window and external facade repair contract to museum

35. Organisation looking for grant management system inc software set-up, hosting, training and support

36. New build contract (£3M) to demolish and develop community centre into new houses for private sale

37. Contract to design documents inc application forms for organisation (In-Design)

38. Digital services contract to help those without internet complete census

39. Financial body requires independent assurance service to assess baseline/capital servicing rates

40. Supplier of ID badge software/hardware sought required by NHS body

41. Establishment of legal panel for large infrastructure projects (early engagement)

42. School cleaning contract (£0.5M)

43. Cladding - wall and pre-cast concrete - contract inc install etc (£3M)

44. Sheet piling contract for council

45. Print management (litho and digital) services contract inc DM, annual reports, exhibition leaflets

46. CCTV and alarm supply contract

47. Fencing install & supply contract

48. Signage contract for council

49. Pre cast concrete supply contract - paving, wall panels etc (£5M)

50. Stone repair & monument relocation contract

51. Learning platform online development contract for college

52. Software licenses - quotations invited: RenderX, Oxygen Web,

53. Park (conservation) authority wishes to appoint a business consultant to develop strategy around vision and communications


1. Meeting room and cupboards supply contract for council

2. Communications creative contract for project inc social media mgmt, press releases, advertising etc

3. Mobile telephony and data contract (700+ devices)

4. Contract to design and replace existing skatepark

5. Contract to supply of garments for army inc tunics, overcoats etc

6. Work experience and employability programme organisation contract for university

7. Contract to replace fire doors across various council blocks

8. Council requires website management tool

9. Tender to supply shutters and doors on multi-storey car park

10. Site survey contract for county council

11. Contract to fit LED lighting in housing block

12. Framework of suppliers offering following (separate lots): electronic document scanning services and software, document storage & retrieval, document mgmt, security and handling

13. Catering contract for meetings with council inc hot/cold buffets etc

14. Building alteration works contract for NHS body inc partitions, fire doors, bathrooms etc

15. Framework for modular home design & manufacture (early engagement)

16. Insurance services contract for housing group

17. Copywriting contract for organisation's new website

18. Contract to evaluate council's enterprise support programme

19. Investment opportunity contract for overseas government (fish related)

20. Marketing & communication contract for enterprise programme

21. Framework of fire safety service suppliers inc fire alarms, emergency lighting, for housing group

22. Council seeks providers to offer hi spec digital advertising across city

23. School alteration works contract

24. London venue and related event services required for three day conference

25. Council requires complete rostering software solution inc hosting

26. Audio guides supply and maintenance contract for visitor centre

27. Social media analysis platform development contract for financial body

28. Fund managers opportunity to work with government on electrical vehicles expansion

29. Consultancy for assessment, accreditation and training contract for internship programme for government body

30. Commercial agent required to market office space

31. Art storage contract

32. Demolition and site preparation contract for various council sites

33. Tender to deliver social media analysis platform development contract for organisation

34. Legal services framework for large organisation (separate lots) inc asset mgmt/property, construction, development, governance, conveyancing, treasury and finance, contract and commercial disputes

35. Government looking for supplier to manage climate change website and portal (£150k) inc hosting

36. Framework of digital participatory experiences suppliers - ie quizzes, personality tests etc - for TV company

37. Environmental research contract to examine effects of climate change

38. Principal contractor opportunity for major museum refurbishment

39. FM hard and soft services tender with NHS Trust inc mechanical, electrical, security, waste mgmt etc

40. Framework opportunity for printing & creative suppliers with multiple councils in various lots inc general, stationery etc, distribution & mailing, large format and display, security printing, branded/promotional goods,. ALSO INCLUDES creative, marketing, illustration and graphics, artwork inc digital copywriting, photography, filming, animation, social media advertising, web contact, email marketing, PR, sponsorship, public engagement etc (basically all media and creative sectors)

41. Development and new build housing contract for housing body

42. Call handling service contract for housing body

43. Design and delivery of marketing suites for housing group

44. Insurance contracts for council (separate lots: propery, liability, accident motor

45. Lead design team inc master planning required for major fit-out programme at museum


REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Provider required to give employees of organisation access to Westlaw UK and Lawtel legal research tools

