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Kathy Innes

Head of Marketing

ECOVIS Wingrave Yeats

Kathy  Innes

Events attended

  • Urbano Networking Lunch celebrating IWD2022

    Wednesday Mar 9th 2022

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About Kathy

Having ran my own business and worked in a variety of sectors prior to joining Ecovis, I have a deep understanding of brand strategy. This experience enables me to draw from multiple industry perspectives and introduce new ideas to our professional services firm and the Ecovis International network.

I take my responsibility to support our clients and fellow marketers very seriously, especially during these turbulent times. This is why I endeavour to share expertise and guidance, so that we may help our business community respond to the impact of COVID-19. It’s important for us to focus on driving the economy forward, but in a purposeful and sustainable way. This is how we can inspire better business.

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