Urbano Event - Sustainability, renewables & cleantech – Claiming tax relief on zero carbon investments

Urbano Engage (B)
Urbano Speaker / Panel Event
London, W1N NER5

Urbano Engage (B)

Event Supporters

Rift R&D

RIFT R&D helps UK businesses claim back R&D Tax relief on their innovations.

Urbano is an independent business networking community, connecting companies of all sizes and sectors from PLCs to SMEs, in London, the UK and beyond. 

For this event we are partnering with long-time Urbano Build & UWACTE Community supporters Rift R&D who examine how companies of all sizes and sectors can use tax credits to recoup expenditure through the R&D Tax Credit scheme.

On hand to guide us and answer your questions will be Sarah Collins, who is the Technical MD at RIFT R&D and a specialist in R&D tax claims in the construction and related sectors. Whilst there is a particular focus on construction, engineering and tech sectors, the guidance is appropriate for any size and sector of company and we hope to answer specifc queries you may have.

This is a sponsored event. Any company and individual, even those who have attended their maximum of Urbano events as non-members, are welcome to book and participate in this webinar.

* Non-members can also book via Event Brite

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