2. Company wide medical insurance provision contract

3. Architect/lead designer opportunity to work up concepts for major London development

4. Contract to design, install and maintain CCTV on transport system

5. Project management training contract for transport body

6. Property insurance contract with council

7. Framework of legal services providers inc property, construction, dispute resolution, employment, data protection, planning, corporate governance etc

8. Health & safety technical support services contract for transport body

9. Building control services contract to review design documentation and offer on-site inspections, ensuring compliance to current regulations

10. Arboricultural services contract across council area

11. Corporate clothing contract with national organisation

12. Construction contract - cast/pre-fabricated balconies - for housing group

13. Banking services contract for organisation

14. Contract to deliver safety and risk management systems in microbiological premises

15. Repairs and decoration contract for housing group

16. Various contracts with housing body inc lifts, hoists, doors/windows, CCTV/door entry systems, air conditioning, electrical, data centre, building

17. Filming and photography services tender for tourism project

18. Exhibition designer tender

19. Print and related services contracts for financial sector charity

20. Development of payment system contract inc data management for financial body

21. Contract to supply audio visual equipment for new court

22. Redevelopment contract of seafront promenade inc paving, seating, landscaping and water feature

23. Car park resurfacing contract

24. University is looking for a supplier to deliver a cloud based Learning Management System

25. Contract to refurbish the plant works at a leisure centre

26. Print services contracts for university (separate lots): general, exhibitions, test papers

27. Tender to design and build new university building

28. Tender to provide services to housing group around quality control and compliance inc gas, oli and heating, water hygiene, electrics and fire risk assessments

29. Architect required to support two housing schemes to planning stage

30. Ecology specialist to advise on planning related matters required by council

31. Archaeology specialist required by council

32. Framework of financial leasing providers inc equipment



REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Council wishes to engage the services of a Real Estate Consultant to assist with acquisition of commercial property

2. Framework of agencies which offer media planning and buying services including digital for marketing campaigns of various organisations, including libraries, museums, charities and other funded bodies

3. Tender for architect/design team to work on heritage project

4. Contract to provide banking services to organisation

5. Contract to design and build data platform for organisation

6. Contract to develop enquiry handling tool for staff and students at university

7. Tender to be part of global learning programme for schools overseas and UK inc professional development for teachers, advocacy and awareness, online partnerships etc

8. Organisation seeks financial consultant to advise on capital investment, funding, revenue etc associated with energy recovery programme; also waste mgmt and other activities

9. Framework of management consultancy service providers inc culture change, collaboration, behavioural assessments, project/programme mgmt, BSI audits

10. NHS trust seeks development partner for large scale project inc new urban environment, hospital relocation etc

11. Framework of building contractors (commissioning organisation seeking to actively engage with SMEs) inc infrastructure, M&E, fit-out, general building

12. eDiscovery software contract for police

13. Transport and logistics contract for moving large objects and exhibits with museum

14. Tender opportunity to update monitoring of coastal defence system (£6M) - open to new products and ideas

15. Large outdoor event management services contract

16. Contract to deliver Integrated bureau service for council inc carbon reporting, energy certificates etc

17. GDPR training contract for organisation

18. Organisation seeks employee benefits and recognition platform for its employees inc childcare vouchers, brokering, benefits etc

19. Geologists required to appear as expert witnesses to assist on aggregate identification and similar

20. Contract to conduct physical intrusion/security testing services across various buildings inc Supplier Days & site visits

21. Reinstatement of cladding contract for council

22. Legal professional skills training contract with government organisation

23. Refurbishment contract with council inc adapations to flats, and other works (£3M)

24. Framework across various councils for those who supply the following services: M&E, air-conditioning, doors and windows, general building inc kitchens, Energy Certificates, asbestos removal

