Urbano's Build networking event - July 6th - with Alan Crane

Our guest speaker, at our next Urbano Build networking event is Alan Crane, Chair of The Building Control Performance Standards Advisory Group (BCPSAG) a sub-committee of Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC).

Though the event was scheduled months ago, given the tragic events at Grenfell and subsequent discussions involving building regulations, fire safety, and planning, an examination of the implications will feature heavily in Alan’s presentation and the discussion that follows.

Amongst the attendees will be Geoff Wilkinson and Matthew Needham-Laing (Head of Construction at our event hosts Katten Muchen Rosenman), both of whom have been featured in the press and BBC on the legal and technical implications of Grenfell this week.

Urbano itself is a catalyst to valuable connections and I would like this event, if it can, to help bring together experts in the area to assist in finding a pathway to a potential new regulatory and planning framework (if required) and avert similar disasters.

Alan will also look at other issues, including the outlook for construction after the recent election, and as ever the diverse nature of all Urbano events will be valuable in their own right, but for those in architecture, construction, engineering, safety, regulation, building performance including BREEAM and planning, I hope you will make time in your diaries to attend.

Details here: https://www.urbanonetwork.co.uk/london-networking-events/1090/2017/07/06/Build-Networking-Breakfast+Event+with+Alan+Crane

Please also forward to others who will want to meet those across the sector who have a professional interest in the repercussions for the sector following this terrible event.

Finally, there is a fund for those dispossessed by the fire. The link is available here: Grenfell Tower Fund

Kind regards



CEO, Urbano Network

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