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This week's bumper list includes 80 new opportunities for Urbano Member companies across our Communities [Build - Finance - Host - Media - People - Tech - UWACTE], from architecture & apprenticeships, developers and designers to brand, marketing, film and web.

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S1. Urbano Member needs a room in a venue to host a judging event so space to display 50 annual reports, and catering & drinks for the panel.

S2. Urbano member seeks PR assistance to help launch their new book, especially with experience in the B2B and/or publishing spheres (recommendations welcome)

S3. Urbano Member - a film production company - is looking for a studio space for hire/let. If linked to co-working space with filming studio space for hire alongside will also consider (recommendations welcome)

Email your responses including relevant information to Caroline for forwarding onto enquirer.


**TOMORROW** Wednesday April 17th - Urbano Build/UWACTE Post-MIPIM Networking evening
Wellcome Collection

Wednesday April 24th - Urbano Women in Business/UWACTE networking lunch
Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Vaults, Covent Garden

Tuesday April 30th - Urbano Media & Creatives community networking evening
Tape London Studio & Club, Soho

Wednesday May 8th - Urbano Build/UWACTE speaker breakfast on BIM & new ISO Standards with guest speakers Anne Kemp (Atkins) & Marzia Bolpagni (Mace)
Hosted by Katten Law

** Organised by Urbano Members - organiser details in brackets **

Thursday 25th April - Regulated storytelling: Building trust in financial markets
(Nucco Brain)

Tuesday 30th April - Social Animal Course - Learn how to maximise social media
(Sleeping Giant Media)

Wednesday 8th May - Making Tax Digital - Are you ready?
(Arram Berlyn Gardner)

Wednesday 8th May Workshop - Unconscious bias in the workplace

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TENDER REQUEST PROCESS: List Number & Description & DATE OF TENDER LIST OR OPPORTUNITY NUMBER for each one required in ONE EMAIL per COMPANY and send to Caroline (caroline@urbanonetwork.co.uk).  

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1. Apprenticeship services provision contract

2. Opportunity for those in training and education to register for preferred supplier list at university

3. Contract to develop wellbeing pilot to engage community in exercise

4. Lone worker/security/guarding/CCTV maintenance contract for council; also door entry systems and alarms

5. Security guarding services contract for council

6. Events management services contract for parks body inc AV/audio/staging and theatrical elements

7. Contract to design and deliver new storage for museum

8. Fire alarm design and installation contract for college

9. Cleaning contract for school's group

10. Water maintenance and testing services contract for council

11. Station development partner required by council

12. Hard FM services contract for NHS body

13. Suppliers framework of taps & showers for housing group

14. Cloud-based data intelligence management solution sought by organisation

15. New build hotel development opportunity

16. Council framework of construction suppliers for their capital works programme inc housing, refurbishment and cladding, extensions and other smaller contracts

17. Construction works framework (all specialisms) for university

18. Clothing, footwear, luggage and accessories supply PIN for university

19. Pre procument phases for large organisation to engage with telecoms suppliers

20. Printing and related material suppliers PIN for university

21. University preferred supplier engagement for those offering furniture, furnishings and appliances

22. Security, defence, police, and fire equipment supply PIN for university

23. Telecoms and other communication devices and services PIN for university

24. Opportunity to register to supply sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services to university

25. IT services suppliers including, consulting, software development, internet services and general support PIN for university

26. Research and development, and consultancy services PIN for university

27. Business services including law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing, and security PIN for university

28. Hotel, restaurant, and retail services PIN for university

29. Transport and travel agency/management services PIN for university

30. Architectural, construction, engineering, and inspection services PIN for university

31. Software and information systems supply and services PIN for university

32. Financial and insurance services PIN for university

33. Real estate services suppliers registration for university

34. Landscape design services contract for park project

35. Water infrastructure works suppliers framework

36. Design and Build Contract construction tender - separate lots inc flats/houses, multi-storey residential block

37. Solicitor apprenticeship contract

38. AV equipment repair and maintenance contract for organisation

39. CCTV, security and alarm systems maintenance and repair tender

40. Waste management contract for organisation with multiple offices

41. Framework of creative agencies for organisation inc strategy, creative, campaigns, internal and external comms. and other campaign production elements

42. Wet room replacement construction and plumbing services contract

43. Brand strategy and identity agency required by organisation

44. Replacement windows and doors supply and installation contract for organisation

45. Temporary modular accommodation construction contract

46. College requires a bespoke CRM system

47. Radian WAN infrastructure contract for organisation

48. Design and build contract for museum shop

49. Council requires one contractor to provide repair and maintenance services including fabric, mechanical, electricals etc

50. Decoration and minor repairs suppliers framework for council (separate lots)

51. Building condition evaluation survey tender

52. Framework of windows and doors suppliers and installers for housing body

53. ICT support services contract for academy

54. Council seeks to engage with market research consultancy firms ahead of public consultation and engagement with residents