25. Framework of providers of piling services for housing group

26. Public relations contract

27. Contract to deliver customer service surveys for organisation

28. Reconstruction works contract for park body inc bridleways and other pathways

29. Cafe and community hub management opportunity for catering/hospitalityservice providers

30. Organisation needs copywriter for its website - suitable for small supplier

31. Framework of development management service providers around new homes programme, inc surveys, design, feasibility, project cost, clerk of works and off-site manufacture

32. Framework of event management suppliers for UK organisation

33. Social investment fund seeks partner to administer grants to charities and social enterprises

34. Framework of hardware, software and other applications suppliers for UK government contracts inc Enterprise Data and Application Solutions, educational software and similar

35. Electoral Registration and Election Documents Print Contract

36. Garden design & build contract for next year's RHS Chelsea Show

37. Christmas lighting contract for council

38. Christmas lights contract for (another) council

39. Print services contracts for university (may be multiple suppliers) inc Supplier Day in separate lots inc exhibitions

40. Auditor required by housing group

41. Office & window cleaning services contract

42. Usability testing contract for visitor attraction's website

43. Contract to supply inspections , quality control and compliance in following areas: domestic gas and oil supplies, heating, renewables, water, electrical and fire risk assessments

44. Specialist in working with facades of historic buildings inc masonry and mortar- tender opportunity


REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Framework of uPVC pipe work suppliers

2. Tender to provide payroll giving scheme contract

3. Framework opportunity for companies which specialise in the design and development of digital games and interactive experiences

4. Media buying and channel strategy planning services contract for organisation's visitor campaigns

5. Framework of ICT training providers in separate lots inc software development, cloud/visualisation, software engineering, Agile, Networking IP and similar

6. Framework for suppliers of the following:  front door sets, insulation suppliers, internal doors, boilers, paving, radiators, lintels

7. Letting management & block management services contract for council

8. Large telephony & communications contract with university

9. Resident surveys contracts for council (various elements) inc entry of paper responses, quantitative and qualitative analysis, report writing,

10. Framework of companies offering Mast Hire to housing group

11. Contract to supply Pay and Reward Consultancy to organisation (short deadline)

12. Office fit out works contract inc creation of co-working space

13. Construction contract for council inc gym and sports courts

14. Wine supplier contract for location with multiple bars

15. Supply of Purchase 2 Pay system contract for multiple site organisation

16. Roofing and refurbishment works contract for school

17. Estate demolition and site clearance works contract

18. Council wishes to appoint bureau service to manage its energy and water billing inc database mgmt, carbon reporting, Energy Certificates

19. CCTV upgrade & new control room contract for council

20. Highways footways replacement works for council

21. Optivo with a Service desk tool contract

22. Hard & soft FM services contract for NHS trust inc M&E, security, building, waste mgmt, portering etc

23. Regeneration feasibility study contract for council

24. Capital projects consultants framework inc Project & Programme Mgmt, Architectural Services, Principal Designer Services, Building Services, Cost Consultant, Civil & Structural Engineering, landscape architecture, Health& Safety, Environment Management, Asset Condition Surveys, Feasibility Studies, Utility Assessments, Whole Life Cost Assessment, Electrical Services, Mechanical Services, CCTV and Access Control, Noise Control, Building Surveys, Healthcare planning, Fire advisory, BREEAM advisors

25. Principal contractor opportunity to finalise elements like steelworks, lighting, CCTV, security for cycle hub

26. Contract to build eight residential units

27. Organisation needed to deliver basic digital skills programme

28. Parliamentary monitoring services contract for transport body

29. Opportunities for Destination Management Companies with UK tourism body

30. VAT Advisor contract with organisation

31. Research contract to study impact of arts programmes

32. Event management contract to promote reduction of food waste and recycling

33. Sound & lighting installation contract for council outdoor event space

34. Contract to provide first responders at Christmas ice rink

35. Redecoration and repairs contract for housing organisation

36. Redecorations & minor repairs contract for organisation

37. Supplier needed to deliver a series of short films for construction body



1. Engineering quality monitoring of vehicles contract

2. Contract (s) for legal services providers related to legal advice to EU staff matters

3. Construction contract in rail industry

4. Recruitment marketing services contract for financial body inc early career and experienced hires

5. Media planning and buying services contracts inc TV, radio, digital, sponsorship & POS

6. Data management contract for organisation (separate lots): finance system, migrate data into Maximo and Maximo licences

