Urbano Network events & coronavirus

Members - Send your own advice links into me by email to be added here. I also have a source for masks for those looking to help get employees back working on construction sites etc. Mark

Martin Lewis is excellent on updating his channels with the latest information on personal and company finances inc accessing grants & loans, how to suspend mortgage repayments, who is offering m0% overdrafts etc and also government thinking: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/latesttip/

Business finance options including links to CBILs, bounceback loans, grants, etc, and how to apply

Latest guidance to councils on grants

Bounceback loans for SMEs - criteria, eligibility, rates etc

New 'bounceback' loans for SMEs (meant to be launching w/c May 4th)


Mayor of London's crowdfunding page especially for venues

Guidance for applying for staff furloughs (updated May 12)


Procurement changes during Covid-19


Advice for those in the construction industry on site workers etc

Update - Mayy 11. Site working guidance


Building regulations during corona (updated 21st April) https://www.gov.uk/guidance/application-of-the-building-regulations-during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak


Government info for employees and employers

Insurance advice for businesses and charities:

HR/job retention advice inc furlough




Latest advice, links for businesses etc from government

Wedding cancelled? Here are your legal rights explained: https://www.greenwoodsgrm.co.uk/wedding-cancellations-and-postponement-during-coronavirus-outbreak-what-are-your-legal-rights/

Furloughed template letter https://www.licensees.org/covid-19/

http://www.sakurabusiness.co.uk/coronavirus-covid-19-business-financial-support-19th-march-2020/employee support (80%) whereas previous update was around SSP and finance options (loans)



Martin Lewis has a good record in sharing advice and has a video on what the gvernment are planning for self-employed (government action by tomorrow now being mooted) https://twitter.com/MartinSLewis




This is the best link for up-to-date news on what help HM Goverment is offering to businesses, freelancers and others affected by self isolation: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/coronavirus-support-for-employees-benefit-claimants-and-businesses

Stay safe!


Urbano Network & The Corona virus

In line with government policy and with our members and associates best interests at heart, we have postponed Urbano events until the end of March. We hope, like the nation, that early actions to reduce social connections will slow the spread of the virus to help our health system respond to those who require it. We will review this policy on a weekly basis and advise on our April calendar and beyond.

In the meantime, we are actively investigating ways to allow us to take our events online, supported by our own online networking toolkit. We will be testing our options this week and then promote these in line with our published events calendar.

Our speaker events will combine presentations and facilitated networking, with webinars replacing the need to leave your seats and travel to a venue.

We will also now promote our members’ own online webinars through our events calendar and mailers. Find the latest ones here: https://www.urbanonetwork.co.uk/london-networking-events/list

Urbano is fortunate that we have always seen our events primarily as catalysts for our members to find future business relationships and our own online toolkit allows them to search and connect with those they have previously met at events, and others on our system.  I will beign hosting webinars on how to use these tools, as well as bringing us all together if only to compare each others' home working arrangements.

This hopefully short-term disturbance to the usual business programme of networking and meetings offers all of us time to review our strategies, undertake vital work on our websites, branding, promotional tools including digital and look again at how we can find new potential clients.

As a community of connected businesses, please use us at Urbano to help you find new suppliers, sector specialists, and associates who can help your business lead the response once this crisis passes. Email and we will respond with our best efforts.

It may also be a good use of time to engage with new thinking and discover – and use – new ideas that have brought success in other sectors. It is also timely to look at how new working practices will impact on our own companies especially with issues like climate change and the challenge of reducing each business’ carbon impact.

Our opportunities notices can be used to search and find potential new suppliers.  Just email me who or what you are looking for and we will happily send out and forward responses in confidence and for free.

The government will use its own expenditure nationally through infrastructure programmes like HS2 and locally through councils and its agencies to spread the impact of investment so that more SME’s and their employees will benefit.

We constantly search and find tendering opportunities for members across our business communities. Find the latest ones here: https://www.urbanonetwork.co.uk/tender-opportunities

Please also spare a thought for our venues and their teams. We will be shortly uploading an online copy our new Venue Collection Handbook so you can contact and support those restaurants, bars and hotels closest to you. Contact them and show them support in any way you can as you will need them when your workforce starts to return.

Urbano is ideally placed to help our members find new connections and facilitate collaborations that for the time being will be instigated – for most of us – from our homes. We are always available at the end of the phone or email if you want advice or just a chat to relive your isolation. Together, we will control and defeat the spread of this virus by following the latest medical advice and taking painful measures now.

Hasta la networking, siempre!

Connector-In-Chief, Urbano Network

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