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Events attended

  • Future Foundations Network - Networking Evening

    Thursday Oct 21st 2021

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  • Digital Construction Week - FREE ONLINE NETWORKING GROUP

    Wednesday Oct 18th 2017

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Urbano Communities

  • UrbanoCreate

    A networking community for those in branding, marketing, communications, digital, TV, film, and related media and creative sectors.

  • UrbanoBuild

    Networking community for those in architecture, construction, design, engineering, property, proptech, etc

  • UrbanoFinance

    Urbano Finance- connecting those can help others seeking investment, funding and ways to make their money do better.

  • UrbanoBusiness

    Urbano is a connected business community, dedicated to helping our members build sustainable futures.

  • UrbanoHost

    Bringing together those in hospitality, tourism, leisure, bars and restaurants, food and drink

  • UrbanoPeople

    Connecting those in the world of work - from leadership, HR and workplace design to culture, equality, diversity, inclusivity, & wellbeing.

  • UrbanoTech

    For those who work across the tech sectors, from digital and apps to hardware and software solutions

  • UrbanoUWACTE

    Urbano Women in Architecture, Construction, Technology & Engineering

About Urbano Network

Urbano Network is London’s leading and largest independent business networking community, with over 5,000 Member and Associate companies, including many from others parts of the UK.

Urbano Network is pan-sector and creates opportunities and connections between all sizes and sectors of company, using a blend of diverse events and this unique website.

The quality of Urbano's events and usability of our unique online tools on this website are based on our CEO and Founder, Mark Herring's understanding and experience of how to make networking both effective and enjoyable, informed by  20+ years of experience of creating business networks and communities that started in Shoreditch, London, way back in 2002.

If you meet him at an Urbano event, say hi and bye to the man in the orange tie.