London Networking Event - Networking breakfast as part of London Festival Architecture

Minotti London
77 Margaret Street
London, W1W 8SY

Minotti London

Urbano Network is London’s leading pan-sector independent business network with over 5,000 Member & Associate Companies, ranging from boutique practices and SMEs, to corporates and PLCs.

Urbano Build is one of our most vibrant business communities with its own programme of regular networking events in London aimed at architects, developers, property investors, designers, interior designers and other professionals associated with the built environment sector to make connections, gather information, create associations and find new business opportunities.

Urbano Build breakfast events explore interesting themes and feature great speakers, where the the focus is on networking and creating connections and opportunities. You always meet a diverse range of businesses and their representatives in a lively session of informal but facilitated networking.

This event will be looking at the current trends of London's hi-end residential market, both in terms of design, up and coming areas, and investment opportunities.

We are delighted to confirm our guest speaker - Yolanda Barnes, Professor & Chair of the Bartlett Real Estate Institute at UCL - and one of the Specialist Advisors to the new 'Building Better, Building Beautiful' Commission looking a how design and style can unlock the housing crisis.

Yolande has studied and commented on UK real estate markets for over 30 years and on world cities and global real estate trends for the last 7 years. Her particular speciality in the past has been residential markets, regeneration, land and mixed use neighbourhoods. As Chair of BREI, she covers all aspects of the built environment and trends affecting real estate markets across sectors and across the globe.

As one of the new nine specialist advisors on the controversial 'Building Better, Building Beautiful' Commission, Yolande will be looking at a range of issues from design to community consent, to raise the standard of new homes and places across the country.  The focus is on what the public find beautiful in buildings and places and finding ways for new developments to meet those standards.

Our hosts are Urbano Member Minotti London at their fabulous showroom in Fitzrovia where will enjoy a tasty continental breakfast with plenty of coffee!


Urbano is committed to helping facilitate diversity across our network and this is reflected in the calendar of events we organise, but also the range of attendees at each event.

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