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Jonathan Williams


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Jonathan Williams

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  • AI in Construction Speaker Networking Breakfast

    Thursday Apr 11th 2024

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  • Urbano Network March Top Table Networking Lunch

    Thursday Mar 28th 2024

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  • Urbano Build Pre MIPIM Top Table Networking Lunch

    Wednesday Feb 21st 2024

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  • Urbano Speaker Networking Event - ESG in property

    Thursday Jan 25th 2024

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  • Urbano Christmas Top Table networking lunch

    Wednesday Dec 13th 2023

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About Jonathan

Xerini is pleased to share the successful development of a cutting-edge SaaS tool for our esteemed client and Urbano Network colleagues, JAW Sustainability.

Xerini collaborated with JAW to create a powerful tool designed to revolutionise the way their clients manage energy, water, and site material usage. This innovative solution allows clients to effortlessly capture and monitor usage metrics while providing real-time insights into the carbon impact of their operations.

Key Benefits: 
No more manual data collection! JAW's clients can now bid farewell to the days of compiling spreadsheets and sending emails. All data is seamlessly aggregated in one centralised platform.

Real-Time Visibility:
Clients can now stay informed about their site status 24/7. The data is always up-to-date, empowering users with timely insights for informed decision-making.

Consultant Empowerment:
Our collaboration has empowered JAW's consultants to shift their focus from data collation to more value-added tasks. This translates to enhanced service delivery and a deeper level of support for their clients.

Impact on Operations:
The transition from manual data handling to an automated, real-time system has not only streamlined processes but has also significantly reduced the reliance on emails and spreadsheets. The project is a testament to the power of technology in optimising workflows and fostering greater collaboration.

"Another lovely Urbano Network Top Table lunch. Meeting with people who are now firmly becoming friends, this is by far the pleasurable side of business! But it also offers a great opportunity to speak to real business owners and founders about their challenges and how they view AI.

I can definitely recommend joining Urbano to extend your business connections and find like-minded professionals. Big shout out to so many people, but one to always pay homage to is Mark Herring, fabled Connector-In-Chief!"

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