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Urbano is committed to helping its members find new valuable connections and business opportunities whilst facing up to the real challenges of climate change. Our Zero Carbon Community hosts regular events and features the latest thinking and science around achieving Net Zero Carbon alongside our invited speakers' own specialisms and experience.

As Build is our biggest community and the largest part of the UK economy, most events feature and connect companies in those sectors, but we also encourage and welcome those from other communities, including Tech, Finance, People & Create-Media as achieving Net Zero Carbon commitments means cross-company and sector collaboration.

Urbano also challenges our members to adopt changes more deeply and more quickly than those the current legislation demands. No company is doing enough and we all need to reduce our own impact on the planet through our day-to-day activities and those along our supply chains. This is why we as a network adhere to the following pledges:

  • Urbano is committed to always using compostable or recyclable products: from the laminate on our business cards and Venue Collection handbook to the lanyards we use at events; from using vegetable ink and recycled paper for our handouts then composting the used sheets and any abandoned business cards
  • We have owned and used an electric car since August, 2020 and try to use railfor all other journeys
  • To encourage our venues to use their most local suppliers where possible (for refreshments) and reduce the amount of meat in our event menus
  • To embrace the use of online networking and meeting alternatives as viable low carbon options whilst recognising the value of face-to-face contacts
  • To make our events and membership affordable to all companies and individuals so we can share information and expertise along supply chains and across sectors.

You can watch videos of recent Urbano Zero Carbon Community speaker events by clicking on the images below. 

You can also listen to these events as podcasts as produce them under our 'Only Connect' podcasting series, (which includes our speaker events, including zero carbon) or click here: Only Connect Podcast

Upcoming Zero Carbon Community Events

networking evening to bring together bring companies from across our BuildUWACTE and Zero Carbon communities to meet, connect and explore the potential for collaboration along their supply chains at the fantastic Italian Greyhound in Marylebone.


Hosted at The Building Society in Fitzrovia, this Urbano networking breakfast event will bring together those who want to go further and faster with their own company's carbon reduction programmes as well as helping their clients achieve net zero carbon reduction targets.

We wil host a speaker / speaker panel to look at a specific element within construction and technical arenas as well as providing plenty of time for discussions and networking.


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Next Events

  1. Urbano Build at REiiF networking breakfast

    Wednesday May 22nd, 8:30am

    Urbano Build REiiF networking breakfast in Leeds. 8.30am at IF Up North East Parade. SOLD OUT.

    Read more > IF Up North East Parade
  2. Urbano Summer Top Table networking lunch at Oxo Tower

    Wednesday June 5th, 12:00pm

    Urbano summer Top Table networking lunch at Oxo Tower.

    Read more > Oxo Tower Brasserie
  3. Speaker panel networking breakfast on Procurement Act 2024

    Thursday June 13th, 9:00am

    Free speaker panel networking breakfast on the new procurement regime for those involved in bids and tenders.

    Read more > Trowers & Hamlins LLP
  4. Urbano networking lunch at Carmel Fitzrovia

    Wednesday June 26th, 12:30pm

    Urbano networking lunch at Carmel Fitzrovia - open to members and non members.

    Read more > Carmel Fitzrovia
  5. Urbano speaker networking breakfast with Jonathan Smales, CEO of Human Nature

    Thursday July 4th, 9:00am

    Urbano speaker networking breakfast with Jonathan Smales, Founder of Human Nature, the sustainable developer.

    Read more > Sagal Group Showroom
  6. Urbano Top Table + Connections networking evening

    Thursday July 18th, 6:00pm

    Urbano Top Table + Connections summer networking drinks reception, hosted on the terrace by Gatehouse Chambers

    Read more > Gatehouse
  7. Urbano - Connecting Companies Facilitating Opportunities

    Wednesday July 31st, 12:00am

    Connecting Companies & Facilitating New Business Opportunities. Information for Non-Members.

    Read more > Urbano Network

Community Members

Argent is a UK property developer specialising in mixed use development with a focus on placemaking and regeneration

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Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of services.

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Ashwells Reclaimed Timber reclaims tropical hardwoods for creative people working on a wide range of structural projects throughout the UK

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Black Chilli Video Ltd - we help businesses sell more with website, event social media video.

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Box Architects focus on client-centric, creative design and commercial delivery, with offices in London and Leeds.

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Brasserie Blanc Southbank is a gorgeous brasserie in the heart of the arts and theatre scene just south of The Thames in London.

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Brodies LLP Solicitors

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Heritage and townscape consultants, advising developers, homeowners and local authorities all over the country.

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Clearview Consultancy are global strategic change management, project management, workplace solution and business relocation specialists.

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Climate Essentials is an online carbon management system that makes climate action easy, engaging, and affordable for businesses.

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Cohesive - the world's leading digital engineering, enterprise asset management and asset service performance optimization solutions.

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