Urbano Membership Renewal

As we strive to keep improving the services we deliver but keep our team lean and costs down, we are using this page to remind members of Urbano when their membership is due for renewal.

This page has been amended during the current covid-induced pause in business about the renewal options available (see below).

I have also included a link to our revamped Membership & Supporters document which includes two new sections. The first is Social Value. Caroline - the other Urbano Director - has spent part of lockdown looking at where what we do at Urbano aligns with the parameters of Social Value. Many bids now apportion an increasing percentage of tendering marks against social value and companies can use their membership or supporter status of Urbano to demonstrate in a quantifiable way how they are contributing to encouraging enterprise, supply chain diversity, zero carbon etc.

Caroline also is a qualified social value practitioner as well as bid management/consultant and is currently helping members align themselves for future public sector opportunities, including SMEs in architecture, media, and larger multi-disciplinaries etc. Her details can be found on the document download if you would like to chat to her about tendering, social value etc. 

Urbano Members & Supporter Document 2020

As a membership organisation, we reply on subscriptions to exist and we continue to create opportunities with over 100 companies taking part in one or more of our May events! But we are trying to be flexible to help member companies' cashflows, so here are the renewal options:

1. Renew with your current membership – Annual Company - and get four free places for any of your representatives at any upcoming, online events.

2. Convert to a monthly company DD at either £39 (includes tenders, excludes webinar/seminar promotion)  or £30 to exclude tenders & seminar notices. The latter means any company is limited to two attendees representing them at events and on the website, but this rule is waived until our first members evening event in a bar with people!

I hope our relationship with your will grow even stronger over the coming year and that you will stay with Urbano. We have been holding very successful events online, including great speakers on sustainability and addressing zero carbon across supply chains, and hope to see some of you on-screen for these and other events.

Please read the above and let me know what you would like to do. If you would like to renew as a company annual, then that is sorted with an email back to me. The others are confirmed by the set-up of a DD which you can find here: https://www.urbanonetwork.co.uk/membership


I look forward to hearing from you.




Connector-n-Chief, Urbano Network

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