7. International project finance advisory framework for organisations offeringfinance modelling and structuring advice

8. Financial body requires software tool that will allow collaborators to create handbook

9. Student brand ambassador programme organiser contract to educateyoung travellers of risks overseas

10. Framework of analysts, advisors and similar in payment sector relating to competition and regulation

11. Contract to supply management information system

12. Legal education materials suppliers (UK and Ireland) - multi-supplier framework inc ebooks, legal databases, indexing etc

13. Contact to provide CMS and hosting, support and development services

14. PR/promotion contract for concert series

15. Software (SAP) support and maintenance contracts for organisation

16. Operator sought to run a built environment and construction innovation centreinc training delivery for council

17. Marketing services tender for university (separate lots): media strategy/buying/campaign optimisation and (2 lots) creative services inc DM, CRM, digital, social, PR. content markeing

18. Cleaning services contract for organisation with four sites

19. Framework of contractors for major and minor housing construction works (different lots)

20. Tender to provide multi-language audio guides at museum inc translation, software

21. Independent Resident Advisor required to offer tenants and leaseholders as part of regeneration programme

22. Framework of those offering construction related services for council's projects (separate lots)inc: project management, employer’s agent services, civil and structural engineering services, M&E, mechanical, QS, surveying, cost consultants, clerk of works, architectural and similar

23. Early engagement process ahead of organisation replacing its current Delec communication infrastructure

24. Tax system transformation contract to help African country raise tax revenue

25. Remedial works on heating systems at hospital

26. Contract to provide trade mark services to protect international brand

27. Framework of underground drainage contractors with housing group

28. Boundary fencing and ancilliary works supplier required at school

29. Contract to supply police with photographic equipment inc labs and consumables (multiple lots)

30. Contract to provide software system inc hosting for council department (new extended deadlines and open to SMEs)

31. Motor insurance contract with police authority

32. Contract to install windows and doors in residential tower block (£1M)

33. Framework of research service providers for national body

34. Construction contract with housing group

35. Risk management review inc insurance and loss prevention for UK body

36. Contract to replace lighting at call centre

37. Creative agency required to run a digital campaign across multiple social media platforms

38. Contract to create a digital memorial for museum

39. Data migration contract for museum

40. Early engagement ahead of tender to replace correspondence handling software with a cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for organisation inc APIs, CRM

41. Demolition and construction contract - under JCT 2016 Design & Build Contract - for new university building

42. Contracts to refurbish four Victorian heritage school buildings (£2M+)

43. Fit out and electrical services contract for exhibition at museum

44. Office fit out works contract

45. Provider required to undertake research into private investment in culture sector

46. University requires supplier to create new multimedia suite inc green screen TV studio, video editing and postproduction suites and radio studio

47. Framework opportunity to provide media buying and channel strategy planningservice for heritage organisation



REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Framework of offsite housing for NHS inc Main Contractor services, roofing etc and also pre-engagement days

2. Payroll deduction savings evaluation contract

3. Inspection, repairs and installation of play areas for council

4. Legal service providers framework

5. Pre-tender phase for suppliers of purchasing/ordering, invoicing and management software

6. Conservation and roof repairs contract (£2M)

7. Skate park design and construction contract

8. Framework of building services supplier for various maintenance and repairs contracts

9. Large framework of various construction suppliers (separate lots): plumbing, kitchens, electrical, paint/decorating, fencing, total one-stop shops

10. Press/communications agency/expert required for strategy and media handling

11. Cable infrastructure contract inc fault call-out, surveys, modem/routers, maintenance etc

12. Business analyst services required by university

13. Legal provider needed to offer contract advice to rail body

14. Provision of badges contract - ship related and mounted for presentations

15. Supply and installation of drainage and asphalt contract for playground

16. Cyber security plan development contract for organisation

17. Marketing agency required for student recruitment advertising and media buying contract for university

18. IT project management contract (inc hardware, software and support) for organisation's office relocation

19. Software required to offer online investigation to assist in background checks for regulatory body

20. Framework for various works contract for council inc M&E, air conditioning, doors/windows, roofing, general building, energy certification etc