55. Framework of Principal Designers for housing body

56. Construction works contract for university to refurbish accommodation inc bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms

57. Contractor required by council to undertake various reactive and planned building maintenance works

58. University requires contractor to create new design studio on its campus

59. Online portal development contract for council

60. IT suppliers framework for various datasets needs inside NHS

61. College refurbishment and related works (£1M+)

62. App developers required to help develop 3D mapping app for visitors to city

63. Film production tender to film and create series of short films for awards ceremony and live streaming of event

64. Principle contractor to undertake alteration and refurbishment works for college

65. Tender to provide environmental monitoring and sample analysis for a reclaimed landfill site

66. Events management services contract for council looking for events in its high street

66. Framework of demolition services including asbestos removal, waste removal and storage, reclaim materials

67. School extension works contract for council

68. College seeks external auditor

69. Website technical support contract for government department

70. Framework of front doors suppliers for housing group

71. Early engagement to investigate advertising brokerage service for public sector (SHORT DEADLINE)

72. Accessibility consultancy contract for college

73. Geotechnical survey services tender

74. Cost consultant required for building project

75. Transport suppliers framework inc vehicle hire, incurrence, payment charging and invoicing, contract management etc

76. Apprenticeship services providers framework

77. Internal and external repairs and roof works contract

78. Tender for Building Services Engineer inc M&E, Health, Fire, Environmental, Sustainability, BREEAM etc

79. Tender to provide strategic financial advice support to transport regulation team

80. University invites legal services providers to join its panel (separate lots): commercial, corporate governance, HR/employment law, estates, charity, student matters, trademarks/IP

81. Framework of sign and signage suppliers, wayfinding and related services inc consultants, design and installation

82. Commissioning, Verification and Validation Consultants required for project

83. Schools group seeks supplier to deliver statutory testing services inc water, gas, ventilation etc

84. School cleaning tender

85. Legal specialist in debt recovery required by council

86. Technical advisor required for marine licences for nuclear development

1. Geographical survey road routes services contract

2. Mixed recycling collection & treatment contracts for council consortia (in lots according to materials)

3. Framework of various outsourced services for council inc (separate lots) public halls services, parks management, sports and leisure services contract inc film mgmt,

4. Software and hardware connectivity and engineering services contract for organisation inc network (Cisco or similar) and internet

5. Contract to deliver and manage RPTI displays for council and CMS for various council transport hubs

6. Tunnel lids and various bridge and access works contract

7. Building cleaning services contract for schools group

8. Brickwork and roofing services contract (£5M+)

9. Architectural services tender (lead on multi-disciplinary services group) for heritage restoration and re-modelling building project

10. Funding available for offshore energy related projects inc carbon dioxide capture, legacy oil and gas and renewables

11. Framework of contactless smartcard suppliers

12. Contract to manage play areas for council

13. Supplier needed to deliver out of hours library and security services for university

14. Framework of vehicle hire services suppliers

15. Digital services consultancy required by NHS organisation to help them assess and adopt new technology

16. Tender to deliver workforce survey in the early years childcare sector

17. Research contract to examine social mobility in UK

18. Research contract to examine apprenticeships and social mobility

19. Video production contract to produce engaging content looking at high performance sport and development

20. Cleaning services contract for school

21. Plumbing suppliers supplier framework for construction body

22. Tender to undertake research into undergraduates' career choices

23. Framework of suppliers of recruitment advertising services for large organisation inc social media, print etc

24. Contract to supply and manage waste management officers for new project

25. Organisation requires consultant to help review its governance structures, strategy and advise on organisational change

26. Council requires contractor for kitchen and bathroom replacement programme

27. Design and install of play equipment contract for council

28. Apprenticeship training providers framework

29. Roof internal and external repairs contract for council

30. Timber recycling contract for government department

31. Research services suppliers framework

32. Council requires online platform to allow chargeable downloads of images from its resource library

33. Cleaning services contract for housing body (very short deadline)

34. Study required on council 's leisure facilities as part of masterplan project

35. Sustainability appraisal services contract

36. Client Design Adviser (CDA) for schools design contracts

37. Playground refurbishment contract for council

38. Design and build of exhibition contract for heritage group

39. Roofing works contract for council's school

40. Leadership and management training programme contract for council

41. Acoustic consultancy services contract for college

42. Transport consultancy services contract for college

43. Consultant required to undertake pay review contract for organisation's staff

44. Data cleansing and management services contract for transport group

45. Cleaning service contract for school

46. Food and garden waste treatment contract for council inc collection

47. Main contractor for university construction project (aiming for BREEAM Excellent rating)

48. Internal audit services supplier required by council

49. Marketing/creative strategy agency required by university for major fundraising campaign

50. CCTV provision and installation contract for council

51. Braille consultancy services contract for government department

52. Proof readers framework for government agency

53. Staff census survey for large organisation - early engagement ahead of tender inc ideas around real-time data collection, engagement etc

