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  • Urbano Christmas Top Table networking lunch

    Wednesday Dec 13th 2023

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Events attended

  • Urbano speaker networking breakfast November

    Thursday Nov 2nd 2023

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  • Urbano Top Table networking lunch at Cafe Murano

    Wednesday Oct 18th 2023

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  • Urbano Top Table networking lunch in September

    Wednesday Sep 20th 2023

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  • Urbano Founders networking lunch at Hide Restaurant in Piccadilly

    Wednesday Apr 26th 2023

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  • Urbano networking lunch for International Women's Day 2023

    Wednesday Mar 8th 2023

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Urbano Communities

  • UrbanoWork

    Companies shaping the future of work and the workplace, from office design to leadership development, employee training, and ED&I.

  • UrbanoTech

    For those who offer services and solutions across the tech, telecoms, digital, networking, software & IT sectors

About Meeko Teams Ltd

Meeko Teams – Offshore team resourcing

Expand your team internationally within an offshore community to rival Tech City and reduce your wage bills by up to 80%.

Now that remote working has become the norm, with 70% of the global working population working away from the office at least once a week (yes, it’s really that high) it’s about time all businesses were accessing overseas talent. 

Meeko has a low cost and efficient solution for this by finding your business high calibre, permanent offshore employees and teams in Ukraine. Whether you’re in need of developers, bookkeepers, administrators or any other role that can be done remotely – we can find you the right candidates and seamlessly blend them into your business.


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