21. Large pan UK framework for security services contracts inc key holding, static and mobile guarding, stewarding etc

22. Contractor for new works at museum inc fit-out of learning spaces

23. Supplier event for those offering online distance learning programme management for university - also for recruitment strategists, marketing, social media, web, content marketing,event mgmt etc

24. Early engagement ahead of tenders for those supplying PVCU Soffit and Fascia

25. Contracts for bike stands suppliers

26. Supply of roofing tiles early engagement for housing body

27. Council seeks engagement with those offering car pooling and car rental

28. Framework of construction and property suppliers for council inc construction, highways, public realm/landscape, engineering - civil and structural, architectural, QS, building surveyingBREEAM assessors, environmental/sustainability services, clerk of works, fire advice and regulation, planning, modelling, energy and related Services, transport systemsconsultants, interior designers

29. Timber frame housing suppliers framework for various residential contracts

30. Repair and maintenance contracts with council (separate lots): general building, M&E

31. Right to buy property insurance contract for council

32. Provision of property insurance services contract for council

33. Design and build of facilities contract for university inc residential and labs inc BIM, fit-out

34. Development of events management software platform contract for government department

35. Appointment of events management supplier contract for large organisation (£1M+)

36. Appointment of civil and structural engineering consultant and design teammembers contract for university project

37. Appointment of M & E consultant contract for university project

38. Tender to offer evaluation and research on pilot schemes looking at modern working practices for government department

39. Contract to deliver statutory inspection of equipment - lifting, ventilation - contract for transport body

40. Tax advice contract and related financial consultancy services for group

41. Client side delivery partner for specialist software programme contract for police inc security risk management, cyber security, etc.

42. Satellite tracking services contract inc wearables for government department

43. Major works consultant contract for organisation inc project mgmt, cost mgmt, design services (architectural, engineering, landscape, MEP)

44. Provision of software build (matching parents and children) for government department

45. Tender to provide electricity and gas supplies across council inc its housing and commercial properties

46. Framework for debt recovery services providers for universities consortium

47. Framework of online payments system providers for schools trust

48. Estates services contract for housing body inc cleaning, grounds services (separate lots)

49. New national management centre contract inc cyber security (£20M)

50. Customer relationship management software contract for housing body

51. Contract to provide SUS/SLAM information system

52. Large mulitple organisation framework of media related services providers(separate lots): printing inc leaflets, flyers, stationery etc; magazines and mailings; large format printing inc signage, security printing; branded and promotional products inc USB sticks etc; artwork and campaigns inc images, templates for presentations, digital artwork for social media campaigns; copywriting; prhotography/film/video/animation; digital communications ic web, email marketing, social media, SEO; marketing inc telemarketing, PR, field marketing, internal comms, B-2-B



1. Clerk of Works contract for housing development

2. Tender to provide Civil & Structural Engineering Consultancy to development

3. Framework of construction contractors for housing/regeneration programme

4. PR\Communications agency required for transport project

5. Supply of electronic vote counting solutions contract for London authority

6. Multi-disciplinary design team required to provide architectural design and related services for a new large medical research and education facility

6. Framework for online payment providers for multi-site schools trust

7. Mechanical and electrical installation design contract for university development

8. Tender for supplier to improve online tools for financial body

9. Housing repairs and maintenance contract

10. Quantity surveyor contract for university development

11. Training and skills provision contract for council

12. Framework of timber frame housing specialists for housing body

13. Framework of valuation and leasehold consultants

13A. Framework of marketing consultants for housing sales

14. Refurbishment and fit-out of education centre

15. Contract to deliver GDPR compliance consultancy and services to business body

16. Repair and maintenance contract for council (separate lots) - general building & M&E services

17. Contract to deliver a CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management Course

18. Software provision contract to allow traffic control assets to work seamlessly over the cloud

19. Framework of legal services providers across all specialisms for public sector bodies

20. Insurance services contract

21. HR benchmarking contract across organisation

22. Framework of research services providers (short deadline)

23. Residents survey contract for housing organisation

24. Council is looking for a bespoke software solution to managing elections and invites suppliers to engage with it on best way forward


REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to mark@urbanonetwork.co.uk

1. Provision of a job vacancy portal for university

2. Council framework of maintenance works contractors inc lifts, doors/windows, fire doors, door entry systems, air con, roofing, data centres

3. Space-planning and workflow design/consultancy  for organisation's workplace refurbishment inc offices and labs

4. Insurance services contract for museum

5. E-learning content contract for council's employees, inc H&S, health, procurement, leadership and other soft skills

6. Research project contract looking at freight efficiency and environmental impact

7. Building refurbishment and extension contract for college inc classrooms refurb and new auditorium (£6M)

8. Online psychometric testing and assessments contract for commercial body (early engagement)

9. Electoral management software provision contract for London authority

10. Impact assessment required by UK charity on climate change

11. Mobile, voice and data contract for UK authority

12. Contract to deliver Tenant and Leaseholder Survey

13. Mechanical works contract inc kitchen ventilation, fire dampers etc

14. Cash in transit services contract for college group

15. IT assets disposal and recycling contract for council

16. Contract to supply e-commerce trading platform for museum

17. Supplier required to manage and deliver UK investment seminars across Japan

18. Playground construction contract in park (£1M) inc planting, ponds, furniture

19. Provision of mail and courier delivery services contract across multi-site organisation

20. Customer service technical solution required by council inc mobile and web

21. Media buying services tender for housing group inc PPC, paid social, mobile/SMS, digital advertising

22. Framework of creative and promotional services suppliers inc printing, signage, digital marketing, viideo, copywriting, fundraising, merchandise

23. Substructure works contract for London authority (£16M)

24. Managed Archived Records Storage Service contract

25. Data and Works Management System required by council

26. Life assurance provision contract with housing body

27. Building maintenance services contract for council inc (separate lots) building repairs, air conditioning, water hygiene mgmt, heating, electrical, fire/smoke alarms, lifts

28. Large organisation requires rail travel booking service for its staff

29. Housing maintenance and repairs services contract for council

30. Event management and related service providers framework (separate lots) community engagement (inc shows, exhibitions, PR), employee engagement (inc strategy and creative), outdoor events,creative and programming on art/cultural campaigns, conference and meetings tech inc AV

31. University seeks strategic change partner to support delivery of its change programme

32. University looking for full service agency to handle its campaigns inc design, marketing, digital

33. Development partner sought for mixed use opportunity inc proposed new school with planning

34. Framework of LED lighting contractors

35. Government department requires Service Delivery Manager to manage Global Trade Programme as part of plan to reduce poverty

36. Motor vehicle insurance provision for policing organisation

37. Framework of business supplier contractors offering office and business related supplies

38. Recruitment service providers required by housing group in separate lots - finance/audit, HR/business admin, marketing/communications, change mgmt, FM/H&S, legal, housing specialists, business development, property specialists

39. Framework of research providers for financial body

40. Foundation works contract for airport

41. Framework of apprenticeship scheme providers across all sectors

42. Framework of service providers on large infrastructure project inc engineering, project mgmt

43. Architectural services contract for university

44. Construction of storage space contract for museum (£27M)

45. Building refurbishment and extension construction contract for university

46. Quantity surveying for civil engineering works contract for university

47. Housing repairs maintenance service contract for council

48. Design and project management services on office fit-out for large bank (Paris)

49. Framework for recruitment services contract for housing body (various lots and roles inc executives)

50. (PIN) Framework for media planning and buying digital marketing serviceproviders inc suppliers day (short deadline to apply - email me on seeing this).

End of Recent Archive (most tenders have a maximum preparation and submittal time of around 4 weeks. If they are reposted, we relist with new specification and dates).


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