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  • London networking event - Urbano People networking breakfast event with Daniel Barnett

    Thursday Feb 27th 2014

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About Blue Oyster Business Growth

Blue Oyster Business Growth has evolved over 30 years of immersion in transforming business, re-inventing process and launching new products.

This has been true in large corporate projects, and today collaborative projects with a networked army of often niche specialists. But also a growing contingent of start up and successful small business CEOs. CEOs, by their nature, have to be more of an all-rounder, or at least good at building all-round skills teams, and as has traditionally been the case, they make very good listeners.

In the UK, many significant opportunities exist today, if only we can find the right people, and join skills, goals and objectives in the right way.

The good news is, the technology already exists: we just need the strategic nous to be able to ask the right questions, in the right places, of the right people, and the will to build excellent service capability and soft skills on top.

We hope to join forces with you very soon.

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