54. Hard and soft facilities management contract for university

55. Construction, refurbishment, and alteration works tender

56. Contract to maintain security and access systems for campus buildings

57. Public parks funding projects seeks evaluation team members to help gauge impact and develop areas such as sustainability

58. Agency sought to develop and deliver solicitor apprenticeship scheme

59. Training provider sought to develop and manage training programmes for legal body's staff inc legal executive and paralegal apprenticeships and chartered legal diplomas

60. AV systems maintenance contract for organisation's meeting rooms and other areas

61. CCTV and security systems maintenance contract

62. Procurement consultant sought by council for its future waste contracts

63. Supplier sought to handle housing dispute cases for regulator

64. Data digitisation services contract for organisation

65. Tender to deliver audit to schools group

66. Council seeks supplier to assess its commercial and business strategy and asset disposal and acquisitions


1. Contract to develop an international online registry platform for industrial body

2. Framework of recruitment agencies for private company in transport sector

3. Floor finishes supply and installation contract for venue

4. Hard landscaping contract - supply & install

5. Stone masonry contract as part of multi-million project

6. Brickwork/tiling/joinery/decorating contracts (separate lots) for listed building project

7. Structural steelwork contract for construction project

8. Partition walls and ceiling construction tender

9. Supply, installation and refurbishment of timber windows

10. Government agency seeks organisation to manage its Green Deal

11. Contract to deliver major ICT architecture platform inc cyber security services, integration and support

12. University requires a system that can manage its online reading list and scanning

13. Environmental services supplier framework, including (separate lots) water services, waste services inc recycling, and asbestos services for housing body

14. FM services contract for academies group

15. Main contractor opportunity to deliver new cafe and gallery to historical building

16. Major housing works for council - early market engagement

17. Digital platforms tenders for council; e-tendering solution and dynamic purchasing solution

18. Council requires a street light central management system

19. Cladding risk assessment services tender for housing body

20. Workforce management system required by council

21. Learning management platform required by organisation to assist in employee training

22. Bridge surveying to assess repair

23. Container storage area design and construction works contract for port

24. Construction services suppliers framework for council; lots according to project values and regions.

25. Asbestos management, survey, and demolition surveys contract for council

26. Cleaning and grounds maintenance contract for housing group

27. Water hygiene works to suppress legionella across council's properties

28. Framework of various construction services suppliers inc electrical works inc testing, M&E, window/door instalment, groundworks, roofing, gas, general building, compliance inc asbestos, water safety and similar

29. Deep cleaning services contract for university

30. Cloud computing and technical suppliers framework for those looking to work on all government departments and organisations

31. Contract to demolish existing building then design and build new school

32. Management systems audit contract for energy body

33. Building consultancy services contract for council - architects, landscape architects, building surveyors, M&E engineers, Civil/Structural engineers, CDM Principle Designer, QS

34. Evaluation of heritage body's funding programme

35. Executive recruitment contracts to source senior roles at organisation

36. Water management services contract (Legionnaires etc) for NHS body

37. Agency required for multi-million university advertising contract

38. Digitisation of images and other records contract

39. Design & build contract for council

40. Events operation concessions contract for commercial music events

41. Grant audit services contract for university

42. Tender to deliver renovation and refurbishment works to museum (£1M)

43. Cost consultancy, clerk of works, and party wall structural surveys services (one lot) for council construction project

44. Agency to evaluate economic benefit of potential sporting event

45. Contract to design and install sets/scenes around children's book for visitor attraction

46. Legal services suppliers framework for government business/SME programme (separate lots): general law costs, clinical negligence, security clearance specialist

47. Consultancy required to support delivery of interim DLO and repairs service for council

48. Travel management contract for college - various elements

49. Education technical advisory supplier framework invites applicants with knowledge of psychometric practices within education

50. Commercial support services for housing repairs programme

51. Sport and recreation space site assessment study contract for council

52. Offsite housing services suppliers framework for organisation, including pre-project, design, installation, construction etc

53. Publication and publishing management for organisation's magazine

54. Printer lease management contract for multi-site organisation

55. Cleaning services contract for housing group

56. Construction suppliers framework (all disciplines) for organisation focused on regeneration and urban developments,

57. Construction services and real estate suppliers framework inc developers, construction companies. architects, valuers, building surveyors, cost consultants, planners/masterplanners, development finance providers, design, CDM etc

58. Exhibition designer required for new museum space (may suit architects and other designers as a physical exhibition space rather than exhibition)

59. Design competition for architects

60. Contract to build homes development (20 units) for council

61. Wayfinding framework for transport hub

62. Large transport group marketing agency tenders (separate lots): lead agency to provide strategy and creative work, digital marketing comms contract and direct customer marketing

63. Media buying and planning agency required by university

64. University seeks a virtual learning environment (VLE) to replace its current system

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