R&D Tax Credits Roundtable Discussion

London, EC1A 9ET


About RDP Associates

RDP Associates - experts in helping businesses apply for apply for government incentives, grants and R&D tax credits.

Please join us at our next Webinar on Wednesday 8th December (at 2PM) led by our team of experienced R&D Tax Credit specialists. 

During this webinar they will not only share their knowledge and experience of navigating through your claim process, but you will get direct access to the best specialists, who will help you with your questions and concerns about your claim.

This webinar will be of great interest to all Finance Directors/Accountants and companies that assist with or make R&D tax credit claims.

Take this opportunity to join in on an interactive group discussion with our experienced specialists, who have 'been there and done that'. During the session you will have the opportunity to break out into smaller groups and discuss any issues you are facing with our R&D specialists and other business owners.

By the end of this webinar, you will have a clear idea of how to navigate through your R&D Tax Credit claim process. 

The webinar includes:

Jon Cope: Best practices for an R&D Tax Credit Claim 
Brian Cookson : Maximising your claim and preventing a HMRC enquiry
A.K Hajee: The impact of new and proposed changes to the programme

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